After years of research on LED light therapy, and it still continues today, LED lights have been proven safe and effective for many, many other things other than acne, hair growth and anti-aging.  You  get the the added benefits of LED therapies while growing younger, healthier, more vibrant skin and body cells.

LED light therapy can be used for a whole host of things from igniting and regenerating red and white blood cells as well as B and T-cells.  In addition, people suffering from stokes, cancer, concussions, pain, throat and ear problems, whiplash, skin issues, osteoarthritis to name a few, also get relief with each LED light session.

Today as research continues, the list of benefits from LED exposure expands for support that LED is an effective treatment for many, many issues.   However, you must use the proper wavelength  and exposure to be effective. Moving LED lights around the skin does nothing to communicate to the cells to do anything, in fact, it can really confuse them.

Through the years at LED Skin Care Spa we have found that our LED light treatments are so effective for acne, hair growth and aging issues, but, we were also pleasantly surprised by how relaxed and clam our clients became as an LED light session.   Again another huge benefit for very stressed clients,  proving LED light treatments help to calm and relax busy minds and bodies.  Basically helping the mind and body to “reset” and relax.   We all know that stressed bodies can become very sick bodies:  heart disease, insomnia, cancer, etc.

In the attached article you can read the many, many healing benefits LED light treatments provide.  We love the fact that our clients get all these benefits while being exposed to our 1500 steady stream of light for maximum benefits. Take note to the Brain wave studies, very compelling for relaxation.

BRAIN WAVE STUDIES: We fond that when we treat the person with light, or with heat, that when the body starts healing, it shifts into what is called a healing profile where beta waves disappear, and alpha, theta and delta appear like you wouldn’t even find in a yogi.
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* Results vary from person to person