RC oil by Young LivingRC Essential Oil  is your natural sinus remedy solution for respiratory issues like:  Colds,  Inflamed and Congested Sinuses and Chest,  Snoring, Sleep Apnea, Bronchitis,  and yes, Great for Snoring and yes even Bone Spurs too!!!!

These 10 Specially blended “Therapeutic Grade” oils  by Dr. Gary Young are used to diffuse  at home all day and on your night stand and at  work anywhere sick people are roaming and won’t stay home!!  You’ll keep everyone else, including yourself protected.
RC Oil and Raven OilsOils can be hot on the skin.  Dilute with Olive Oil or Coconut Oil.  “Oil attracts oil” out of the application area”  Or mix RC or Raven in Olive Oil and  then apply to the skin.

Together they make some of the toughest oils for combating any respiratory condition; and they are great companion oils. Many people alternate these oils or use them together for flu, colds or pneumonia. I also use companion oils Immu Power bottom of my feet (sinuses, lung area) Thieves,  I drink it, diffuse  and apply bottom of my feet (sinuses, lung area).

Great to have in the medicine cabinet.  Hit your cold or flu right away with oils when you have been exposed to someone sick.  Even if they say, my ______ is home sick, they could

Apply it under  your toes (in reflexology this is your sinuses) down the middle of your foot (lungs) straight on your chest, neck, behind you ears.  Dr. Young recommends  RC then alternating with Raven is another special blend  can be applied directly to the chest.
Reflexology for for adults

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