Brain Waves

Brain Waves, Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta

LED for Brain Waves and altered consciousness

Brain Waves what are they?

Science has proven that our brain has waves of energy known as Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta.

Our first and most commonly used brain wave is Beta.  You are conscious, talking and are engaged in mental activities.

Alpha brain waves are when you are day dreaming, conscious and in a resting state, performing a light meditation.

Have you ever been hypnotized? Or “zoned out” driving home from work and don’t remember how you got there?  You are in Theta.

Deep Sleep, Delta brain waves occur about 90 minutes into sleep and you are unconscious.  Your body is rebuilding and regenerating.

At the LED Skin Care Center we not only rejuvenate your skin but it’s a body and mind experience as well. Under the LED lights and our Power Nap aka SOQI Massage the body and mind achieve very deep states of relaxation. This is why you achieve results so rapidly; your mind and body begin a rejuvenation process beyond anything you can achieve at a Day Spa, Derm Office or Plastic Surgeon Practice.

In addition we diffuse Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (TGEO) to enhance your Mind, Body, and Spirit transformation.  Therapeutic Oils target everything from physical to emotional stressors working on the bio-energic parts of us.  Used with “intention” TGEO’s  can shift long standing emotional and energetic blocked patterns, clearing emotional traumas passed down from generation to DNA Repairgeneration via our DNA.

Yes, our DNA carries the sins of our father from generation to generation.  You can spend years in therapy “trying” to clear these embedded issues or you can, with “intention” begin your healing journey today.  Look into your family history.  Are there repeated offenses from generation to generation.  With your intentional work you can stop this/these patterns.  We’ll show you how.  Begin your transformation today with us.