Stop Hair Loss

Have you tried everything to prevent your Hair Loss?  You started to notice your Hair Thinning months even years ago?   Well there is still hope and you can Regrow Hair!

At the LED Skin Care Center we have had great success in Preventing Hair Loss in men and women using the power of LED lights (1500 high powered LED lights) to stimulate the hair follicles to grow in thicker and longer hair WITHOUT surgery, pills, glues or hair pieces – don’t you hate the wind?

YES we have your Hair Loss Cure! It will take a commitment from you.   How long will it take?  It will take 30 minutes from you 2’xs each week to jump start your Hair Growth.  Depending on how deep your hair follicle is, will determine how long it will take to see your hair grow.  If you have ever pulled out a hair (accidentally) by the root, you will see how long your hair follicles are.  The longer the hair follicle, the deeper the hair shaft, the longer it will take to see  NEW Hair Growth.

Here is a scenario that I think you can understand, it helped me to understand how and why the hair will or will not grow.  Think of a luscious, healthy front lawn or green grass.  All of a sudden a piece of cardboard lands on a strip of grass, you pick up the cardboard a week later and you notice the green grass has turned yellow, maybe just a few yellow roots are left.  The remaining roots are struggling for life.  Why? Because they have not had LIGHT and WATER for over a week.  Or, it’s a month later, you pick up the cardboard and there are no roots left, no sign of life.  Basically what I am trying to say is this.  If you have LIFE, small little fragile hairs on your head, you WILL see HAIR GROWTH, it might take time, but you will see it come in thicker and longer.  The month long scenario is if there is no sign of life, no yellow roots, the grass/hair follicle has died off,and typically there will be no hair growth from that follicle.  If your head is shinny and smooth the hair follicle has most likely died off.  However, we can SAVE what you have left.  IF you see more hair that you had before (based on the month long example) you could be one of the lucky ones that bring back LIFE to the hair follicle to regrow your hair.

So, What helps to get your hair growing?  Hydration!  If you are dehydrated how can your hair grow?  You other vital organs (brain, heart and liver) are going to drink up all the water.  You hair is NOT a matter of LIFE and DEATH to your body, and who’s smarter than all of  human kind – your own body!  So drink up.  Drink ½ your body weight in (ounces) water daily – 100lb. person drink 50 ounces of water daily.

STRESS relief.  If you’re stressed out, your body is in  the (fight or flight) FLIGHT MODE, how do you know?  Is your waist line growing?  If so, the stress hormone CORTISOL is being released, and you are stressed out.  Your hair will have a hard time growing.  Stress = Inflammation = Sick Body.  Slowly but surely the body begins to break down,  whatever your GENETIC WEAKNESS is it will show up there FIRST.  Hair Loss, Weight Gain, Heart Disease, Diabetes, CANCER what is YOUR families weakness?  So take some deep breaths, and slow your life down.  When you get on our hair loss program we will give you a FREE SOQI MASSAGE – an amazing STRESS RELIEVER.
NUTRITION, if you’re eating fast foods, boxed MICROWAVED food, on the run, drinking a ton of caffeine (coffee, Red Bull, Mountain Dew, etc.) you are helping in your HAIR LOSS!  Your body needs NUTRITION and HYDRATION and STRESS RELIEF to work properly.

So stop with all the crazy glues and hair pieces which only cut off more oxygen and light from your STARVING HAIR FOLLICLES.   Call us right now and get started and STOP your HAIR LOSS today!

So, the question is.  Can LED Light Therapy successfully help with Hair Loss?

Let’s see what the doctors have to say

“Excessive hair loss is halted 99% of the time.”
Dr. Bradley Kurgis – Dermatologist/Hair Transplant Surgeon

“Almost all patients will stop hair loss and regrow hair, how much hair they grow varies.
98% of all clients are very happy”

Dr. Michael Fuhrman – Hair Loss Clinic Medical Doctor

“Our staff is seeing remarkable results with Clinical Laser.”
Dr. Mark Baxa – Professional Image & Laser Care

“Hair loss can be successfully treated with low level laser therapy (LLLT).”
Dr. Robert Reese – Board Certified Surgeon and Certified Hair Restoration Surgeon

“LED” lights are also referred to a Low Level Lasers (LLL), Cold Laser, etc.

Anagen (growth phase), Catagen(transitional phase) and Telogen (resting phase)
Ethnicity also plays a huge role too.

At the LED Skin Care Center we’re defying all the Traditional and Medical ways to GROW hair back

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Hair Loss, Balding and Thinning Hair are all a combination of many things:  Hydration,  Nutrition, Exercise (oxygen to the hair follicle), STRESS (probably the 2nd biggest hair loss culprit after dehydration)  Rest, Genetics, Ethnicity, Hormones, illness and Age can all contribute to any hair loss issue.

