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Animals don’t lie



Watch the videos below and get your fur baby on it today!  Dogs, Cats, Horses, etc. they all benfit

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See how your pet can benefit from Liquid BioCell™ Pet. | Pets, Pet health,  Urinary health


A Health and Wellness Co. - Palm Bay, FL - AlignableDOES YOUR DOG HAVE JOINT PAIN OR SKIN ISSUES? We... - Dogs Deserve Better

Arthritis in Dogs: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment with Stem Cell Therapy

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Age Reversing Possibilities

More details here!Telomerers iHerQules

you can order  here. Use code no. 925986 to get the best price and order under CUSTOMER.
Two choices:
Liquid GoldRx
– under puberty (yes infants can use this too – squirt in their belly button.  Click here to schedule a consultation if you would like to learn more about this – or text to 972-378-0291 and the best time to call you back.  – Vicki
iHerQles – gone thru puberty 
Receive ALL the plant extracts in the NEWEST discovery, iHeRQles.  

Wash away the inflammation and grow your telomeres with just 4 squirts daily 15 minutes before meals.  It’s just that easy….iHerQules Telomeres

A major step in understanding aging and related illnesses was represented by the creation of the INSTITUTE OF GERONTOLOGY (IoF) in the mid-1950s, located in Bucharest, Romania.   Dr. Ana Aslan, the Director of IoF exposed the “secret” of increased longevity was achieved by the reduction of inflammation.
After many years of research and testing they were able to eliminate (Gerovitalall man-made synthetic molecules completely with plant extracts that were safe and effective that the body recognized as food with no side effects.

Since 1973 Liquid Gold Rx has been delivering many outstanding results in reducing inflammation. C-Reactive protein test are a great way to monitor inflammation and your results every 3 months.

Imagine One product that can reduce inflammation and reduce your age available today!  Well, here you go.   Introducing iHeRQles

Full of age reversing plant extracts product proven to reverse aging and inflammation.

Tests prove iHeROles does reverse aging. contacted our scientist after many tests were performed showing results in age reversal.  More on telomere test here:

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Essential Oils as Virus Fighters – LED Skin Care

Viruses are no match when it comes to a mixture of five essential oils:  eucalyptus, clove, cinnamon, lemon and rosemary, also known as Thieves.

Black Death also known as Bubonic Plague
During the 1500’s when 4 spice merchants who were unemployed during the Bubonic Plague began robbing the homes of dead people and dead bodies.  After confessing to their crimes, the robbers shared their infection prevention concoction of the five oils and how they used them.  Rubbing these oils on the hands, ears, feet and their temples prevented them from catching the plague.

So the next time your are threatened by a virus and most recently the coronavirus,  be sure to have your bottle of Thieves oil around to diffuse and protect you and your family from deadly threats.  You can:
+ Clean your home with

or a cough drop,

onic Plague offers soothing scents for the homebound and might add some viral protection.

The mixture of five oils: eucalyptus, clove, cinnamon, lemon and rosemary, is known as Thieves. As the story goes, in the 1500s, as the Black Death decimated Europe, when four unemployed spice merchants that turned to robbing the bodies and homes of the dead were captured and threatened with being burned alive, they confessed to the judge their secret to avoiding infection—the spice blend that they rubbed on their hands, ears, feet and temples.
They were all hanged, but their formula survives as Thieves, and is today one of the most popular essential oil blends in the market, sold under that name and also as Five Guards, Health Shield and Fighting Five. Although shown to sharply reduce three kinds of airborne bacteria in 10 minutes, its antiviral properties have not been extensively studied. Its components, however, have proven antimicrobial, antiseptic and antiviral properties:

– Eucalyptus, long used for respiratory infections, has been proven effective against a number of viruses, particularly the swine flu and herpes type 1 viruses.

– Clove has exhibited strong antiviral activity against such viruses as the adenovirus type 3 respiratory virus, poliovirus and coxsackievirus.

– Cinnamon leaf shows antiviral activity and can prevent pneumonia due to influenza.

– Lemon oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties, and is often used in cleaning products.

– Rosemary eases stress and has antiviral, antimicrobial and antidepressant qualities.

Thieves can be purchased in natural health stores or online. For a homemade blend, Jennifer Lane, an aromatherapist, registered nurse and founder of Loving Essential Oils, recommends combining these essential oils:

• 35 drops lemon
• 20 drops cinnamon leaf
• 15 drops clove bud
• 15 drops eucalyptus
• 10 drops rosemary

Adding five drops of the blend, along with water in a diffuser, can waft the scent throughout a room and diminish airborne odors and germs. For respiratory support, put a few drops into a cup of steaming, but not boiling, water, drape a towel around the cup and face, and breathe in the fumes. Add it to a carrier oil like jojoba oil or coconut oil at a 1:30 ratio (such as one-half ounce Thieves to 15 ounces jojoba) and rub it on pulse points in the wrist and neck. But do not ingest the blend. If a child under 10 is in the house, don’t diffuse it or use it topically on them, because rosemary and eucalyptus can be unsafe for a child, advises Christina Anthis, author of The Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started.
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Clean Liver for Clean Blood – daily detox for life

“Life is in the blood”  Imagine a detox that works without making your sick or feeling bad!

Well, it’s a new day and a new way to detox without deprivation, special diets, pills or potions.  Learn how and why your body breaks down via chemicals and radiation exposure and how this combination is changing our gene expression, which leads to our young getting old age diseases.
Did you know:
>  Newborns are born with 200 chemicals in their bodies?
>   27 year olds are suffering heart attacks?
>  Before you leave your bathroom each day you have been chemically exposed with…..?
>  The Effects of one cup of coffee or tea each day?
>  That when you expose your body to GMO food, chemicals, etc. your Red Blood Cells constrict trying to protect your body from exposure?
Learn all this and more….
this next 20 minutes could change your life and the life of your loved ones forever!

7 minutes listen here >>>  What is Liquid Gold?
+ 40 potent plant food extract
s – contamination free
+ What does it do?
+ Sepsis aka blood poisoning – more people die from Sepsis than cancer
+ Purges blood of toxins
+ Why do you need Liquid GoldRx?
> ….Because you have been exposed to toxins (air, water, food, medications, etc.) 
+ Clean blood = healthy body

+ How Often should you take it?  4 squirts daily, before a meal is best.
+ New Red Blood Cells replenish and rebuild every 120 days 
+ The Liver can also rebuild every 4 months, but that depends on how toxic it is.

How can you get it?  Orders take anywhere from 3 to 5 business days to receive, via mail.  
Order Here >>>
$65  Sent Monthly
$86  Single Purchase 
Red blood cells regenerate every 4 months
Suggested servings are 15 minutes BEFORE you EAT. This opens your cells to receive the nutrition and flush out any toxins within your cells.  Drink water to help your body flush and clean.  Drink 1/2 your body wt. daily in water.  100 pounds – drink 50 oz. daily.

