Drugs don’t really work on acne….any more.

Why is this happening?  Could it be the bacteria inside us are becoming resistant?  That very well could Accnutanebe what is happening.  Great, so what do you do when you really get sick?  Hope and pray that you don’t.

Taking oral antibiotics destroys your digestive system.  One round, not a problem, take some probiotics to rebuild your gut, which is where a healthy immune system begins to fight acne, and you are back in the game.  But taking oral antibiotics for years? Not so good.  Especially when you skin does not clear up.

Sadly here at LED Skin Care Spa we have heard the horror stories of people, young and old, going on oral antibiotics to clear up their acne and then still suffer with it.  Some clients get digestive issues so bad from the oral antibiotics they now have chronic bowel issues, and their  skin is still broken out. Even worse, some acne antibiotics have put people into the hospital!  It’s really scary.  We get it, you’ll try and do anything to clear up your acne.

We understand that no one can ever feel the way you do about your skin, especially when your face throbs and hurts all the time!    It’s hard for others to emphasize when they have never suffered with chronic acne like you.  But there is hope!

Since 2007 we’ve been clearing up acne with LED light treatments.  LED works fast from the inside out killing acne bacteria beneath the surface of your skin.  This works in two ways, prevention and clearing!

Even remodeling purple scarred skin, LED works!

Don’t live one more day hurting, embarrassed or missing the fun in your life.  Get started with an LED acne protocol today!

Story after story of oral antibiotics not working here.  But you don’t need to read this, you already know.