HYDRATION. We truly believe that DEHYDRATION is the main reason the body as a whole suffers from most of it issues; and that HYDRATION is the #1 SUPPLEMENT (answer) for the human body.  When the body is over 75% water and 25% other (bones, blood, brain, organs, etc), we feel the medical community is educated and treating only 25% of the story.  For instance:  The brain is over 80% water, Blood  90% water, Muscles 75% water,  and Bones  are 13% water,  just to name a few.

Autopsies are now revealing that the human body is over 50% dehydrated. Is it any wonder Grandma and Grandpa can’t remember your name, who they or where they are?  How about your hair follicle? Do you think your hair follicle is getting its necessary eight, 8 ounces glasses of water EACH day?  Not hardly.  Your hair follicle is the LAST PLACE the body will send water to especially when it’s dehydrated.

The human body loses up to 10 cups of water each day from breathing, perspiring and eliminating waste.  And when you’re not eliminating daily, you are recycling toxins all over your body over and over again.   How can your hair follicle grow when it’s receiving recycled toxics and no water (what does a flower do when it doesn’t get water?  It dies.)  When your hair begins to fall out (this could be your 1st red flag that something is going wrong with your body (Dehydration? Stress? Bad Nutrition? Not enough rest? Many factors), I urge you to listen to these red flags, you’re body is telling you something is wrong) you very well could be dehydrated and malnourished.  If hair loss and baldness run in your family, keep reading we have MORE ANSWERS for you, but don’t discount drinking water – daily.

In fact, all of us should be drinking ½ our body weight in OUNCES DAILY.  Here’s an example.  If you weight 100 lbs, you should drink 50 ounces of water daily (this does not include ice tea, coffee, Crystal light, beer, etc.).  Healthy means = NO MEDICATIONS, not even over the counter medications.  None, Nada, Nothing, Healthy means you are on NO MEDICATIONS. If you are on Meds, drink ounce for ounce and pound for pound water (a 100lb person drinks  should drink 100 ounces  of water daily) this will help flush out the toxins from the Medications.

And don’t even think supplementation (Nioxin, Biotin, Vitamin B, Eggs, etc.) will work when you are dehydrated? Because it won’t.  Water delivers life giving oxygen, nutrition and supplements to your hair root.  If you don’t drink water DAILY, you’re gonna be dehydrated.  If you suffer from chronic headaches and backaches drink water and watch what happens.

Because bottled water is full of XenoEstrogens we recommend MicroClustered, pH Balanced, Ionied Water.  This  Water is 600 times MORE HYDRATING than bottled water because of MicroClustering.  This means it breaks up MULTI-CLUSTERED water molecules and makes them smaller – watch the videos on to learn more.

Diet.  In today’s world of FAST FOOD, ENERGY DRINKS, EATING on the RUN, Swallowing our food Whole and DIETING the body can become malnourished.  Slowly the body begins a viscous spiral down hill once malnutrition (hair loss) symptoms kick in.  Oh yes, people are eating alright, but they are not eating nutritious CELL nutritious, NUTRIENTS (real food, not bars, shakes, supplements, but REAL FOOD).  Hair loss is a good indication of malnutrition and and over stressed body,  ESPECIALLY when Hair loss DOES NOT run in your family.   So begin to make some healthy dietary changes to SAVE YOUR HAIR!!!  Medications also interfere with the absorption of CELL FOOD/nutrients.

Exercise. Our bodies are meant to move.  Just take a Deep Breath.  Doesn’t it feel good?  This is what your hair follicle needs to survive, oxygen.  Just like you, it needs oxygen.  Exercise is a great way to get more oxygen into your blood stream.

At the LED Skin Care Center we have several ways to get oxygen into your blood to feed your oxygen deprived hair follicles.
1. Water delivers oxygen into your blood stream – fast.
2.  SoQi Massage,
gets you to relax and distress your whole body, allowing you to take deeper breathes, as your muscles become less tense, your lungs open up and allow you take in more oxygen.  SoQi  (SoKey) will take you into Alpha, fast.   Temple  and Shoulder tension, Headaches, Stiff Necks all come from tension and constrict life giving blood to vital organs ( in thinning hair, a  hair follicle IS vital -right?)  which means less oxygen.  Without oxygen we (it, your hair follicles die)  So, taking time to relax could grow your hair?  Maybe, it will definitely be better for you over all anyway.   Stress and Tension lead to a whole host of other illnesses.
3.  LED lights stimulate life giving, oxygenated blood to your hair follicles – more below.

