Collagen production slows by 20 and by 30 STOPS!  Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, losing it accelerates all forms of aging. But what if you could stimulate its production again.  Slow  and stop the aging process?   Science is wonderful and brings us amazing discoveries.  Enjoy the scientific of Klotho….

Klotho changing faces of aging

Klotho, Stem Cells and Aging
Since klotho was serendipitously identified in 1997, our understanding of it as an aging suppressor has been continuously growing. Klotho protein has pleiotropic actions on many organs and tissues in mammals. However, very limited and premature data about klotho effects on stem cells are available. A better understanding of the effects of klotho on stem cells not only provides novel insights into the role of stem cells in antiaging processes but could also make a significant contribution to the advancement of regenerative medicine clinical practice.

Kloth how I work on the skin


A Novel Wound Model of Aged Skin
The collagen content of the dermis and the rate of collagen production are both decreased with aging.

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Klotho – Biology

How to Increase Klotho 

Longevity HormoneKlotho aging suppressor