Order 1 bottle – 4 squirts with any meal (largest meal better) 1 time daily – sent monthly 
Results will take longer to achieve, but a little protection is better than no protection.  
Or for the optimal cleanse and detox
1st month – 4 bottles, 4 squirts, 4 times daily
2nd month – 3 bottle, 4 squirts, 3 times daily
3rd month – 2 bottles, 4 squirts, 2 times daily
4th month – 1 bottle, 4 squirts, with largest meal of the day
120 days later, your blood has been cleansed and liver is working optimally.  Healthy changes begin pretty rapidly.  Think of anything to do with inflammation beginning to clearn up.  Keep a journal of your transformation.  Even take a picuture, yep, anti-aging involved here too.  Telemeres get longer…Get a test here!
Now your are ready for maintenance.  f1 bottle, 4 squirts with any meal, largest is best, for the rest of your life.  
Typically what happens when you eat something that is toxic, the cells read the toxins in our food and water, the cells will then constrict, not allowing any nutrition to be received.  Slowly we become malnourished and attempt to supplement to make up our losses…well, this is about to change too.  You’lll soon see you might not need as much supplementation.  You can get a base line blod test of your vitamin and mineral needs here Life Extension.
Talk to a consultant at Life Extenstion, they will direct you as to what blood work you’ll need.  LAB Corp or Quest  draws the blood, which ever place does blood draws in your area.
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Plant Based Extracts Liquid Goldrx

Who do you know suffering for free radical attacks causing inflammation?

Are you or a loved one living with anyone of these inflammatory diseases?

Alzheimer’s, ankylosing dispositions, arthritis (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), psoriatic arthritis), asthma,  atherosclerosis, Crohn’s disease, colitis, cancer, dermatitis, diabetes, diverticulitis, fibromyalgia, hepatitis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), systemic lupus erythematous (SLE), nephritis, Parkinson’s disease, ulcerative colitis  to name a few.

When you reduce or eliminate inflammation your body can heal.  Much like a swollen ankle, once the swelling goes down the faster the ankle can heal.

Because of the toxic environment we are exposed to daily from food, air and water (BPA, fluoride, chlorine) and medications our liver is being blasted and never gets a chance to clean and flush out the daily assaults.  Over time the liver becomes weakened and unable to do the job it was designed to do.  Clean our blood.

Inflammation is the end result of long term oxidative stress. Stress to the liver can be caused by emotional or physical trauma, and nutritional or environmental pollutants.

Clean liver, clean blood = healthy body!

With over 90 years of research our combination of plants and extraction process has shown to reduce inflammation from 70& to 90% in just two weeks.

Alfalfa, Wild Celery, Anise, Lemon Balm, Basil, Greater Burdock, Celery, Dill, Hyssop, Juniper, Rock Weed, Fennel, Ginger, Cola Nitida, Marjoram, Great Mullein, Abyssinian Myrrh, Parsley, Dog-Rose, Rosemary, Saffron Crocus, Sage, Elder, Tea Plant, Garden Thyme, Turmeric, Verbena, White Willow, Black Cherry, Yarrow, Garlic, Artichoke, Motherwort, Hop, Red Raspberry, Hawthorn, Elecampane, Fennel Bulb and Food Grade Ethanol.  



that have gone thru our extract combinations allow the body to have a break from the constant bombardment from contaminated food sources, allowing the body to help neutralize the poisons consumed in the contaminated food, water and air we intake!

How can these plant extracts protect the liver and our blood from pesticides in our

food  and the toxins in the air? and Then clean and detox the liver to deliver clean blood to all our vital organs?  “Life is in the blood”.


Want to know more?  Listen here – 18 minute call

Even more info….19 minute callLED Skin Care Spa Liquid Gold Rx

3800 Doctors recommend LiquidGoldrx

Yes, you can order it here, use this number 925986 purchase for $65 as a customer

7 minute video here below…

1.  What is Liquid Gold?
2. 40 potent plant food extract
s – contamination free
3. What does it do?
4. Sepsis aka blood poisoning – more people die from Sepsis than cancer
5. Purges blood of toxins
6. Why do you need LG?
7. Because you have been exposed to toxins (air, water, food, medications, etc.) 
8. Clean blood = healthy body

9.  How Often should you take it?  4 squirts daily, before a meal is best.
10.  New RBC’s replenish every 120 days

But where do you start?  How about the LIVER?LiverClean Liver, Clean Blood?

Blood coming from the digestive organs flows through the portal vein to the liver, carrying nutrients, medication and also toxic substances. Once they reach the liver, these substances are processed, stored, altered, detoxified, and passed back into the blood or released in the bowel to be eliminated. In this way the liver can, for example, remove alcohol from your blood and get rid of by-products from the breakdown of medications.  But a toxic, fatty liver cannot clean the blood.




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It’s Time to diffuse Thieves

Diffuse Therapeutic grade oil


One Ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of cure.  To keep you and your family safe during cold and flu season and all year round in your home and at work, we suggest diffusing Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils.  If you don’t know how the plant of the oil has been processed, we call is “Seed to Seal”, then you don’t know if your oil is a quality oil.  Ask these questions before you invest in an essential oil for a Therapeutic Benefit.  Other wise it’s like using a spray or plug in air freshener and they are very toxic. even when they say organic, be suspect.  Knowing these answers helps you make a wise decision when purchasing an oil.



>  Is the soil free of pesticides and herbicides?
>  Are the Seeds organic seed, or GMO seed?
>  Are they using toxic pesticides and herbicides on the plants while growing?  If yes, these toxins are in the oil!
>  Do they harvest when the plant is at it’s highest potential for producing the best oil? This is called a Brix Reading
>  Once the plant is  harvested, does it sit for hours or a day, or is the plant distilled immediately for the best oil production?
Distilling has been refined by Dr. Gary Young.  The correct temperature of the distilling is just as important as all the above.  Did you know that it take 10,000 pounds of Organic Lavender plants to make 5 to 7 liters of pure therapeutic Lavender oil?
>  Once distilled, is the oil sent off to a 3rd party to test for purity?
>  Once the oil has been proven clean, clear and with the highest potential of therapeutic qualities is it then assigned a vat number and the ability to trace the oil back to the original of the oil aka plant

The easiest question to ask is.  Does the oil company you are buying from have their own farm to ensure purity?  If not, then you might as well buy a plug-in for nice smelling air (toxic by the way) or spray some Lysol – very toxic.Thieves Oil LED Skin Care Spa

To help keep the air in your home clean and fresh we suggest diffusing Thieves Essential Oil.  Thieves has an extensive history and the oils in Thieves Oil are on the National Institutes of Heath support the killing of airborne viruses, bacteria and more.  You can learn more here.  

