First Impressions

First Impressions

Can we ever get another chance to make a good first and lasting impression? This study shows you could be judged in the “blink of an eye”.   Your facial appearance plays a huge role in how people treat, trust and like you.

Experiments by Willis and Todorov focused on and studied a person’s judgement with just photographs of people they did not know. Within seconds of viewing a person’s face, an opinion was made about the person in the photograph regarding these 5 things.
1. Attractiveness
2. Likeability
3. Competence
4. Trustworthiness
5. Aggressiveness

Yes, you are judged by your first impression.
>Young Vs. Old.
>Pretty Vs. Not Pretty.
>In shape Vs. Out of Shape.
>Smart Vs. Dumb.
>Fashionable Vs. Not-Fashionable.
Sadly we all judge a person on our First Impression of them.

At LED Skin Care Spa, we ARE about making first and lasting great impressions.
>Young or Older.
>Clear Skin or Acneic Skin.
>Full head of Hair Vs. Thinning or Balding Hair.
>Young skin Vs. Aging, Wrinkled Skin.

We only have seconds to make a good first impression.  Unfortunately, the world we live in does make it about our appearance.  From head to toe we all make a quick first and lasting impression of someone.  Because it is so, LED skin Care Spa addresses making a good first impression from the Inside Out, and yes we work on the mind too.  “Change your thoughts and you’ll change your mind”.   Thank you Ellen Simon of Immuadulation for helping us with this.

Let us work with you or your loved one who needs to be transformed.  No need to continue down the road of internal hurt, neglect, or isolation.  We’re all in this world together.  Yes, we can make it a better place for you and all those you encounter in your life’s journey.

LED Skin Care Spa, “Real Results from the Inside Out”.


Let’s put our best face forward so we can leave good lasting impressions.

Would you be brave enough to wear the sweater on the left?  Let us know on our facebook page.  We can’t wait to read your post!  Who can post the ugliest Christmas Sweater on our site.  We might just have a contest in Christmas.  So keep posting those UGGGGLEEEE sweaters.

Read the full story here!


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Free LED Acne Treatments

Yes, you read that right!
FREE LED Acne Treatments and facials!

How many seconds do we have to make a first and lasting impression?  Just seconds.FREE LED acne treatments

If your skin looks like this or worse, we want to help you! Why? Because you know what you are doing is not working and acne like this can leave you scarred for life both physically and emotionally.

To be considered for these FREE LED Acne Treatments and facials ($5000 value), you cannot be, being treated with antibiotics, birth control or under a doctors care for your acne.  You will have to get off any medications and skin washes and follow our protocols only. Only one person will be awarded our offer.

If you  want  to be considered for our very generous offer this is what we need from you.

Calling us will disqualify you or the person you want to help.
Details are in the offer. Please follow them to be considered.

1.  A picture of your skin.

2. A letter from you telling us why you’d be a great candidate for our offer and how has acne affected you, your life and your future.  Yes, we want to know how living with acne has made you feel.

3. Tell us what you have done and what you are currently doing for your acne now.  Facial, Microderm, Anti-biotics, Pro-Active, Over the Counter, etc.  What all have you done and are currently doing now.

During this process you will allow us to take pictures at each step of your journey (your eyes blocked out, yes you will remain anonymous if you prefer).  You will have to record your daily food intake.  Yes, we’ll ask you to make some food modification on your food intake, they are easy.  Yes there are food triggers.  IF you really want to clear up your skin you will need to follow our protocol only.

And lastly, write about your experience on Facebook.  We want you to share your journey with us and others.  Your story could change the life of someone just like you and that you can be very proud of.

Calling us will disqualify you or the person you want to help.
Details are in the offer. Please follow them to be considered.

If this sounds like something you’d like to do then send us steps 1, 2, 3 as outlined to:LED for guys
LED Skin Care Spa
2304 B Midway Rd.
Plano, Tx  75093
Please include your contact info

LED is very soothing and relaxing.

