In the video below Dr. Chris Shade addresses PrimeMyBody affiliates and shares the some chemistry of his ‘new’ Hemp Oil designed exclusively for PrimeMyBody.

Who is Dr. Chris Shade
Why Prime My Body?
What is CB1 and CB2 receptors
What is Hemp Oil and how does it work in the body’s Nervous, Immune and Hormonal systems
for starters…..

Here’s a Find It Fast Index:

2:15 Why are the PrimeMyBody the best cannabinoids anywhere?
3:08 Who is Dr Chris Shade?
5:46 What do phytocannabinoids do?
6:48 What is the Endocannabinoids system?
7:36 What are the dominate cannabinoid receptors? cb1 and cb2
9:54 The myth that THC is required for “activation” of CBD
12:45 What is endocannabinoid tone?
15:04 Gene Transcription Modification
15:20 Stabilization of NeuroInflammation with CBD
17:58 Why the Delivery System matters – the Liposome
20:27 CBD in capsules is 6 to 10% at best
25:16 The role of Endoplasmic Reticulum
27:31 What is NanoEmulsifed Hemp Oil?
30:19 Liposmal Characterization / Importance of Size
32:46 Nano – size and uptake – Why It Matters
38:07 How to Recognize Quality CBD Oil or Hemp Oil
37:55 Review of Competitors “Liposomal CBD”
43:02 Cost vs Bioavailability of CBD in Hemp Oil
44:22 What are the Prime My Body Hemp Oil Ingredients? What and Why?
51:54 What are Phytocannabinoid Diols?
54:45 How much THC is in the PrimeMyBody Hemp Oil?
56:39 PrimeMyBody Hemp Oil Ingredients – The highest quality
1:00:42 Why is the PrimeMyBody Hemp Oil better than the Quicksilver Hemp Oil?