Thieves is a full line of cleaners, mouthwash, toothpaste, foaming hand soap, bar soap, hand purifier, spray, wipes, mints and cough drops.  
Thieves Family of Products LED skin Care SpaThieves abstracts 

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COVID-19 Questionnaire May 12, 2020

Call 911 or go to the emergency if you are you experiencing any of the following:  Severe difficulty breathing (deeply struggling for breath, can only speak in single words), Have severe chest pain, Have a difficult time waking up, Feeling confused or have  a loss of consciousness?

We will have every client read and sign before we perform services on anyone at LED Skin Care Spa.

One Ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of cure >>> Learn more here!

COVID-19 release form

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Corona virus is an airborne virus and highly contagious

We also diffuse Thieves in our facility to clean the air.  Learn more here!

This is an airborne virus and spreads quickly.  Self quarantine will help to stop this spread.
Quick self test:

Take a deep breath and hold your breath for more than 10 seconds. If you complete it
successfully without coughing, without discomfort, stiffness or tightness, etc., it proves there
is no Fibrosis in the lungs, basically indicates no infection – see full story below

Updated CDC info.

Helpful information from Stamford Hospital

From a RN in Cad. And Punta Gorda.  2 keys wash hands often and drink warm water no ice.

How can one know if infected by Corona virus… Quick test..

From member of the Stanford hospital board. This is their feedback for
now on Corona virus: The new Coronavirus may not show sign of
infection for many days. How can one know if he/she is infected? By
the time they have fever and/or cough and go to the hospital, the lung
is usually 50% Fibrosis and it’s too late.

Taiwan experts provide a simple self-check that we can do every morning.
Take a deep breath and hold your breath for more than 10 seconds. If you complete it
successfully without coughing, without discomfort, stiffness or
tightness, etc., it proves there is no Fibrosis in the lungs,
basically indicates no infection.

In critical time, please self-check
every morning in an environment with clean air. Serious excellent
advice by Japanese doctors treating COVID-19 cases: Everyone should
ensure your mouth & throat are moist, never dry. Take a few sips of
water every 15 minutes at least. Why? Even if the virus gets into your
mouth, drinking water or other liquids will wash them down through
your throat and into the stomach. Once there, your stomach acid will
kill all the virus. If you don’t drink enough water more regularly,
the virus can enRe Corona viruster your windpipe and into the lungs. That’s very
dangerous. Please send and share this with family and friends. Take
care everyone and may the world recover from this Coronavirus soon.
1. If you have a runny nose and sputum, you have a common cold
2. Coronavirus pneumonia is a dry cough with no runny nose.
3. This new virus is not heat-resistant and will be killed by a temperature of just 26/27 degrees. It hates the Sun.
4. If someone sneezes with it, it takes about 10 feet before it drops to the ground and is no longer airborne.
5. If it drops on a metal surface it will live for at least 12 hours – so if you come into
contact with any metal surface – wash your hands as soon as you can with a bacterial soap.
6. On fabric it can survive for 6-12 hours. normal laundry detergent will kill it.
7. Drinking warm water is effective for all viruses. Try not to drink liquids with ice. we add Thieves oil and make a hot tea.
8. Wash your hands frequently as the virus can only live on your hands for 5-10 minutes, but – a lot can happen during that time – you can rub your eyes, pick your nose unwittingly and so on.
9. You should also gargle as a prevention. A simple solution of salt in warm water will suffice.  We use Thieves mouth wash.
10. Can’t emphasis enough – drink plenty of water!

1. It will first infect the throat, so you’ll have a sore throat lasting 3/4 days
2. The virus then blends into a nasal fluid that enters the trachea and then the lungs, causing pneumonia. This takes about 5/6 days further.
3. With the pneumonia comes high fever and difficulty in breathing.
4. The nasal congestion is not like the normal kind. You feel like you’re drowning. It’s imperative you then
seek immediate attention.



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Respiratory Congestion

RC oil by Young LivingRC Essential Oil  is our natural sinus remedy solution for respiratory issues like:  Colds,  Inflamed, Congested Sinuses and Chest,  Snoring, Sleep Apnea, Bronchitis. RC is Great for Snoring and yes even Bone Spurs too!!!!

These 10 Specially blended Therapeutic Grade oils are used to diffuse at home all day and on your night stand and at  work anywhere sick people are roaming around and who won’t stay home!!  You’ll keep everyone else, including yourself protected at home and at work. 

RC Oil and Raven Oils
Oils can be hot on the skin and diluted with Olive Oil (OO) or Coconut Oil (CO) for a milder application.

If an oil has been applied and it is too hot (skin is turning red – everyone’s skin reacts differently) you can use an oil like OO or CO to pull it out of the affected area.  “Oil attracts Oil”.  

Mixing RC and Raven together can enhance the effects you are looking for.  Suggestion.  When starting, start with one oil and then layer the next one 15 minutes later.  Then Repeat until desired affect is achieved.

Oils won’t work like drugs where you take one pill for 12 hours and then take again 12 hours later.  Oils are better controlled as needed  and can be a repeated application until desired affect is achieved. Perfect to prevent an overdosing situation.

Together RC and Raven make some of the toughest oils for combating any respiratory condition; and they are great companion oils.  I also use companion oils :  Immu Power bottom of my feet (sinuses, lung area) Thieves I drink it, diffuse  and apply bottom of my feet (sinuses, lung area).

Great to have in the medicine cabinet to attack  your cold or flu right away when you have been exposed to someone sick.  Even if they say, my ______ is home sick, they could be a carrier and you could catch it what the person at home has.
Reflexology for for adultsIf you cannot digest or apply an oil to the skin, infants are a perfect example, you can apply the oils to the feet and  the corresponding body part.   This practice is called reflexology.

Applying it under your toes to affect  your sinuses) down the middle of your foot (lungs) straight on your chest, neck, behind you ears.

Dr. Young recommends  RC then alternating with Raven and can be applied directly on the chest or on the feet in the lung area.

Gentle Baby Young Living Oils

We have a special line of oils specifically formulated for your baby.  Here is and example of one.

See below some of the locations on your baby’s feet where you can apply the oils.

We suggest you always use a Carrier Oil with infants.  A 10 pound baby compared to a 100 pound person needs about 90% less of the oil.

As your baby gets older and heavier, you see how your baby responds to the oil and increase the amount of oil as needed.

Not all, but some children before the age of 8 has a bad reaction when using peppermint oil.  Use your Reflexology for Babies using oilsminted oils with caution.

And lastly, be sure you use Young Living Oils (YLO) for application.  YLO are always tested for purity and effectiveness and never contain fillers or toxic chemical compounds, like many you purchase in the store.  This why you’ll see a bottle of lavender for $7 at the health food story and our lavender is $30.  the difference is purity.

When you want a Therapeutic affect, you need to use a Therapeutic, Pure Oil.



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Respiratory Congestion

RC oil by Young LivingRC Essential Oil  is your natural sinus remedy solution for respiratory issues like:  Colds,  Inflamed and Congested Sinuses and Chest,  Snoring, Sleep Apnea, Bronchitis,  and yes, Great for Snoring and yes even Bone Spurs too!!!!

