Acne in the summer….

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.  Ever notice you acne gets worse in the summer months.  Ever wonder why?  Stress, HEAT and Hormones are big triggers.  Of course diet, hydration, sleep and genetics play their role too.  So, What can you do about it?  Young or Older, we all need to do the best to control our stress levels, avoid heat exposure (hot saunas, hot workouts, hot/spicy foods all are triggers), and keep our hormones in check – stress plays a big role on hormones.

Here are some other great tips for Back to School acne control from

Avoid the Back-To-School Acne Flare-Up

Follow these tips and tricks for an acne-free school year:

Avoid a high-carb diet.
This means no white sugar, white potatoes, or white flour. Instead, choose beans and sweet potatoes, and eat tons of fresh fruits and vegetables. Above all else, steer clear of beer!

Get 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep.
Being tired stresses the body, raises your cortisol levels and aggravates acne.

Don’t cram for exams.
Study a little every day to avoid stressing out before your test.

And while you’re studying…
Don’t touch your face. Try putting band-aids on the tips of both index fingers to stop mindless skin picking.

Leave that baseball cap at home.
“Acne mechanica” is acne caused by dirty caps rubbing against sweaty foreheads.

Don’t pick at your acne.
Instead, roll an ice cube over the zit as soon as you notice it. The ice will help bring it to the surface or make it calm down and go away.

But if you must pick, do it the right way.
Make sure the zit is really ready with a white head before attempting to pop it. Read our step-by-step instructions for what we fondly call “Bathroom Surgery.”

Stick to a good skin care routine.
Make sure to pack products with benzoyl peroxide to keep in your gym locker or take to college with you. Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO) is the most effective ingredient for killing acne bacteria on-site, and if you really want to get serious start on our Inflamed/Itchy Acne Kit-to-Clear for a complete, no-brainer home care routine. If you have back acne, also use our specially formulated Clearing Scrub that is strong enough to penetrate the thicker skin of the back and chest, leaving your skin clear from head to to

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