Well, I hate to be the barrier of bad news, but the side effects can be worse than the cure.  Accutane is a very toxic drug.  Many people get through it just fine initially and many don’t.

The lucky ones experience the side effects fast, early in their taking of the drug.  That means they will get off it and have the opportunity to heal.  Others, go through a round, or even rounds of the drug and seem to suffer no side effects, initially.  However, as they age, many begin to exhibit side effects later in life.

Based on our experience, we have clients that have been on rounds and rounds of Accutane and they are still suffering from acne, along with the side effects.  The most common and irritating side effects are chronic  headaches, dry eyes, skin and a dry mouth.   The dryer the mouth the more prone you are to cavities.

We have a Non-Toxic solution at LED Skin Care Spa.  No drugs, no downtime, no irritation and no side effects other than your skin clearing up.

Believe me, we understand your pain, People will do anything to clear up their face, we totally get it. But know that are safer alternatives to drugs that can leave your permanently unhealthy.

These are just some of the side effects this article will reference.  Accutane Side Effects Depression
Liver Damage
Yellowish Skin
Ulcerative Colitis
Crohns Disease
Abdomen Pain
Rectal Bleeding
bloody Diarrhea
Birth Defects – if you get pregnant on Accutane you are required to abort the baby.
Crying Spells
Can’t Sleep
Can’t Concentrate
Thoughts of helplessness
Wanting to hurt yourself
Wanting to kill someone
Felling Worthless

Please consider the side effects of this drug.  Do your research.  There are solutions, we can help.

Some of the things we suggest are to:
Avoid white foods – sugar, flour, dairy, cheese
Drink water – 100 pound person should drink 50 ounces daily, 1/2 your body wt. in oz.
Take probiotics – build your immune function
Rest – 6 to 8 hours daily
LED light treatments
Prescribed home care

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