These 10 Specially blended “Therapeutic Grade” oils  by Dr. Gary Young are used to diffuse  at home all day and on your night stand and at  work anywhere sick people are roaming and won’t stay home!!  You’ll keep everyone else, including yourself protected.
RC Oil and Raven OilsOils can be hot on the skin.  Dilute with Olive Oil or Coconut Oil.  “Oil attracts oil” out of the application area”  Or mix RC or Raven in Olive Oil and  then apply to the skin.

Together they make some of the toughest oils for combating any respiratory condition; and they are great companion oils. Many people alternate these oils or use them together for flu, colds or pneumonia. I also use companion oils Immu Power bottom of my feet (sinuses, lung area) Thieves,  I drink it, diffuse  and apply bottom of my feet (sinuses, lung area).

Great to have in the medicine cabinet.  Hit your cold or flu right away with oils when you have been exposed to someone sick.  Even if they say, my ______ is home sick, they could

Apply it under  your toes (in reflexology this is your sinuses) down the middle of your foot (lungs) straight on your chest, neck, behind you ears.  Dr. Young recommends  RC then alternating with Raven is another special blend  can be applied directly to the chest.
Reflexology for for adults

Image result for reflexology with Young living oilsGentle Baby Young Living OilsReflexology for Babies using oils






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Thieves History LED Skin Care

History of Thieves…

File:The black death. Watercolour by Monro S. Orr. Wellcome V0017196.jpg

The thieves were actually spice traders and merchants who imported spices, including cinnamon and clove from

When the Black Plague hit, all international shipping and trade was closed down. Unable to do business, these spice traders quickly ran out of money and had to find a way to support themselves.

Since people in the communities were afraid to touch the dead bodies, they decided to loot the homes and bodies of the plaque victims. They would take clothes, jewelry, pots and pans, and then barter or trade them for food and money. They believed they wouldn’t get sick if they rubbed vinegar, oils, and certain spices all over their bodies.
They were able to set up a very lucrative pawn business. Until the King found out…
learn more here.

Diffusion of the oil blend, Thieves, can significantly reduce the number of aerosol-borne bacteria and may have application in treating air for enclosed environments and preventing transmission of aerosol-borne bacterial pathogens  Click here 

Thieves of Vingar – the evolution of medieval medicine
Pub Med > Antimicrobial activity of clove and cinnamon oils
Pub Med > Antimicrobial activity of clove and rosemary
 Journal of Essential Oil Research >  Thieves, a commercial blend of five essential oils
Stuffy, congested noses benefit from this tooLearn more here
Steps for prevention:  wash your hand, sleep, diffuse, drink water, etc. 

Young Living is proud to offer a complete line of home and personal care products infused with the pleasant, spicy aroma of our proprietary Thieves® essential oil blend! This starter kit is ideal for those wishing to replace harmful chemicals in the home with powerful, natural alternatives. Clean the air of harmful particles and more – the whole family can benefit!

Switching to a chemical free home, here’s how. 
Get a Thieves Starter Kit Today – Safe, Non-Toxic options for a clean home. 
for $125 – $203 Value – Order here

And if you choose to do so, you can share you “oily’ journey with others and receive these benefits too.  Or just enjoy the 24% discount.Starter Kit Thieves Aug 2020 Maintain your membership by spending $40 one time each 365 days/calendar year.   

  • You earn free oils over time with your monthly ER order of $100 each month.
  • Earn commissions just by sharing Young Living Oils and Products.
  • Qualify for exclusive Young Living member events around the world.
  • Enjoy the benefits and convenience of Essential Rewards (ER)

It only takes a few steps to complete the enrollment form and create an optional monthly order. Get started today!!!   Order here

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LED Skin Care 2007

Since 2007 we’ve been hearing clients say, “I spend all this money, and I don’t see any changes LED light treatmenthappening in my skin.  What do you do that makes you so different from all the rest?”  

Great question.
First, like you, I am a consumer too.  So I understand your frustration.  Before I got my license as an Aesthetician, I searched for treatments and products to keep my skin clear, smooth, bright and youthful.   And like you, became frustrated.  Facials were great and relaxing but delivered nothing very significant other than relaxation.  Products I had a closet full.

Then a miracle happened!

Dr. Glen CalderheadI met Dr. Glen Calderhead in 2005, a leading researcher in LED treatments for the acne and aging skin.  After 2 years of researching  Dr. Glen’s research on LED light treatments and the FDA approving LED light treatments for  the skin, I opened up the LED Skin Care Spa.  No one knew that much about LED at the time, so yes, what I learned encouraged me enough to step out and bring the technology to “light”.   I finally found something that was supported by science and not hype!

So,  Since 2007 I have been perfecting our services.  Our treatments are different on purpose!  We are not like the Aesthetican, spa, or dermatologist office down the street.  Another why?  Because we treat skin from the “Inside Out and from Head to Toe”.

You won’t read about my treatments and protocols in beauty blogs,  watch on you tubes or read about them in beauty magazines. I test everything personally before I bring it to share with you.
First:  It must be supported by clinical studies, peer reviewed and supported by science and cause NO HARM or TOXICITY.
Second: I use it, experience it, and determine if it’s right for you, my clients.
Once I read, experience and validate the research I bring it on board.  This is so much hype out there that people are now questioning beauty bloggers, social media, and the like.  I get it!!!
Crepey Knees
By the way, you are not just  aging from the chin up, but your whole body is aging.  So, your face is perfect, but what does you skin show from the chin down?  Opps, there is the “tell” to your real age.  What about your neck, decollete, arms, hands!  oh, the hands.  Got any spots on your legs?  Saggy knees caps.  This is what I am refereeing to.  You whole body is aging.  How about your joints, and flexibility?  Flexibility now will be a determining factor of age.  How will you get ahead of this?  Well we have more to share than just facials and LED light treatments to help you fight father time.

At First cause NO Harm!  We believe in that!  Peeling, lasers, burning, sucking, injections, pills, etc. only address “symptoms on the surface” for acne and aging skin.  

Learning that LED can change cells without destroying them and kill acne bacteria without drugs I was intrigued.   And the other secret, you must have enough power, LED lights, proper sequencing and more of the LED lights for them to work.  Dr. Glen says most LED light devices are just toys, he would know.

Since 2007 we have been changing faces without downtime or needed recovery.  The moral of the story is, if you want to see a change in your skin,  you must begin where cells grow.  As you can see from this picture, LED lights penetrate where cells and bacteria can truly be affected.  However, unlike lasers, LED at specific nano meters will not burn or destroy your skin.

LED light penetration

If you are looking for real change, noticeable differences in your acne, or aging skin you are at the right place.

Being a baby boomer, born in 1957, OMGeee!  Heading into my 70’s, I have personally experienced what  LED can do for acne and aging skin a former sun tanner and sun bedder by night – yep!  guilty.

