Essential OILS a GIFT from NATURE
The History of Essential Oils.

  • Oils more valuable than gold or jewels
  • Seed to Seal ensure the Purest Therapeutic Essential Oils in the World
  • Unadulterated essential oils are 50% to 70% more potent than herbs
  • Frankincense Trail over 3000 tons of Frankincense transported annually
  • Hippocrates – The Father of Medicine
    • Bath plus massage
    • Fumigated the city to prevent its demise
  • Alexander The Great – “I am dying from the treatment of too many physicians”
  • 3 Wiseman bring the baby Jesus Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh
  • Pliny – Natural History Vs. Medicines
  • Avincenna – develops Steam Distillation for better oils
  • St. Hildegard – Causes and Cures for Illness
  • Thieves – Their blend of oils prevented them from dying during the Black Plague
  • Allopathic Medicine  – 1900’s Synthetic Drugs are introduced and Oils are forgotten
  • Cosmetic Chemist – Lavender for Pain and Healing, Dermatology to Aromatherapy
  • WWII wounded soldiers saved by Essential Oils
  • Lapraz – Phyto Aroma Therapy, Microbes Die
  • Dr. Gary Young 1989 – France, Seeds, Greenhouse, 1st Distiller of Essential Oils in America
  • Young Living established in 1995 – 1600 acres in Utah, built his own equipment
  • 1999 – Expansion to Canada, Australia and Japan
  • ADD/ADHD successfully treated with Essential Oils
  • Hospitals, Medical Clinics – “Future of Medicine lies in Aromatherapy”

For over twenty years Gary Young has traveled, worked and studied the Land from the hillsides of Taiwan, explored the deserts of the Middle East, combed through the jungles of South America and transformed mountains and valleys in Utah and Idaho searching for unique and rare seeds, plants and tree bark for distillation.  Since 1988 Dr. Young has given his life to discovering what works and what doesn’t work.  Today Young Living oils is producing the Purest, Therapeutic Essential Oils in the world.  Recently Young Living Oils merged with three farms in France making Young Living Oils the largest grower of true lavender worldwide.