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Modere M3

Modere M3

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Have you tried the M3 Weight Loss program to lose fat, build muscle and firm your skin?  It’s easy if you like a Mediterranean type diet.  If you can follow 3 easy steps each day you can have great success with our M3 Weight Loss Program.

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Our inventor Asma Ishaq – Why Trim works the way it does!

If you love the Mediterranean lifestyle diet then you’ll love our program.  People who follow a Mediterranean type diet lose on average 52% more weight than a standard low-fat diet.  Our M3 weight loss program is not a fad diet, box diet, go to a meeting diet program or a limited list of foods diet.  It is a lifestyle diet based on easy changes that add up and make a difference in your health and weight!

Can you say “3” easy steps?
Commit to losing weight for 3 months
with 3 products and 3rd making a life style change to eat cleaner.
Product Fact Sheet

No cokes
You can even start today by eliminating 3 of these 5 each day:
1. Avoid Sugary drinks, that includes diet drinks too.
2. Avoid white foods:  flour, white rice, sugar dairy.
3. Cut fried foods.
4. Drink water 60 oz of water daily,begin 1st thing in the morning and throughout your day.
5. Walk 7500 steps daily – monitor your activity with a fit bit

Lastly aim to get 6 to 8 hours a sleep each day, as you sleep your body heals and has the ability to adjust to your new lean, trim body.

A 2 year study by The England Journal of Medicine, 2008 studied people on the reduced calorie Mediterranean diet lost on  average 9.7 pounds versus the average 6.3 pounds following a reduced-calorie diet.  On  the M3 diet you can expect to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week depending on the amount of activity and you motivation to stick to a reduced calorie diet.

Consult your physician prior to starting any new exercise or diet program.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We even offer a Money back guarantee if you do not lose weight!

“Share the love”
We’re Making it simple and economical for you, your family and friends to earn free credits (free products) towards your weight loss and “clean living” goals.
Use the code J250050 (Just click here and I’ll give you $10 off  your 1st product purchase(s)

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“Share the Love”, “Live Clean” and get lean on our M3 weight loss program!

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Modere Trim

Modere TRIM sheds fat and improves muscle tone.

Wt. loss Modere TRIM
Product Fact Sheet

Change your shape and build muscle too by converting white fat into brown fat and inhibit fat absorption to reduce fat cell size and reduce fat cell formation with Modere TRIM!
*  Clinical-strength Clarinol – CLA
*  Liquid Collagen BioCell

Take one tablespoon of Modere Trim each morning and Two ounces of Liquid Collagen Bio Cell for Fat Loss, Wrinkle Free Skin, Healthy Hair, Nails and Joints!  Imagine “toning” up as your body utilizes your fat for energy!
Yes, there are other simple things you can do to expedite your FAT and WEIGHT LOSS program.  Implement 3 simple steps each day and watch your body transform in weeks.  Consider our M3 program too!

Also, can you:
*Drink more water?  help flush out the toxins – get a Brita  or Pure Water filter – off bottled H20.
*Reduce and eventually eliminate Sodas – sugary, diet sodas?
*Attempt to eat more healthy – 80/20 rule.  Good 80% of the time?
*Reduce fried foods?
*Avoid White Foods – Flour, Sugar, Rice?
*Increase your activity – works towards 7500 steps a day?

Don’t wait one more day – enter code J250050 to receive $10 off your 1st purchase of Modere Trim (can not be combined with other offers) Get Started today – Order Here! (your discount code is already attached).

A new lifestyle won’t happen over night for the majority of us, but if we can begin to make simple eating and lifestyle changes, real changes begin to set in over your lifetime.

At LED Skin Care Spa we understand our thoughts control our actions. Does this sound like you? Monday you start your diet and by Wednesday you’re off it?  The reason?  Subconsciously, you have not made that shift in your mind and that is why we/you never make it to Thursday on a “diet”.  We can help with this subconscious change and mind set.

We work with a great mentor and communicator to help you in this “mind set shift”.  “When you change your mind, you can change your life”.  Ellen Chirnoff.  When this shift happens you find yourself automatically eating good, healthy food.  And believe it or not, when you do eat something that you know is junk, you find it just doesn’t taste good and you try to eat it, but you have no appetite for it.  We see it all the time.  It really works.

Changing your thoughts about you, dieting, work, relationships, stress, bad memories, etc. when you can let negative thoughts, things and people go, you begin to change the way you think about “life”.  Amazing things happen to your mind, body and spirit when you think differently.  You begin to experience a positive change and transformation.  So if you find by Wednesday you’re off your diet.  We can help!


