Magnum Homer Cheeto Cannoli & Mega

Look we’re all walking, even running again.  We got our life back!  See us all living again.  Thanks for watching and please share with my fellow dog, cat and horse owners.  What we take can help them too.  Watch, try not to cry.  Our Mom’s did.  We’re Free!


How and Why is this happening to our Dogs, Cats and Horses…Learn more here by hearing from our Vet.   Thank you BioCell, we can’t be more grateful.

Yes, you can order it here today!  and be sure to order “LIFE” for you under Collagen Sciences.  If you have questions, please call me at 972-378-0291.  Learn how it helps humans here!

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Amy at LED Skin Care Spa

Amy flys in from West Virginai to get her LED Glow Facial at LED Skin Care Spa! After years of facials and understanding that facials are the key to great skin as we age, she makes a point to book here facial with us each month. LED Skin Care Spa is "Light Years" ahead of the rest!! #facial #planofacial #antiaging

Posted by Vicki Sylvia Knutson on Saturday, May 26, 2018

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LED Glow Facial

See an LED Glow facial in action.  Our LED Glow Facial is the most requested facial on our menu.LED for guys It’s fast, 60 minutes.  Effective, for acne, acne scarring, age spots, wrinkles and the comment after the facial is always, “my face feels so tight”.  Another great side effect.

In addition this facial lasts for weeks.  We have clients from all over the metroplex that drive in and have had others fly in, yep fly in for this facial.  Some are on business, visiting family or friends and they always cut out time to get “their facial”, the LED Glow Facial. Meet Amy, she flys in from West Virginia  once a month for her LED Glow Facial!

This facial includes a custom double cleanse, a “Progressive NOT an Aggressive” chemical peel that is designed for your skin type, needs and concerns.  Extractions, if needed.  Our extraction process is gentle and effective, you don’t and won’t look “beat up” after our facials – another one our our signature processes.   An LED light treatment for your specific needs”
> Acne
> Acne Scarring and Pigmentation
> Age Spots
> Wrinkles and Fine Lines
> Loose, Flaccid skin
> LED is excellent for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  Stimulates serotonin in the brain 🙂 – oh happy day! Bone and Wound healing. To name a few of the many other benefits from an LED light treatment exposure.

This is no need to suck, sand, or heat up the skin (these cause MORE pigmentation issues later).  The skin reacts to protect the DNA of other skin cells when sucked, sanded/sucking and high heat.

So step into the 21st century with us and experience this true “face changing” facial that will have other asking you, what are you doing?  You skin  and YOU, look amazing.  Great skin, great attitude all benefits from our signature LED Glow Facial.

So here is a glimpse of what your can expect in this relaxing, rejuvenating, face changing facial.



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Miracles are Happening

Miracles are happening….to our four legged children..

I wanted to share this on this page because I can’t believe what it has done for Gunner (my moms dog) he was hit by a car last year. They told my parents he would not walk again. Many joint issues. Ext.😭😭
The 1st video is The before. Couldn’t walk. Move his legs. In fact they had to Carry him everywhere. My mom said he would just look at her with a super sad face.
The next video is s couple months on pet BioCell. (collagen) HE IS WALKING!! 😪🤯
I will forever be thankful for this. I’m now a firm believer in Pet-BioCell. I will never take my pups off this.
Before….AFTER below

Posted by Sean Dean Scarborough Prater on Thursday, March 29, 2018


30 day later, look who is RUNNING!!!  …Yes he IS wagging his tale and Running!!!!  Click here to cheer! 

Dogie with Auto Immune Disease…getting better!! 

Ollie has been in a wheel chair for 2 years, this is her now after 45 days!!!!

Dogs Love it! >>>  Bacon, bacon I smell bacon, ruff!  

Dogs CAN live pain free!  Without steroids.  Try Liquid BioCell for Pets first, before you put your dogs on organ liquefying autoimmune drugs.  

See what a natural supplement can do (37 clinical studies and 7 patents) can do at changing the way our joints, eyes, muscles, skin and hair age. Pet Bio Cell

Order yours here, under Collagen Sciences
Look for Liquid BioCell Pet
Hear from a Vet

Or call or book on-line for a consultation 972-378-0291
On-line booking here. 

See how 30 days can change a dogs life being on Pet Bio Cell.  Miracles at work each and every day!  Enjoy… I can’t stop crying…
Order Pet Bio Cell Here under Collagen Sciences!

All these dogs not have a LIFE again….and will get better and better over time!  Amen to Pet Bio Cell

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Facial Wrinkles

Facial Wrinkles

LED Skin Care Spa delivers resutls from the “Inside Out” preventative Anti-Aging, Wrinkle Fighting, Spot Fading smoohting and brightening facials like no other.  Why?  First we don’t nickle and dime you or charge a la carte pricing, everything is included.  In addition our facials are comprehensive and include a double cleanse, chemical peel (yes you can put make up after and “Glow” tonight  or tomorrow).  Our peel makes your skin smooth and bright and does not cause reddness, peeling or potential for scarring or hyperpigmentation (more spots).  Yes we include extractions if necessary) moisturizer and spf in our 30 minute facials (for our guys and busy people) and our 60 minute facials inclue a masque and a massage for those who want the ultimate experience and relaxation.

