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Modere Vigor

Modere Vigor

Why we WANT more Vigor – Listen 26 minutes to learn why you want more Vigor!

Anti-Aging that’s been around for over 3000 years – stood the test of time!
> Clean up and Clean out
> Take daily if over 40 years old
> Name the “anti” and it covers it:  anti tumor, anti inflammatory, sedative.
> Thymus Gland Function If you can preserve our T and B cells you have a strong immune system
> Superoxide Dismutase is lost as we age, keep it your immune system is protected and DNA protected!
> 24 with gray hair reversal and helps with balding too!
> Lipofuscin and age spots – reversed!
> Great skin, and strong immune system
> Athletes recover quicker
> Increases libido and fertility  – loaded with zinc
> Adaptogen herb – helps to balance our systems – a “wife enhancer”
>Autoimmune diseases – balances the immune system – restores the chi
> Extracts
> Lecithin – 30% in the brain
> Protect cell membranes for youth

Rosacea Roseasha Dr. Ben Johnson

Rosacea Roseasha Dr. Ben Johnson Roseasha

Dr. Ben Johnson with Osmosis sees Rosacea as an internal and digestion issue.   At the LED Skin Care Spa, we see skin as a true reflection of your inner health and agree with Dr. Johnson.  We  address the internal issues of why skin is red, inflamed, broken out, wrinkled, has large pores, age spots and yes engorged capillaries.

LED Skin Care Spa focuses on  inside out solutions with LED light treatments to soothe, calm and clear irritated thinning inflamed skin.  In addition, LED light treatments kill the bacteria accumulating in the pores without harmful drugs or topicals while stimulating collagen and elastin production by waking up sleeping fibroblasts.

Yes, finally a solution for Rosacea!  Understanding it from our view point, it will probably make sense.

 Dr. Ben Johnson with Osmosis  – What is Rosacea?

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Factors that trigger Rosacea and how to treat it naturally 

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Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Sebaceous Hyperlasia

Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Do you or someone you know have it?

What does it look like, do I have it?
It (they) looks like a little donunts on the face and could show up anywhere on the body, especially if you are an oily skin type.  I typically find them on the face:  Forehead, around the eyes and sides of the hair line.
Sweating – your body is hot, the hotter you are, the more shinny (oily) you can be.
Trapped oil in pores – the only place oil can go is around the pore and poof, donuts.
Products – using the wrong products for your “skin type” and concern.
What can your do?
Oily skin types need to use a daily cleanser that is attracted to the oil inside the pores, and  do daily gentle exfoliation that targets only dead (not living) skin cells.

Proper Home Care = over 80% of what your skin looks like is caused by home care.
Facials = Finding a good Esthetical that won’t over process, burn or peel your face.
LED Treatments –  are safe and effective at targeting and drying out pores, killing acne bacteria,  and calming the skin.

   Progressive NOT Aggressive treatments are best.