Teen Acne Answers

Teen Acne Answers

Here you will find teen acne answers that treat acne fast!   Don’t miss one more fun event because your face has pimples.  Quick, painless, calming acne treatments are just a phone call away.

cyclopsWhat does this guy and that one pimple in the middle of your forehead have in common?  They both STAND OUT to the world, saying hey look at my new pimple, right?  Enough is enough already!  You have tried everything to help your face get rid of these unsightly red, irritations that pop up at the worst times!

You don’t have to stay home from school, your date, or a party one more day! At LED Skin Care Spa,we have been practicing pimple protocols since 2007 with LED light treatments, and yes, we have the system down.  Imagine your face clearing up in 2 weeks or less.   Why?  because LED light treatments work from the inside out, killing acne bacteria at the source. Following our protocols  ensures you the fastest solution to this irritating, embarrassing problem that just won’t go away!

Accutane side effectsToday’s solutions are not much different from my days as a teenager in the 70’s.  Accutance was first introduced in the 80’s and everyone thought that would be the end all, cure all. Well, it was, until it starting producing major complications and side effects.

In my youth, Vicki here, we did not have the benefits of LED light treatments for pimples.   No instead, I (we) went to the dermatologist  and got prescriptions.   Truth be told, I went to town, scrubbing on those pimples with the topical medicine prescribed.  I  lived with an orange and red face all the time, it was so depressing, the pimples were still there and kept coming, the medicine just made things worse!

Yes, I missed many events because my face was a red, hot mess! I just refused to go out.  I understand your dilemma, I lived it.  However, It did force me to look for natural solutions, because the medicine was not working.  Back then, there were not a lot of other alternatives, like LED.  LED became FDA approved in the United States in 2007, lucky you!  A natural safe alternative that really works for acne issues.

TeensHold up!  You can have your LIFE back, fast!  You will become social again.  Engage with your friends.  Go to all of your events and enjoy being around your family again! How you ask?

First, clean up your diet – Live a 80/20 eating life. You need to eliminate “White Foods” they feed acne:  Dairy, sugar, flour, greasy foods.  Go for more healthy choices 80% of the time.  Avoid, cheese, milk, ice cream, sodas, donuts, candy, Gatorade – loaded with sugar!  Pizza, burritos, pancakes, French fries, burgers are a few examples to eat the other 20% of the time.

Second,  water, drink more of it.  Help the body cleanse itself  by drinking 1/2 your body weight in water, daily.  50 ounces a day for a 100 pound person.

Third, Rest.  Your body (face) heals as your sleep.  Aim for 8 hours a night.

Fourth, Pillow Cases! Change them daily.  Clean pillow cases help to clear up your face!

Fifth, Keep your hair clean and off your face.  Hair is full of pollution and bacteria.  Wash your hair before you go to bed.

Sixth, Heat.  Try and avoid getting over heated  and avoid sweating.  The hotter you get the more you sweat.  Sweat contains bacteria that can spread down your face and your back.  From our experience dry saunas will cause you to sweat and cause sebum (oil) production.  Try and keep your face shine/oil free too.

Seventh, Find a non drying face wash.  If you over “dry out” your face your face produces more oil to compensate for the dry skin.

If this seems all to over whelming, call us.  We offer Free Consultations.  Since 2007, we’ve been perfecting our protocols with LED light therapy for Acne.

Tried, True and Tested protocols since 2007.
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