Cells lose their ability to function as they did when they were young.  
>  Lack of water retention
>  Inability to detox and flush the body effectively
>  Accumulation of inflammation aka InflammAging
>  Less elasticity aka saggy, crepey skin and muscles
>  Joint stiffness and pain
>  Recover quickly from activities without stiffness and soreness
>  Brain Fog
>  Spots, age spots
The list goes on and on is different for everyone.
Yes, your whole body is showing signs of aging.  So addressing it from the neck up will fool no one.  We must, all of us, look for things that address hydration, detoxification, eliminate free radical attacks on our cells, stimulate more energy – especially in our heart and brain, find ways to stop excessive weight gain and so much more.  We have the scientifically backed solutions to your questions.

Welcome to our world.  Click and Book here for a consultation on how you can win the war on acne and aging!Acne Back Acne Aging

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LED Glow Facials Plano

Try one of our  Signature Glow Facials for
We’ll have you Glowing in no time!

Why LED, our history and story
Ready to go?  Book your appointment here! 
Frequently Asked Questions

Glow Facial
35 min.
Our Glow Facial, is a great facial if your skin needs to be refreshed and glowing.  This facial is custom blended for your skin concerns and issues and includes a double cleanse, chemical peel that leaves your skin smooth, brighter, and glowing.  Extractions, hydration and spf.  We send you home with a custom DIY  masque.
60 min. Glow Facial all the above and includes a masque with hand/arm massage.

Add a skin tightening TUMMY WRAP  during your facial.

LED Glow Facial  – see one in action here!LED Glow Facial LED Skin Care Spa
60 min. Our LED Glow Facial is our signature and most requested facial.  It includes everything in the 35 min. Glow Facial plus a Clinical Strength LED light treatment of 1500 high powered LED’s to accelerate your skin goals! Great for Acne or Aging skin concerns.  Then send you home with a custom DIY masque.
90 min. LED Glow Facial includes everything in our 60 min. LED Glow Facial and includes a masque with hand/arm massage, hydration and spf.

LED Glow and lift facial LED skin Care SpaLED Glow and Lift 
75 min. Our LED Glow and Lift includes everything in the 60 min. LED Glow Facial with a Microcurrent treatment.  Microcurrent exercises and lifts the facial skin supporting muscles.
125 min. LED Glow and Lift includes everything in our 90 min. LED Glow Facial.
* Side note.  May we suggest you begin with the 60 min. or 90 min. LED Glow Facial so you can experience what LED does for the skin and muscles of the face.  But we don’t want to discourage your either on the LED Glow and Lift.

Ready to go?  Book your appointment here! 
Frequently Asked Questions
Tummy Wrap
Add a Wrap 
Your Wrap is “site specific” and continues to work for 3 days.  We can wrap your stomach, arms, thighs,  inner things, fatty back, etc.  Shrink, tighten and tone during your treatment.  The more water you drink, the better your results.

Back FacialBack Facial for Men
60 min.  aka Backcial includes a custom double cleanse, chemical peel, extractions, masque, massage and hydration.

Back Facial and LED 
60 min.  This is our most requested Back Facial same as the back facial plus an  LED light treatment and a custom DIY at home masque.
90 min.  Same as above and Includes a custom masque, massage and hydration.

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Dolphin Whale Rescue

The mission of the Dolphin Project is to end dolphin exploitation and slaughter, as dolphins are routinely captured, harassed, slaughtered and sold into captivity around the world – all in the name of profit.
The Dolphin Project works not only to halt these slaughters but also to rehabilitate captive dolphins, investigate and advocate for economic alternatives to dolphin exploitation and to put a permanent end to dolphin captivity.

Please don’t swim with captive dolphins or attend sea world, your ticket purchases keeps this practice going on around the world.  Help spread the word and let these animals swim free in the sea.

LIKE RicOBarrys Facebook page HERE to build awareness
Please don’t swim with CAPTIVE dolphins

Cove Monitor Program – Rick O’Barry

Every year September 1st – March of the following year, dolphins are brutally hunted for their meat and to be taken and sold to marine parks. The epicenter of the dolphin hunt is in Taiji, Japan. Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project send a team of Cove Monitors to Taiji to monitor and document the hunt and captures of dolphins. Using social media and live streaming, we are able to get the word out to millions of concerned people around the world in realtime.

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Dolphins Help Save The Dolphins

The Summer Olympics 2020 will be held in Japan where Dolphins and Whales are captured and slaughtered.  Rick O’Barry is working to build awareness on this practice and also working to release captive Dolphins and Whales back into the wild.

Can you help build awareness?  By swimming with the Dolphins and going to Dolphin and Whale shows we encourage their capture.

Share with all your friends and family across the world about Rick O’Barry.  The movie the cove is heart breaking and hard to watch I promise it will leave a scar on your heart, but I hope it moves you to share this terrible practice and to help Rick O’Barry with his project.

We CAN help.

Meet Rick O’Barry – remember Flipper?  

Rick O’Barry is trying to rescue captive Dolphins

Dolphin Rescue

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Glow Facial LED Skin Care

Glow Facial LED Skin Care
Glow Facial LED Skin Care

Choose from a 35 minute Glow Facial or a 60 minute Glow Facial

Your 35 minute Glow Facial is custom blended for you skin’s needs and your skin goals and includes a double cleanse, chemical peel, extractions, hydration and spf.  You are sent home with a DIY masque.   This is a great facial for those on the run, but know they need a good monthly deep cleanse. 

Your 60 minute Glow Facial includes everything thing above plus a custom blended masque, hand and arm massage, hydration and spf.

Our Signature LED Glow Facial is our most popular and requested facial.  Why?  because this facial changes the skin from the “Inside Out” with clinical strength LED lights that target acne, acne scars, thinning, aging skin, wrinkles, age spots, turkey neck, and crepey-wrinkled decollete’s.  This facial offers so much more than quarterly injections which only address aging skin issues from the chin up.   Imagine a face changing experience you will see, feel and others will notice after your 1st facial.  LED Skin Care Spa is not your ordinary spa experience – we promise!

You also might want to add a skin tightening TUMMY WRAP during your facial.  Be sure to ask us about this during your consultation.

Having great skin begins from within and your daily contribution of Hydration, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Rest, Home Care can and will delay your aging process.

Think of your body like a brick wall.  Mortar is the glue that holds you together Hyaluronic Acid(HA) and the brick is your Collagen (your tissues).  The 1st thing to break down is HA or the mortar.  Father time is kicking in.

Sadly, by the age of 5 and 25 you begin to age.  Yep, age.   Why? because you lose both HA and Collagen over time, beginning with (HA) around the age of 5 you begin to “dry up”.  And Collagen which gives tissues and organs their hydration, reliance, elasticity and flexibility properties loss begins at 20 and you stop producing collagen all together by 25!  In addition, HA plays a huge role in our ability to stay hydrated too.  The HA molecule holds 1000’s times its weight in water.  Losing HA inhibits your body’s ability to hold moisture – no matter how much water you drink you just can’t remain hydrated.

