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LED for the Aging Face – R. Glen Calderhead

Beginning in the 80’s Dr. Glen Calderhead  and others have proven that Light Emitting Diodes (LED) is not only safe but very effective in treating acne, hair growth and aging skin without pain or downtime.

Understanding light wavelenghts via extensive research that still carries on today reveals LED’s effectiveness by using a Light Wave Lengthspecific energy, wavelength and nanometer (nm) penetration that will effectively kill acne bacteria without harmful drugs, stimilate dying hair follicles to come to life and grow again, and wake up cells to produce collagen, remodel elastin, increase oxygen and blood flow without destroying tissue or needed recovery.

For an e-miled copy of this article which goes into great debth explaining the various energy, wavelengths and LED’s to explain LED for aging skin, scars, inflammation and the like please see how to get your copy below.

We hope the information gives you the clear evidence you need to understand that LED treatments produce great anti-aging results over time.

Dr. Glen CalderheadLucky for you LED Skin Care Spa has been working with Dr. Calderhead since 2007 perfecting our protocols making us a leader with your success and results.

Enjoy the full explanation of increasing collagen, remodeling elastin and increasing blood flow, making LED the best Anti-Aging, skin rejuvenation, Oxygen Facial from the “Inside Out”.


* Results vary from person to person

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Red LED light for Dry Skin

Red LED light for Dry Skin proves effective for collagen and skin elasticity too.

Dehydrated Vs Hydrated

Red LED light therapy. Use of the red LED light can improve all aspects of dryness and dehydration. The red LED light can improve barrier function by increasing oil production and skin perspiration to enhance the hydrolipid film.1 Although an adequate barrier will not ensure proper hydration; generally, proper hydration cannot exist without a functional barrier. Additionally, red LED light will help improve function in the dermal layers. Red LED light therapy has been shown to “trigger repair mechanisms that stimulate fibroblast activity and new cell growth for tighter, rejuvenated skin.1” This increase in activity boosts collagen and other proteins that are critical for the skin’s ability to retain hydration. This increase in important skin proteins simultaneously improves elastosis caused by chronic dehydration. – Learn more here.  

Multi-weight hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is well-known as one of the most effective skin-hydrating ingredients. However, it is not always used to its potential when only one type is included in a formulation. By featuring multiple weights of hyaluronic acid, different aspects of hydration and skin health are addressed. Normally, when hyaluronic acid is discussed, medium weight is the type talked about, which helps draw moisture to the skin for general hydration. The introduction of a low-weight hyaluronic acid allows hydration to penetrate deeper and more quickly in order to aid in improving elasticity. Additionally, a high-weight hyaluronic acid sits nearer to the surface of the skin and acts similarly to a dermal filler, helping improve surface hydration, and make fine lines and wrinkles appear less visible. This technology can be put to use by choosing serums and moisturizers that incorporate multiple weights of hyaluronic acid. –


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