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LED for Sadness and Depression

Seasonal Affective Disorder and Depression no more at LED Skin Care Spa, Plano Tx.  LED light for acne, balding and skin aging issues also offers a wonderful side effect, happiness!

Yes LED for sadness and depression has been proven it works!  The best part about our protocols for acne, balding and problem skin care issues is that you get that dose of light that helps with you mood.

Enjoy one of many, many articles on LED for sadness and depression!

In addition, we use Therapeutic Grade Essential oils to address many issues.  Essential Oils have been around for centuries.  Sadness and Depression are not new to humans. However, yes, medical intervention can save your life and we encourage our clients for follow their doctors advice.

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LED for the Aging Face – R. Glen Calderhead

Beginning in the 80’s Dr. Glen Calderhead  and others have proven that Light Emitting Diodes (LED) is not only safe but very effective in treating acne, hair growth and aging skin without pain or downtime.

Understanding light wavelenghts via extensive research that still carries on today reveals LED’s effectiveness by using a Light Wave Lengthspecific energy, wavelength and nanometer (nm) penetration that will effectively kill acne bacteria without harmful drugs, stimilate dying hair follicles to come to life and grow again, and wake up cells to produce collagen, remodel elastin, increase oxygen and blood flow without destroying tissue or needed recovery.

For an e-miled copy of this article which goes into great debth explaining the various energy, wavelengths and LED’s to explain LED for aging skin, scars, inflammation and the like please see how to get your copy below.

We hope the information gives you the clear evidence you need to understand that LED treatments produce great anti-aging results over time.

Dr. Glen CalderheadLucky for you LED Skin Care Spa has been working with Dr. Calderhead since 2007 perfecting our protocols making us a leader with your success and results.

Enjoy the full explanation of increasing collagen, remodeling elastin and increasing blood flow, making LED the best Anti-Aging, skin rejuvenation, Oxygen Facial from the “Inside Out”.

For a copy of the full article  from Dr. Calderhead e-mail us at and in the subject line list Dr. Calderhead’s article on LED for the Aging Face.

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Drugs don’t really work on acne


Drugs don’t really work on acne….any more.

Why is this happening?  Could it be the bacteria inside us are becoming resistant?  That very well could Accnutanebe what is happening.  Great, so what do you do when you really get sick?  Hope and pray that you don’t.

Taking oral antibiotics destroys your digestive system.  One round, not a problem, take some probiotics to rebuild your gut, which is where a healthy immune system begins to fight acne, and you are back in the game.  But taking oral antibiotics for years? Not so good.  Especially when you skin does not clear up.

Sadly here at LED Skin Care Spa we have heard the horror stories of people, young and old, going on oral antibiotics to clear up their acne and then still suffer with it.  Some clients get digestive issues so bad from the oral antibiotics they now have chronic bowel issues, and their  skin is still broken out. Even worse, some acne antibiotics have put people into the hospital!  It’s really scary.  We get it, you’ll try and do anything to clear up your acne.

We understand that no one can ever feel the way you do about your skin, especially when your face throbs and hurts all the time!    It’s hard for others to emphasize when they have never suffered with chronic acne like you.  But there is hope!

Since 2007 we’ve been clearing up acne with LED light treatments.  LED works fast from the inside out killing acne bacteria beneath the surface of your skin.  This works in two ways, prevention and clearing!

Even remodeling purple scarred skin, LED works!

Don’t live one more day hurting, embarrassed or missing the fun in your life.  Get started with an LED acne protocol today!

Story after story of oral antibiotics not working here.  But you don’t need to read this, you already know.




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LED lights for healing, relaxation and more

After years of research on LED light therapy, and it still continues today, LED lights have been proven safe and effective for many, many other things other than acne, hair growth and anti-aging.  You  get the the added benefits of LED therapies while growing younger, healthier, more vibrant skin and body cells.