So are you hydrated or dehydrated?  Look at your skin.  Skin it’s the largest organ of the body and a true reflection of Liquid Collagen BioCell Collagneyour inner health.  Is your skin crepey, dehydrated, spotted, dull?  You very well could be dehydrated.  Did you know you lose 1 liter of water at night as you sleep (sweating) and more water during the day.  If this water is not replenished, you continue to add to your dehydration issues. If you suffer from Brain Fog, Constipation, and Stiff joints you very well could be dehydrated.

So, begin by drinking water.  A 100lb person drinks 50 ounces daily (1/2 your body weight in ounces daily).  Cell Hydration, Body Elimination, and Digestion,  are all apart of being and staying healthy.  All your cells rely on water.  For instance.
Brain – 80% water
Muscles – 75% water
Blood – 90% water
Skin – 70% water
Can you imagine is these organs lost their ability to hold water and stay hydrated?
Brain Fog
Muscle Cramps
Thick Blood
Crepey Skin
So drink more water.

After drinking more water, consider restoring and rebuilding your collagen and HA levels.  New Science proves we can restore our collagen and HA with a drink that has 37 clinical studies and multiple patents.  Learn more here!

Order here! Under Collagen Sciences.
Life  – for flexibility and great skin
Sport  – for sports recovery and great skin
Skin – for great skin, hair and nails
Pure – The Matrix in the pure form – got sugar issues?  We recommend Pure

Want more information book a consultation at LED Skin Care today!

Yes, LED Skin Care can help you restore your youthful appearance, energy and flexibility!  Say good-bye to wrinkles, lack of muscle and skin tone, muscle soreness, stiff joints, slow healing wounds, and fatigue!  Welcome to the LED Skin Care Spa where we deliver real results from the “Inside Out”.

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FAQ of LED Skin Care Spa

Frequently asked questions

1.  Will I be red and irritated tonight or tomorrow after my facial? – No
2.  Will I peel? – No, you might flake but NOT PEEL.
3.  Can I wear makeup after my facial? – Yes
4.  Can I go in the sun?  Yes and No
Yes, As with everyday activities  your should wear sunscreen and apply it every 2 hours.
No Beaches, Tanning Beds, Sun Tanning – your face just had a peel – be sensible.
5.  What acids are used? Glycolic, Salicylic, Lactic and TCA
6.  How long is the treatment? – allow 60, 75, 90, 125 minutes
7.  Where are you? – We’re located at
2304 Midway Rd.  Plano, Tx 75093 – 972-378-0291
(Midway and Plano Parkway – across from Prestonwood Baptist church’s soccer fields)
8.  How often can I do LED light treatments?  Every 48 to 72 hours
9.  Do I have to continue to have great results? Yes
Acne and Aging are coming, we’ll help you stay ahead of both.  We’ll explain more during your consultation.
10.  For greater results drink water – skin cells are 70% water. ”
Drink 1/2 your body wt. in ounces daily = 100lbs, drink 50 ounces daily
11.  Sleep, skin loves a good nights rest – or Experience our SoQi Massage – 1 hour = 8 hour power nap. 

Our “Inside Out”  philosophy offers “Progressive not Aggressive” treatments that deliver immediate results that are time tested and science based for healthy, glowing skin.  Don’t waste one more minute searching for that “face changing” facial.  You have found your new home!

Your search for  pimple free, healthy, hydrated glowing skin can begin today.  Come Glow with us.  Don’t delay, Book  with us today!

LED Skin Care Spa looks at and treats skin differently than the rest.  As an aging Baby Boomer – born inVicki Knutson Esthetician 1957, I understand youngand aging skin.  Aging skin gets thinner, more sensitive and less hydrated with age.  Aging skin does not heal like a 20 or 30 year olds skin does.  So choosing your anti-aging solution is more about how you heal and your overall health.  All this is taken into consideration when placing you on your new skin regimen.

Rebuilding the skin from within is what will change your skin.  Constant peeling, sucking, high heat and aggressive home care only contributes to your all ready aging skin issues.  Marketing plays a big part in how you choose, and most of it IS hype.

We’re born as grapes and end up looking like raisins.  What is your skin telling you?  

Yes, we are so much more than just a skin care spa – enjoy the journey

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True Science Skin Care by Life Vantage

True Science Skin Care by Life Vantage

Frequently Asked Questions  –  Skin Day 1 to Day 7True Science Beauty system

What makes our True Science Beauty System different?
+ Tests were conducted on the combination of all our ingredients
+ Proven scientifically to stop free radicals from attacking our collagen and elastin
+ Protects cells with NrF2 activation
+ Affordable skin care that delivers real results!

Learn more here!

Order yours here today!

Many competitor’s clinical studies are conducted on individual ingredients in their product. Our TS Skin Step 1 Eye Serumclinical study was conducted on our finished product, the combination of all ingredients.

Like the little Yellow Pill, True Science Skin Care contains the same combination of herbs as the little yellow pill, Nrf2 ingredients, to activate skin cells in reducing Free Radical Damage to the skin, ultimately protecting the skin from aging, plus the combination of milk thistle, Bacopa, turmeric, green tea and piperine for more enhanced hydration and environmental pollution protection.

The True Science Beauty System is a scientifically proven skin care system that “changes your skin” from the “Inside Out” while protecting it from outside in, Free Radical Damage from environmental pollution.

Observe our clinical studies over 56 days below.  NrF2 activation applied topically protects skin from:
+ UV damage – NrF2 protection at work topically
+ Stops AGE’s aka – Advanced glycation end products
+ Protects from environmental pollution

As your cells stop breaking down from Free Radical Damage aka Free Radical attack, your skin, and not just your face, but your full body, has a fighting chance to maintain its youthful integrity.

By stopping Free Radicals from attacking cells of the body and the skin, by the way – skin IS the largest organ and a true reflection of your inner health, you not only look youthful but your feel youthful too.

TS Skin Step 3 Anti Aging CreamBe sure to add the Little Yellow Pill daily, for your overall heath too.  

For a full understanding of NrF2 activation and the Little Yellow Pill, Click Here

NrF2 activation protects the skin (your cells) from the “inside out” keeping them healthy, youthful and replaceable to maintain health and a younger looking you!


Take the 90 day challenge, Look at what the little yellow pill did for one brother.
Yep they make this for animals too!  Get your fur baby on it today – Order here!
Dogs Aging
DOGS can’t lie!
Little yellow pill extends Life!

The True Skin Beauty System , plus the enhanced benefits of the Little Yellow Pill, deliver real results from the “Inside Out”.  What will your friends and family say the next time they see you?

I’d love to meet you in person.  If you have more questions and need answers, book a consultation with me.
Book Here Today!