Eliminating STRESS.  When you are stressed out your body takes short breaths, muscles tense up and block the flow of oxygen and nutrition to your hair follicles.  Also, when you don’t and can’t sleep, your body (hair follicles) can’t heal and grow.

Rest.  I really mean sleep.  Deep sleep, like Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, is absolutely necessary for your body to grow (hair), repair and heal itself.  Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta,  

Genetics. Time, rate and pattern of hair loss come from both sides of the family.  Mom and dad can both contribute to hair loss.  However, practicing some of the modalities listed here might slow, stop and even reverse your family legacy.  Yes, some of these modalities listed here even talk about DNA repair.

Hormones. As hormone production slows, rapid hair loss can occur.  Age: By age 30, one in four men are balding; by age 60, two in three men are balding or bald.  Women can begin to see hair loss in their early teens.  Over 40 million women suffer from thinning hair and balding.  STRESS  plays a huge role in EARLY hair loss.

Typically, you can expect to lose about 100 hairs each day from the over 100,000 (on average) hairs on your head.

In men,testosterone interacts with an enzyme called 5 alpha reductase, which is produced by the body.  The interaction causes the production of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) within the hair follicle.

DHT is responsible for the production of shorter and finer hairs.  When DHT is not received well by hair follicles it results in REDUCED BLOOD SUPPLY (no oxygen, hydration or nutrients) This reduced blood supply weakens hair follicles, shortens hair growth cycles, eventually leading to thinning hair and eventually balding.

Think of grass growing.  What happens to grass when a piece of cardboard is covering the grass?  The grass begins to die. Why?  No LIFE giving LIGHT (photostimulation – SUN!!!) no OXYGEN, and no WATER.  If you lift the cardboard up and there is yellow, starving, dehydrated grass roots there, the grass will grow back.  However, if you lift the cardboard and its just dirt?  The grass root (hair follicle) has died and there is no hope to grow it back.  The root has been totally destroyed from Lack of Oxygen, Hydration and Nutrition.  Bottom line, a shinny, bald scalp would need a HAIR TRANSPLANT.  BUT…if you have hair FUZZ, and you follow our steps YOU CAN GROW YOUR OWN HAIR BACK – there is LIFE in your SCALP!!!.

In women, Pregnancy, Thyroid, Menopause and STRESS are causes for thinning hair and balding.  A drop in estrogen (produces a testosterone-blocking enzymes) and a rise in hormones called andogens and testosterone, both are causes for female baldness.

Fortunately for you, you have found the LED Skin Care Center.  Yes, you can begin to restore your hair growth again!  Imagine:

  • No toxic chemicals
  • No side effects
  • No scarring
  • No glues or FAKE HAIR!!!
  • Never worry about a WINDY DAY… EVER AGAIN!!!!

LED stimulates hair growth by feeding the hair follicle “LIFE” blood carrying oxygen, water and nutrition. All these FACTORS are important to GROWING YOUR OWN HAIR! Hair grows at a rate of about 0.5 inches a month (6 inches a year) on average –watch video above.

With LED light exposure you can expect to see NEW HAIR growth within 8 to 12 weeks! Yes!  Your own hair begins to grow in thicker and fuller.  See for yourself the results of LED light exposure to thinning and balding hair.

After SIX months you will begin to establish a healthy hair root (DERMAL PAPILLA).  By this time you will see Thicker and Fuller hair, providing you have not waited too long to ignite life stimulating LED lights to a very fragile, dying, hair follicle.


LED light Therapy

  • Promotes Tissue and Cellular TURNOVER
  • Eliminates Cellular DEBRIS
  • ACTIVATES cellular ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)

Like getting into shape at the GYM, you are getting your HAIR FOLLICLE into SHAPE.  Commit to, TWO DAYS A WEEK at the LED light GYM (LED Skin Care Center) for a minimum of SIX MONTHS.

MAINTENANCE: Now that you have your hair follicles in “shape” you will need to maintain their healthy LED light lifestyle and come to the LED light GYM once a week.  Because we are changing your biochemistry via LED lights.  It will require a commitment, from you, to maintain your healthy hair follicle and LED Hair Growing  lifestyle.  Oxygen, Nutrition, Hydration, Exercise via LED lights will help to maintain your NEW HEALTHY HAIR FOLLICLES.

Drink your water, Get your rest, Reduce your stress and make healthier food choices and you’ll not only feed you hair follicles, you’ll feed EVERY CELL in your body.  You’ll begin to look more rested and more youthful and hopefully AVOID taking any MEDICATIONS as you get older!

To your healthy full head of hair.