Modere Vigor

Modere Vigor

Why we WANT more Vigor – Listen 26 minutes to learn why you want more Vigor!

Anti-Aging that’s been around for over 3000 years – stood the test of time!
> Clean up and Clean out
> Take daily if over 40 years old
> Name the “anti” and it covers it:  anti tumor, anti inflammatory, sedative.
> Thymus Gland Function If you can preserve our T and B cells you have a strong immune system
> Superoxide Dismutase is lost as we age, keep it your immune system is protected and DNA protected!
> 24 with gray hair reversal and helps with balding too!
> Lipofuscin and age spots – reversed!
> Great skin, and strong immune system
> Athletes recover quicker
> Increases libido and fertility  – loaded with zinc
> Adaptogen herb – helps to balance our systems – a “wife enhancer”
>Autoimmune diseases – balances the immune system – restores the chi
> Extracts
> Lecithin – 30% in the brain
> Protect cell membranes for youth

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Rosacea Roseasha Dr. Ben Johnson

Rosacea Roseasha Dr. Ben Johnson Roseasha

Dr. Ben Johnson with Osmosis sees Rosacea as an internal and digestion issue.   At the LED Skin Care Spa, we see skin as a true reflection of your inner health and agree with Dr. Johnson.  We  address the internal issues of why skin is red, inflamed, broken out, wrinkled, has large pores, age spots and yes engorged capillaries.

LED Skin Care Spa focuses on  inside out solutions with LED light treatments to soothe, calm and clear irritated thinning inflamed skin.  In addition, LED light treatments kill the bacteria accumulating in the pores without harmful drugs or topicals while stimulating collagen and elastin production by waking up sleeping fibroblasts.

Yes, finally a solution for Rosacea!  Understanding it from our view point, it will probably make sense.

 Dr. Ben Johnson with Osmosis  – What is Rosacea?

Order all of our Osmosis products here!

Factors that trigger Rosacea and how to treat it naturally 

Schedule a Free Consultation here on line or call 972-378-0291

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Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Sebaceous Hyperlasia

Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Do you or someone you know have it?

What does it look like, do I have it?
It (they) looks like a little donunts on the face and could show up anywhere on the body, especially if you are an oily skin type.  I typically find them on the face:  Forehead, around the eyes and sides of the hair line.
Sweating – your body is hot, the hotter you are, the more shinny (oily) you can be.
Trapped oil in pores – the only place oil can go is around the pore and poof, donuts.
Products – using the wrong products for your “skin type” and concern.
What can your do?
Oily skin types need to use a daily cleanser that is attracted to the oil inside the pores, and  do daily gentle exfoliation that targets only dead (not living) skin cells.

Proper Home Care = over 80% of what your skin looks like is caused by home care.
Facials = Finding a good Esthetical that won’t over process, burn or peel your face.
LED Treatments –  are safe and effective at targeting and drying out pores, killing acne bacteria,  and calming the skin.

   Progressive NOT Aggressive treatments are best.

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Osmosis Wellness Water

Osmosis Wellness Water

“Tune” your body into balance with Osmosis Wellness Water.  Imagine a Water that has been charged with a frequency that resonates with specific cells of the body.  Each cell (organ) of the body has a specific frequency or energy that keeps that organ healthy.  Healthy cells = healthy tissues = healthy organs = Health.  Cells of the body have their own frequency, much like a fingerprint.

Learn from Dr. Ben here…Wellness Water – what is is?

A healthy body has a frequency of around 62-68 MHz.  When the body’s (or an organ (cells)) frequency drops below 62 MHz, cold symptoms begin at around 58 MHz.
57 MHz – Flu symptoms
55 MHz – Candida
52 MHz – Epstein Barr syndrome
42 MHz – Cancer
25 MHz – The process of dying drops and ends at zero.

So you can see, it’s very important to keep the body at healthy frequencies of 62-68 MHz to avoid DIS….ease of the body.  So, we’ve got Wellness Water to keep our frequencies “in tune” and resonating at healthy frequencies specific to the cells of our organs.  Like..
Disruptor – bye, bye pathogens
Hormone Health – libido, hair loss, hormonal deficiencies
Sugar Detox – sugar issues, candida, yeast, blood sugar imbalances, artificial sweeteners
Relax – anxiety, stress,sleep
Inner Harmony  – overall wellness, mental focus
Body Talk – anything emotional related, acne, rosacea, anxiety – Feelings = Emotions = Disease

We even have Water that repels mosquitos
Mosquito deterrent – I bet this is safer than Bug Spray!
Even UV protection
UV neutralizer – great for those who don’t want a tan
UV neutralizer with tan enhancer – imagine getting a tan without damaging your skin!!!