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Aging Skin

Nourishing, hydrating and rebuilding your skin from the “Inside Out” will deliver outstanding real results  for beautiful, healthy glowing skin. Look at your skin, what is your skin telling you? Got brain fog, stiffness, constipation, digestion and energy issues?  You’re skin is screaming with information.   Book a consultation ASAP here to get onto the road of  a graceful, healthy aging journey.  Cause what you are doing is not working – just look at your knees, back of your hands, your arms, got turkey neck?  You skin is telling you a story.  Are you listening?

From this photo you can see the upper layers of the skin pulling away from the lower part, the dermis.  The dermis houses collagen, elastin, blood flow, hydration, etc. and influences the way your skin looks and feels.

When your top layer pulls away from your dermis, less oxygen, blood flow, and hydration occur.  Keeping these layers intact is so important to retain healthy, vibrant glowing skin as you age.

If you are always exfoliating, peeling,  and SUCKING your skin (I so hate sucking the skin – stop it ASAP!) you never give your skin to opportunity to rebuild.  Remember, aging skin is already thinning and is losing vital “skin nutrients” as you age.  You must, must build your skin from the “Inside Out” as you age.

Sadly, even drinking water is not enough to remain hydrated. From the age of 5 you lose your ability to hold water or remain hydrated because you are losing a very important molecule called Hyaluronic Acid (HA).

Injecting used to be the only way to get HA into the skin, joints and eye balls.  Now, NEW RESEARCH shows we CAN absorb it.  Yes, the science is supported by 37 clinical human studies and holds 7 U.S. and International patents!  Book a Consultation to learn more about this new research.

Or you can continue to inject your face with fillers every 3 or 4 months, and yes your face looks great, but who are you really fooling.  From the neck down it the real story.  You’re not fooling anyone.

Grapes and RaisinsYou are born looking like a grape, but end up looking like a raisin as you age, skin is a true reflection of your inner hydration and health.

Because skin is your largest organ and is a true reflection of your “Inner Health” it’s important to understand the basics of maintaining your health, flexibility and cognitive function.  Yes, we are a different kind of spa, on purposeWe are science based, and are not distracted by hype, marketing or the latest fads.  We do our research.  Just ask my vendors, I don’t jump on anything until I research it and test it first.

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LED Glow Facial LED Skin Care Plano

Red LED light treatmentThis facial has changed my skin for the better!  I come for single LED light treatments in between my monthly facial too.    A great facial and affordable LED treatments.   I drive over an hour for my treatments, it’s so worth to me!  Alicia B – Keller, Tx

LED Glow Facial   is our most popular facial and includes our signature Glow Facial with an LED light treatment.  See one in action here! Excellent for acne and aging skin on the face, neck,  and yes your back too.  Each LED treatment exposes your skin to over 1500 LED lights and are no match for hand held LED’s, flexible LED shields or even LED Masks. If you want a true clinical strength LED treatment, we are your answer, without the expensive price tag.  LED Glow Facials in Plano clear up acne, ignite collagen production and remodel elastin fibers from the “Inside Out”.   Just like working out, we call LED light treatments “Gym for your skin”.  A true skin workout and transformation from the “Inside Out” without drugs, irritation, sensitivity or surgery.  Best Skin Care solution in Plano.

Book Your LED Glow Facial Here today!

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Glow Facial LED Skin Care Plano

Glow Facial LED Skin Care Plano Glow Facial LED Skin Care Plano

“One of the best facials I’ve experienced for getting rid of my spots and dry skin.   My skin has never felt so soft and looked so good after a facial before, I am hooked!”  Peter A – Allen, Tx


Glow Facial is an excellent start for skin that looks and feels dry, dull, lifeless and is losing the battle on acne, blackheads and aging skin.  Glow facials leave your skin visibility  smooth, soft & touchable.  Truly a facial like none you’ve experienced.  Skin thins as you age.  Continual use of drugs for clear skin causes other long term side effects. Excessive heat, peeling & sucking the skin add to already thinning, fragile, aging, irritated, inflamed skin issues.  Step into the 21st century with our Glow Facials in Plano.  We promise, you’ll be back again and again.

Book Your  Glow Facial Here today!

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Diseases of Oxidative Stress

Disease associated with Oxidative Stress to name a few….Oxidative Stress linked to 200 diseases
Metabolic Disorders
Genetic Disorders
Genito Urinary System And Sex Hormones
Infectious Disease
Musculoskeletal Disorders                                                           Order Little Yellow Pill Here!
Multiple Sclerosis
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)Apple Oxidative Stress
Diabetic Nephropathy
Type 2 Diabetes
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Diabetic Complications
Friedreich Ataxia
Parkinson’s Disease
Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
Systemic Sclerosis (Scleroderma)
Type 1 Diabetes (Juvenile Diabetes
Age Related Macular Degeneration
AIDS                                                                                                     Start today with the little yellow pill
Alport SyndromeDisease from Oxidative Stress
Alzheimer’s Disease
Aspiration Pneumonitis
Asthma, Atherosclerosis
Brain Ischemia
Breast Cancer
Cardiovascular Disease
Cerebral Vasospasm
Chagas Disease (American Trypanosomiasis)
Chronic Kidney Disease (Chronic Renal Failure)
Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS)                                    What’s in the little yellow pill?
Huntington Disease                                                                         Meet the formulator of the little yellow pill
Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis                                                                            Dr. Joe McCord
Idiopathic Pulmonary Hypertension18'xs more potent than single herbs
Ischemia Reperfusion Injury

PubMed on the Little Yellow Pill>>>>>>>>>

Ischemic Stroke
Metastatic Breast Cancer
Metastatic Melanoma
Mitochondrial Diseases
Neuro Muscular Disorders
Neurodegenerative Diseases
Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Ovarian Cancer
Plaque Psoriasis (Psoriasis Vulgaris)
Polycystic Kidney Disease
Post-Myocardial Infarction
Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS)                             Little Yellow Pill – Get yours today
Prostate Cancer
Pulmonary Hypertension
Radiation Toxicity (Radiation Sickness
Acute Radiation Syndrome)
Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS)
Retinal Degeneration
Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
and Ulcerative Colitis
to name a few…..

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We cannot claim to diagnose, cure, treat any illnesses or diseases for this is not a pharmaceutical drug. 

2 weeks later3 months NO Seizures..

Autism, ADD, ADHD and Brain Mapping



Autism and Eczema

Mackenzie has Hydroencephaly, a severe congenital condition in which the brain’s cerebral hemispheres are absent and replaced by sacs filled with cerebrospinal fluid (significant parts of her brain are missing).

Stroke  This is Dr. Helen Fu’s Nrf2 success story about her own father.?‍⚕️ Dr. Fu is a Doctor of Holistic Health, Certified Natural Health Practitioner, ​Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Homeopathic Practitioner, and Chinese Herbalist.

Dr. Helen Fu: My 90-year-old dad had a major stroke 14 months ago. His blood pressure was 240, with three blood clots in the brain, and paralyzed in bed! In 5 1/2 weeks, he made a full recovery and was able to walk again!!! This was my dad 5 months ago during 2016 Chinese New Year:)!

