Back Facial Plano Tx

Back Facial Plano Tx

Back Facials are also know as Bacials, Backials and are basically a facial for the back.  However, here at LED Skin Care Spa we take it to the next level.  Not only do you get a double custom cleanse (depending on your back issues and goals) you receive a chemical peel, extractions, LED if needed and wanted, masque and moisturizer. Truly a results oriented back facial.  Our signature back facial is available in Plano.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself.  Could I benefit from a backcial?Back Facial
*Are old, dead skin cells building up on your back?
*Is Back ACNE out of control?
*Got lumps and bumps that hurt?
*Blackheads all over you back?
*You hate the AGE SPOTS that are popping up?
*Got a slinky BACKless dress your back needs to be flawless for?
*Getting ready for a sunny place and need your back to glow?
*Getting ready for a spray tan?
A back facial aka a backcial will address it all!

What ever your reason schedule a “FACIAL” for your back it’s a great monthly treatment.  Add an LED light treatment to address Back Acne, Age Spots, Scarring, or to enhance Skin Firming. Don’t you worry, either way, we’ve got your back!

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We suggest doing an LED light treatment with your backcial IF you have active acne for enhanced results.