30 minute  Glow Facials
60 minute Glow Facials that include a masque and a massage.  However, we suggest the 30 minute Glow Facial for those who are in a hurry

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Hiring Estheticians

LED Skin Care is Hiring EstheticiansHiring Estheticians

We are looking for recently graduated Estheticians that have a passion for skin and a compassion for people and have an…
> Ability to perform consecutive facials
> Interest in how LED works and a belief that safe, non-invasive skin care IS a priority
> A belief that great skin begins from within and how wellness and hydration contribute to great, glowing skin results
> Be trainable, and open to cutting edge protocols and technology
> A belief that “Home Care” is a contributing factor for great skin
> Interested in being educated on an on-going basis to make good “home care” suggestions for clients – product knowledge and belief that your recommended “home care” is a good option for your client then selling “home care” is helping your client.
> Have and maintain a current Tx Esthetic License and adhere to local and state licensing/certification laws and regulations.
> Must carry personal liability insurance we suggest
> Up to date knowledge and understanding of spa services, product line,  and technology
> Maintain a professional and clean appearance, and work environment
> Part-time to full time opportunities are available
> Be available for Tuesday – Saturday working schedule
> Able to work the front desk, answer the phone, book and check clients in
> Perform a Client In-take form and advise the best solution for their skin needs and goals
> Possess intentions to exceed expectations at every opportunity
> Self motivated and ready to go above and beyond.
Please send resume to or call 214-693-9897 ask for Jay.

When you come for a scheduled interview, come prepared with knowledge of how LED lights treatments work on Acne, Acne Scars, Balding and Anti-Aging.  You can learn everything you need to know for this interview on this web site.  LED Skin Care Spa 

#Estheticians #JobsForEstheticians #LEDSkinCareSpaLookingForEstheticians #HiringEstheticians

Blue LED Light for Acne Treatments

LED light penetration

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Stiff, Stiff Neck, Stiff Body?

Vicki Knutson Esthetician

Clinical Trials and Patent info the videos…enjoy a new you!!

Move, move, move without PAIN anymore!  Do you wake up Stiff with a Stiff Neck?  So did I.  Take it from me.  I was born in 1957, yep a Baby Boomer! 3 years ago I was waking up stiff, hurting, and suffering from TRIGGER THUMB, so painful, and GOUT – Thank you Dad.  Well not any more!  My painful shoulder and hip pain were gone in 6 weeks!  My trigger thumb and gout were gone in 5 months!!!  My crepey skin and age spots from tanning are fading!!! –

Yep I was a tan, tan girl all the time.  You know suntan by day, tanning beds by night – yep, that obsessed with being tan.  My hair only grew so long and then stopped.  So here I am sharing with you a fantastic discovery that could change YOUR LIFE, your parents and grandparents and yes even your friends LIVES too.   I have done a 180 in my health and the visible signs of my aging skin.  I am sleeping better, my stomach is NOT SO SENSITIVE to foods anymore, go figure? and I feel amazing going into the 6th decade of my life.  |

I am an Esthetician, and work with LED light treatments for skin transformation.  I prefer to use natural and safe skin changing options and boy have I found them because I seek them out, lots of phony baloney out there.  And because of this “hype” world we live in I look for the science to back up what I ingest and suggest to my clients, friends and family.

Injections can only erase wrinkles and and plump you up from the chin up and wearing a Turtle Neck with long sleeves in the heat of our Texas summers is not an option.  So, how about we erase and plump you up all over from head to toe without those quarterly injections?  This is what I am talking about and oh, you’re hair if balding or losing it – grows back!!!  And the pain you wake up with daily – gone!  How about scarring issues, got any scars?  Gone too!  Does not matter what type of scar, acne scars – the deep ones, stretch marks, surgery scars and keloids Gone!!!

I would love to share this discovery with you personally.  Come and see us at LED skin Care Spa for a Consultation and discovery session.  Just take a look at the Before and Afters and then more on the science below  – Oh you can book a consultation here or call for a consultation at 972-378-0291. Trigger Thumb

Joints and Snyovial FluidYes, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) CAN get into the joints!  New science, new discovery supported by clinical studies and patents!  Yes, your doctor needs to know about this.  Doctors are not being taught this in their pharmaceutical continuing education (CE) classes that are mandatory to keep their medical license.  Sadly, our doctors don’t get the opportunity to learn about these new natural, safe, no side effect discoveries from the pharmaceutical companies putting on the CE classes.

You can choose to drink your Hyaluronic Acid, like I do, and effect all your joints or you can get injections, one at a time, in the area that is hurting – You have heard of knee injections with HA right?  The relief  is only temporary.  Sounds painful to me.

So here you are.  What have you got to lose?  Maybe a few wrinkles and gain back your flexibility and wake up refreshed cause you no longer toss and turn trying to get comfortable cause you hurt while you sleep, I know cause that was, WAS me.

Call us!  We want to help you!  Oh and my painful, painful trigger finger is gone!  No injections, no surgery – Just better.  Full mobility, flexibility and best of all I don’t hurt any more!!!  Take a look at the before and afters, another awesome side effect – darn it!  Now I can live with these side effects, how about you?  Then below is a video on the science.  Enjoy the discovery.

THE SCIENCE….What the doctors don’t know. 

Hey Baby Boomers you’ll Love this – How can HA get into the body?  Learn more here!

Yes, feed your body Collagen, no digestion issues with Liquid Collagen Bio Cell

An Extra Treat..If you have dogs with walking problems, tremors, lumps or cloudy eyes….Enjoy..







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