Two ways to get our Wellness Water.
1.  Come to our Shop – LED Skin Care Spa – Plano, Tx
2.  Order on line here – Wellness Water

“We’re not getting old, but we are drying up”.  Yep, we’re born plumb like a grape and end up as a raisin.  Look at your skin.  Is it wrinkled, spoted, crepey.  Are you sinking into your body?  Yes, you can stop this rapid aging fast….Learn more here.     And Here!  Grapes and Raisins The Miracle of Hyaluronic Acid 



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Trim by Modere

Trim by Modere

Trim A must have during and after your weight loss program.  Why?  What happens to your muscles and skin  after a weight loss program?  Or worse yet, a lifetime of “yoyo” dieting?  Your skin is left looking:

Sadly, each diet leaves you with less muscle because as you deplete your nutrients, mainly protein, the body will utilize the protein in your body when you don’t get enough – I call it muscle cannibalization. In addition your skin is left dehydrated, wrinkled and saggy, why?  Because as you age you lose both Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen both very important in maintaining your body’s hydration and body structure.  Think of an old brick wall that begins to crumble and fall – yep!  This is what happens to us as we age.  Skin a perfect reflection of your inner health.  Wrinkled, Saggy, Spotted, yep, your organs are looking the same way – Skin is the largest organ of the body and a mirror image of what is happening inside.

Another way to think of it, you are born plumb and full of water when you are born, and end up looking like a dried up raisin.  Look at your family members, how are they aging?  These are your genetics, and yes this could be you.   Unless, you provide your body with things to counteract the aging and muscle cannibalization process.

Well, our clinical studies, patents and patent pending products are showing the world we have the only proven unique, one of a kind, anti-aging products on the market to date.  Imagine reversing your aging process as you begin to look and feel younger, your muscles getting firmer, seeing your belly shrink, sleeping sounder, waking up refreshed and so much more.  This is what our clinical studies have shown to provide to our aging bodies:
*Plump out wrinkles – without injections
*Grow stunted and thinning hair
*Prevent receding gums
*Fade age spots
*Eliminate wrinkled, crepey skin
*Help in eye dehydration issues
*Feed joints so we don’t lose our synovial fluid
*Promote flexible joints
*Eliminate stiff, achy muscles and bodies
*Maintain our muscle as we diet and age
*Prevent future fat absorption
*Reduce fat cell formation
*Promote a lean and sculpted body
*Grow and heal thin, brittle nails and cuts around the fingers from dry, dry skin
and this is just for starters….

The changes we see in people are so much more, in fact, they would put the pharmaceutical and medical communities on notice. Sadly, in the U.S. because of all the FDA regulations, we can’t tell you what our products have done for so many. However, in Canada and Europe they have to put on the label what a product does.  But that is OK, we know we see it everyday from our own personal transformations.

Yes, you can try them and you can order them right here!

For Weight Loss and more – Trim.  One Tablespoon in the morning
Flexible Joints, Hydrated, Wrinkle Free and Spot Free Skin
Life or
Pure if you have sugar issues like yeast, candida and diabetes

Sport for our Athletes
Skin for even better skin

If you have questions, call me or set up a free consultation at LED Skin Care Spa
Shop 972-378-0291
Cell   214-587-3786

I help soooooo many Grandmas and Grandpas get their lives back.
+ Restful sleep
+Waking up refreshed
+Many get off many of their medications (under their doctors supervision)
+Begin to travel again
and sooooo much more….

I look forward to helping you, your family and especially your Grandmas and Grandpas life the life they worked so hard to enjoy – with you!  Vicki
LED light treatment





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Esthetician or Dermatologist

Do you need an Esthetician or a Dermatologist?

What is the difference between an Esthetician and a Dermatologist?
Estheticians LED light treatment
+ Consult and evaluate your skin, skin type, home care regimen and possible triggers for your skin concerns.
+ Estheticians educate their clients on skin care needs which do change for a number of reasons.

+ Treat skin diseases and prescribe medications to treat a skin disease.

Acne is one of the main reasons people go to a dermatologist.  Typically acne is treated with topical, oral antibiotics or birth control as a medical solution.  As an Esthetician, I have found that many acne issues can be addressed and possibly eliminated with proper consultation and client compliance, using 21st century philosophies and treatments.

Rosacea is also another reason people go to a dermatologist and it’s treated with topical and oral medications.  As an Esthetician, I have found that many clients don’t respond well to medications.  Medications taken for many years can disrupt your intestinal flora – which is a very, very delicate balance.   Yes, I believe in taking medications to stabilize a situation, however; taking medications for a life time can cause many side effects.  All drugs that are FDA approved and need a physician to prescribe them are toxic and can be lethal.   Understand LD 50 here.

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May Events and Special

Mother’s Day – May Special
LED Glow Facial

Custom Cleanse, Chemical Peel, Extractions,  LED, Moisture & SPF – Reg. $310
Book it here today!  


May 16 – 6:30pm
37 clinical studies, 7 patents.  We’ve discovered the Fountain of Youth.    Living in pain, stiff muscles, achy joints, and hurt all the time?  Wrinkles getting deeper?  Hair getting thinner?  Not any more!

May 16 6:30pm
“Therapeutic” Aromatherapy. 
Non-toxic, pure therapeutic Essential Oils work naturally for better sleep, better demeanor, clearer focus, control over eating, our pets AND our parents.

May 24 – 6:30pm
Join us at our Monthly Non-Surgical Face Lift Class!  FREE unlimited classes to all who purchase their MicroCurrent Device with us!  $25 per class if you already have your own device.  Learn how to use MicroCurrent to restructure, contour and LIFT your FACE  & BODY.  Class size is limited .

May Special
Mother’s Day
LED Glow Facial
Custom Cleanse, Chemical Peel, Extractions,  LED, Moisture & SPF – Reg. $310
Just saying….….. Every day MAY not be good, but there is something good in every day.

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