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Welcome to your skins’ transformation.  Looking for real results?  Tired of getting a facial that never changes a thing? LED for guys We’ll look no further.  LED Skin Care Spa is here! 

LED is our specialty!  Since 2007 our 1500 LED lights have been transforming faces from the “Inside Out”.  If it’s Acne, Aging Skin or Balding Hair issues LED delivers real results without harmful drugs, surgery or injections and provides many other health benefits as well!  

To get started, choose from one of our three Glow Facials for your skin’s transformation.  
*  Glow facials are excellent for skin resurfacing, brightening, and tackling acne bacteria.  Our Glow facials are custom tailored to your skin type and needs.  You skin is left bright, firm and “glowing”.
* LED Glow facials are skin changing from the “Inside Out”.  1500 LED lights target and kill acne bacteria, stimulate collagen production, remodel elastin and scaring.  Like going to the gym to get into shape, and staying in shape, LED facials work the same way to get your skin into “shape” and maintain it’s radiance and youthful structure as you age.
* LED Glow and Lift facials provide all the above results plus facial muscle reeducation.  As we age our skin and facial muscles begins to sag and lose their firmness.  Adding our non-surgical face lift to your facial is the icing on the cake.  Just like LED lights work the from the “Inside Out”, so does the non-surgical face lift.  Muscle has memory.  Adding the lift to your facial reeducates facial  muscles to their youthful position over time.

Glow Facials LED Skin Care Spa

Unfortunately Father Time is working fast and hard against us each day, week, month and year.  Over time you get used to what Father Time is handing you.  Well, now you’ve met Mother Time (LED Skin Care Spa) and she’s putting Father Time back in time, reversing the aging clock.

Our anti-aging approach is very different from everyone else.  Getting to the root of our aging issues is what can change your results.  We incorporate many things for a complete Mind and Body transformation.  Working with us restores and eliminates your brain fog, energy levels, empowers your immune system, alignment, stress levels, weight issues, hydration, mindset, and so much more.  Each day with us can transform your future for a better tomorrow.

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Many spas are just now incorporating LED into their programs and learning LED protocols.  Hand held devices, masques or doubled paneled LED’s are no match for our clinically tested, 1500 LED lights for fast skin and hair rejuvenation. 

We know you will love the results you begin to see as your transformation gets better and better over time. Reversing Father Time is easy when you have time tested, proven protocols.

Yes!  This could be you right now, reversing the hands of time or clearing up stubborn acne issues without drugs, harsh chemicals or surgery.  LED Skin Care Spa is “Light years ahead of the rest”.  Join us!

LED light treatment for Acne, Balding, Aging issues
  Clients enjoying Relaxing, Skin Rejuvenating LED treatments.