Hear from our inventor here! about Modere Trim.  She will tell you why this product is revolutionary in the FAT and WEIGHT loss field.  This program sets us apart for all others out there!  A big issue as we lose weight is our skin tone. Skin elasticity is compromised when we sustain excessive amounts of weight over time.  No promises it will fully tighten your skin, but you will be way better off because our program targets wrinkles, skin elasticity, and lumpy fat (cellulite) too.
Our clinically tested and proven ingredients promote a sculpted lean body.
*Inhibit fat absorption
*Improve muscle tone
*Restore youthful skin – (Liquid Collagen BioCell)
*Promote flexible joints

Order your Modere TRIM on this link and receive $10 off your 1st purchase!

Then “Share the Love” and your results with other who need to lose fat from the middle, thighs, arms, neck, etc. with YOUR coupon code assigned to you after your 1st purchase and your family and friends can receive $10 off their 1st purchase.  Yes, the more You “Share the Love” the more product points your earn for free products!  To learn more call me at 972-378-0291 – Vicki
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Trigger Thumb Gone!

Trigger Thumb Gone! Vicki Knutson Licensed Esthetician

I am one happy girl, my painful Trigger Thumb is gone!  Hi my name is Vicki Knutson, Esthetician.  I am not sure how it all came about, but slowly but surely my thumb started to ache, and my hand strength slowly diminished, not able to hold a drink or my morning cup of coffee let alone open a jar!!    Then eventually I could not close my fist or grab anything without pain!

The worst effect of this “trigger thumb” was I was in pain all day, every day which was making it harder for me to enjoy doing what I love to do, facials, backcials, LED light therapy, micro current treatments for my clients.  Even trying to go to sleep was hard cause my hand (thumb) hurt all the time.

Trigger ThumbThe pain was so bad and affecting all aspects of my life I looked into shots (and they have no guarantee) to permanently relieve the pain. Then I learned that surgery is another option if the shots did not work and again, no guaranteed the pain would stop – geese.  Time, money, shots and surgeries that might or might not work so I resorted to icing my hand (thumb) whenever I could to address the stiffness and inflammation, but still no relief.

Then my hips and left shoulder started to ache all the time, I am like what is going on? So, I am a researcher. I began to see how do I get relief in these joints that are causing me all this stiffness, pain and restless night’s sleep.  My research revealed that I should take flax seed oil.  Have you ever tasted that stuff?  My gag response kicked in, it’s terrible tasting!!  However, when you hurt you will do whatever it takes right?  Yes, I got some relief, but not any real relief.

Well, I am a baby boomer, born in 1957.  So, I am thinking I am getting up there in age so this is what happens.  My family has a history of shoulder issues so I thought I might even have to get rotator cuff surgery that sucks.  Downtime, recovery and would my shoulder ever be the same is what worried me.

If all that wasn’t bad enough those fricking “Hot Flashes” started.  For 1.5 years I tried to fix is myself – not!  I can’t tell you how many fans, PJ changes in the middle of the night and bottles of Bio Freeze I went through before I conceded and went to the doctor.  And I hate, hate being cold.  So, in the middle of the night I’d freeze myself to goose bumps and finally those hot flashes went away and with my heating pad on HIGH trying to warm up I would get to sleep.

So yes, it’s been years of trial and error trying to fix my “stuff” and finally, finally I got relief!  No drugs, No injections and No surgery I am here to tell you I have relief and full range of motion in my hand, I am not stiff anymore when I wake up and my hips and should are better!!!  And the best part, I sleep alllllll thourgh the night, well, I do have a couple of potty breaks, I drink a lot of water.

Grapes and RaisinsIf you are suffering, you need NOT suffer anymore!  The bottom line is “We’re not getting old, we are drying up”.  If you want to know how I got relief, call me at 972-378-0291, my shop, LED Skin Care Spa and I will share with you how I got relief.

We’re born plumb, and full of water.  Our bodies, are like a grapes.    As we age we dehydrate and dry up like a raisin.  If your skin looks Crepey, wrinkly, your hair is thinning and falling out, and you hurt all the time.  Call me, I’ll show you how we’re turning raisins into grapes again.

Call 972-378-0291 or book a consultation here!

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Benefits of Infrared Light Therapy explained

Benefits of Infrared Light Therapy explained



Infrared Therapy - whole BodyATP
Impaired blood flow
Sensation aka pain
Nitric Oxide
Anti Inflammatory response
Tissue regeneration
Increased blood flow