Adult Acne Treatment

Adult Acne Treatment

LED Skin Care "light years ahead of the rest"

Are you ready to get serious about tackling your acne, once and for all?  If so, we are here to help.

What makes us different from all the rest?  We work from the “Inside Out” targeting oil, bacteria and sticky, stubborn skin cells that keep you from clear skin and  without harsh chemicals or drugs.

By following our prescribed home care, and time tested successful protocols and treatments your pimples will be washing you pimples off in the shower, it happens all the time WHEN you follow all our treatments and protocols.

Start our “Jump Start” program to calm and cool down your active acne and irritated skin.  Within two weeks you will see changes for the better, not months later, but in weeks you will regain your confidence.  Don’t wait one more day hoping for a miracle.
Book your Jump Start today Here!  Under Consultations.Jump Start to clear skin

LED is one of our many tricks up our sleeve and if you read below you’ll understand how it works, but we have many more tricks and it’s all validated by science, not just more false promises, but science backed research to prove it and yes, the picture too!   Imagine acne scars, stretch marks and keloids fading away without crazy treatments or lengthy downtime.

Blue LED lights kill acne bacteria beneath the skins surface without  drugs, downtime or side effects!
Red LED lights purge, shrinks, and disinfect pores while fading discoloration FAST!  “Red gets rid of Red”
IR LED helps with inflammation, scarring and age spots without the down time and healing associated with lasers.

Dr. Goldberg tells Dermatology Times.  “In addition, LED treatments can be used with all skin colors, a fact not true about many other laser or light-based treatments, and because LED treatments promote no thermal effect (heat), they cannot scar,  a fact not true about any other laser or light-based treatment,”

LED  Skin Care Spa for acne is light years ahead of the rest.   While many are just now implementing LED, we have been been perfecting our services and treatments for acne, acne scarring and pigmentation issues since 2007. LED usage is not new to us.

Blue LED & Red LED for AcneAT the LED Skin Care Spa we use 1500 LED lights (Clinical Strength LED) to deliver fast and effective results in 20 minutes.  There are many LED choices today, however, if you can use the device daily, the device will take hours to achieve what we do in 20 minutes.

Our time tested and established protocols work, and depending on your grade of acne, clearing your skin could take some time.  If you follow what we recommend, and that means home care, hydration, sleep etc. you will see the results you are looking for.

Our practice focuses on delivering your Results from the Inside Out, for healthy, glowing skin from within.  If you’ve tried everything out on the market today and are frustrated with the results, then give us a call today!  972-378-0291 or better yet book a consultation and even better an LED Glow Facial here.

In addition, Photodynamic Therapy aka LED is good for non melanoma skin cancer.   LED light therapy is safe and effective for so many issues skin and body related.

Be clear of embarrassing, scarring, disfiguring acne.  LED works for Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis and Rosacea, Clearer skin can be yours!Blue LED light for Acne

LED for Acne

LED for Eczema

LED for Psoriasis

LED for Rosacea

Hand held LED lights

Hand held LED devices work great if you are on the road and if can’t make it in to us, they just take more time to achieve the results we deliver, in a fast and timely manner with our clinical strength LED lights. In addition, we have several calming and soothing products that have given our clients almost overnight relief.

Truly, we believe the skin is a great mirror of a healthy or unhealthy body.  Feel blessed it’s coming out in your skin and not developing into something else inside you.  Your body is asking your to take notice, something is wrong.

With the use of the Internet you can begin your research of what is aliening you. So much in the natural, healthy realm that you can do first, because you can always revert back to medications and we all know that drugs do offer side effects – so read the label so you know what you are getting into.

However, with the clients coming in daily dealing with these issues it’s apparent the medications just don’t provide the relief you are looking for, not to mention the many side affects attached to the prescription.  Are the side affects worse that the cure?  So, we are here to help you have “clearer skin” without irritation, downtime or need for recovery.

*Acne Treatments come in all shapes and sizes.  Many don’t work, right?  How do I know? Since 2007  clients come into our shop every day telling us their horror stories.
* Over the Counter “OTC” – Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Saks, Neimans, Beauty Brands, Ulta, etc.
* Friends catalog offerings
* TV offerings
* Facials
* Medications

You have tried it all and you all have the same response, “I’m just sick of this acne, nothing works”.

Well there is hope and here are some new things you can try.   First know that:
* Heat
* Stress
* Hormones
* Hydration (water only)
* Cleansing your face morning and night
* Clean your cell phone and sun glasses with alcohol
* Change your pillow case each night
* Avoid old sweaty hats, sweat bands, Football helmets,  etc.  Make sure they are clean before your put them on.
All play a critical role in controlling acne breakouts.
> Heat – the hotter it is the more oil and bacteria you produce in your pores and bacteria feast on oil
> Stress – the more stress you are under the more hormones you produce and
> Hormones – stimulate oil production, this is why rest and relaxation are so critical
> Diet – White Foods:  Sugar, Flour, Dairy etc. are triggers for acne
> Hydration – the more hydrated you are the better, it will dilute hormones in your blood
> Cleaning your face with a acne wash that is not too drying, dry skin promotes more oil production
> Clean your cell phone and glasses, you sweat, it touches your face, bacteria gets spread around
> Clean pillow cases each night prevents the spread of bacteria from the night before
> This is a big one.  How often do you sweat in a hat or sweat band and not wash it before you put it on your head?  Bacteria are just waiting to jump off the ol’ sweaty hat and get into your pores.
OK so those are some things you can do to help right away…Here is the 21st century offering from the LED Skin Care Spa. LED!