LED light therapy can be used for a whole host of things from igniting and regenerating red and white blood cells as well as B and T-cells.  In addition, people suffering from stokes, cancer, concussions, pain, throat and ear problems, whiplash, skin issues, osteoarthritis to name a few, also get relief with each LED light session.

Today as research continues, the list of benefits from LED exposure expands for support that LED is an effective treatment for many, many issues.   However, you must use the proper wavelength  and exposure to be effective. Moving LED lights around the skin does nothing to communicate to the cells to do anything, in fact, it can really confuse them.

Through the years at LED Skin Care Spa we have found that our LED light treatments are so effective for acne, hair growth and aging issues, but, we were also pleasantly surprised by how relaxed and clam our clients became as an LED light session.   Again another huge benefit for very stressed clients,  proving LED light treatments help to calm and relax busy minds and bodies.  Basically helping the mind and body to “reset” and relax.   We all know that stressed bodies can become very sick bodies:  heart disease, insomnia, cancer, etc.

In the attached article you can read the many, many healing benefits LED light treatments provide.  We love the fact that our clients get all these benefits while being exposed to our 1500 steady stream of light for maximum benefits. Take note to the Brain wave studies, very compelling for relaxation.

BRAIN WAVE STUDIES: We fond that when we treat the person with light, or with heat, that when the body starts healing, it shifts into what is called a healing profile where beta waves disappear, and alpha, theta and delta appear like you wouldn’t even find in a yogi.
  Click here for the full study.  

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Liposcution the quick fix

Is Liposuction the quick fix?

Or is Liposuction the wrong fix?  “It’s another chapter in the ‘You can’t fool Mother Nature’ story,’ ” said Dr. Rudolph Leibel, an obesity researcher at Columbia University.

Liposuction the quick fixAfter years of research, findings show that Liposuction is not all that is made out to be.  Yes, you look good for about a year, but continue your same lifestyle you could have massive fat distribution in all the wrong places.

Fat plays a healthy role in your body, protecting you from toxins that are ingested or absorbed.  The safest and best solution is to change your lifestyle.

Lifestyle changes, make big life changes.
*  Increase water intake to help flush out toxins
*  Rest, get 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night, when you sleep your body heals
*  Practice an 80/20 rule, be good 80% of the time, for starters….
*  “When you change your mind, you’ll change your life”…Ellen Simon

Think about it.  How many times have you said, “I’ll start my diet on Monday” and by Wednesday you’re already off of it.  Dieting is the hardest way to lose weight.  Changing your thoughts and your lifestyle, will slowly, progressively, change your mind set and watch your body take on a new form.  The one you always wanted and you’ll have a feeling of great accomplishment.

At LED Skin Care Spa, we practice a “Progressive” not an Aggressive road to inch and weight loss.  We begin with:
*  Hypnosis, Yes we have found the best of the best for Weight Loss and more with Ellen Simon.
*  Relaxation with our SoQi Massage, so many benefits too many to list here.
*  Hydration, yes our water helps to flush and hydrate your body.  Bye-by brain fog!
*  Wraps, our detoxing, skin tightening, inch loss wraps work it all the best ways.

Progress!  Inch by inch, day by day your body changes for life and so does your thinking about a healthy, rested body.  Victory that is affordable and attainable.  We can help!

Read the full study here.




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Hyaluronic Acid and Dr. Oz

What do baby’s skin and HA have in common?  Everything. We’re born plump, firm and hydrated because we are full of Hyaluronic Acid.

Why do we hurt, why does our skin look crepey and dry?  We are drying up from the Inside Out.  Find a great source for a bio-available HA and you’ve pretty much master the Aging issue.


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Alkalize or Die

Dr. Baroody’s comprehensive research and clinical findings indicate that illness and disease are directly linked to overacidity in the system.

By following the guidelines in this book you can evaluate your alkaline/acid situation, determine a course of correction, and achieve a high level of vitality and strength. Includes a 21 day meal plan.

Order his book here.

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