He has been off ALL MEDICATIONS for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, congestive heart failure and Parkinson’s disease for the past 14 months! All he takes is 2 <Little Yellow Nrf2 Pills> per day.

”NRF2 may well become the most extraordinary therapeutic and the most
extraordinary preventative breakthrough in the history of medicine!”
Washington State University

Myasthenia Gravis

Myasthenia Gravis

Myasthenia Gravis


Vascular Disease

advance forward because of the noise

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Acne Treatment Plano

Hannah Acne TreatmentAcne Treatment Plano
This is how Hannah begin her journey at LED Skin Care Spa. Read here story below and see the transformation via our blogs.  

The decision to try LED  Skin Care Spa for my acne changed my life and perspective on having acne. It’s been 3 months since I started doing LED treatments for acne and in that time not only has my skin done a 360 transformation but it strengthened my confidence in myself and what I am capable of. At LED Skin Care Spa I have learned about my skin and how to take care of it. All my life I thought all the topicals, washes and medicine was “taking care” of my skin but it was just damaging it even further.

For more on Hannah’s face changing journey keep reading for more info on acne treatments follow us on Instagram and for our up coming specials view us on facebook
My 10-Year Acne Story   Hannah Glowing

“Well let’s try this topical, that face wash in the morning and that face wash at night, also I’ll prescribe you an antibiotic and it will clear you right up”- every dermatologist

Sound familiar? For the past 10 years, I have heard that sentence over and over again about my acne, with no change in my skin. It’s crazy how one thing can control your entire life, but for my acne was all I could think of. In middle school it was what held me back from raising my hand in class, in High School it was what held me back from talking to the cute boy I looked, in college it was what held me back from speaking up in lecture and in adulthood it was what held me back from chasing my dreams. This all changed when one day I went out on a limb and walked into LED Skin Care Spa in Plano, TX.

That decision to try LED for my acne changed my life and perspective on having acne. It’s been 3 months since I started doing LED treatments and in that time not only has my skin done a 360 transformation but it strengthened my confidence in myself and what I am capable of. At LED Skin Care Spa I have learned about my skin and how to take care of it. All my life I thought all the topicals, washes and medicine was “taking care” of my skin but it was just damaging it even further.

While my face is clear and my confidence is sparked I have realized that my story with acne doesn’t end here. According to PR Newswire, “approximately 80 percent of people are affected by acne between the onset of puberty and 30 years of age.” Why is something that affects so many people not solved by now? And should people feel ashamed about it? Every week I am going to write about my experience with acne and how it has affected different parts of my life but also how LED has changed my skin forever.

I am so thankful for the day I decided to try something new with my skin. Check out below what my skin looked like exactly a week before I walked into the LED Skin Care Spa.

Stay tuned for more about my acne journey!

Hannah S.  November 2018

LED Skin Care Spa Takes people from “Sad to Glad” Teen Acne

Teen Acne

Hannah Sad to Glad

Part 2 – Acne & Patience – 2 Months Later, Hannah’s story 
If you would have told me 13 years ago or even last year that one day my skin would be acne and acne scar free I would have rolled my eyes. At some point in my “acne journey” I decided that I would have to accept that acne was apart of my life.
I’ve talked to so many people who have acne and we always bond over how certain topicals make you extremely itchy, how makeup can just make it look worse and how dermatologists always just say “be patient.” When you have painful acne all over your face throughout high school you try being patient.
Looking back I used to obsess over my skin clearing up. In fact, I would set mental deadlines for myself like “in a month my skin is going to be clear.” The thing I failed to understand is that deadlines don’t help, they just lead to being upset and negative that there are no results. The other thing I wasn’t understanding was that everything I was using (antibiotics, prescribed face washes, topicals, etc.) to “clear” my skin up wasn’t ever going to make an actual difference. Sure the medicine would clear up some of the really bad acne but the scars were still there and eventually, those pimples would come back…….and be even worse. I was actually making my skin angry.
So what did I do? I researched and read forums about other people’s acne experiences and kept seeing LED treatments over and over again. After finding the LED Skin Care Spa and booking a consultation I made a mental note in my head that this might not work but to try anyway. Little did I know it was going to change my skin forever.
When I first started going to the LED Skin Care Spa I was seeing some results but with my history of trying almost EVERYTHING for acne, I didn’t want to give my hopes up that it was actually working. Vicki told me to be patient and this is one of my favorite quotes from her:
“Just like dieting going from a size 16 to a 4 or a 42-inch waist to a 36-inch it does not happen in a day, a week or even a month later — sometimes it takes years to achieve goals. We encourage you to stay the course and you will experience results. We’ve been treating acne since 2007 and the results for our clients have been life changing” – Vicki, LED Skin Care Spa
If you just started getting acne or have been battling with it for years like me just know that there are solutions that will ACTUALLY make a difference from the outside in. I would 100% recommend booking a consultation at the LED Skin Care Spa because you will never have to worry about a dermatologist telling you to “be patient” ever again.  My skin is getting better and better everyday.  Yes, I still get pimples, but they are small and and go away almost overnight now.  If you follow their protocols and “stay ahead” of your acne/pimples, because they are coming,  your skin will change.  

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SoQi Bed Sale

SoQi Bed SaleSoQi Bed with chi machine

See Videos below for more info…
Imagine Getting a full body workout, full body massage, lymphatic drainage, increasing Nitric oxide (NO) and burning 900 calories per hour flat on your back fully clothed (less clothing is better)  and no one has touched you. You receive Full body relaxation every muscle and  nerve is effected and even lowers blood pressure (NO) – naturally while increasing micro circulation too!

Includes SoQi Bed Base, 3 Grande Hot Houses and 1 patented sun ancon Chi Machine. 

The SOQI Bed is a futuristic piece of equipment developed to revitalize and refresh the body. The SOQI Bed incorporates natural therapies and high quality products using a unique “Multiple Energy Approach.” Combined with an ergonomically designed massage table bed and spa music, the SOQI Bed is a state of the art approach to relaxation, rejuvenation and vitality! Treat yourself to this out of this world experience and rediscover complete ecstasy and bliss with the SOQI Bed!


Motion Energy – Proper circulation is vital for any living creature to thrive. Motion energy stems off of the concept of full body oxygenation. That is, delivering oxygen to all parts of the body internally so that every cell is functioning at optimal levels. Full body oxygenation can be achieved through cardiovascular exercise as well as our revolutionary heavily researched Chi Machine…

Thermal Energy – All living creatures in one way or another need the sun’s rays to survive. We use the natural energy from the sun to power our bodies. Our concept of Thermal Energy utilizes a form of infrared known as Far Infrared. NASA utilizes infrared in much of their research. Hospitals use Far Infrared on babies with Jaundice and other skin disorders. Using the sun’s natural rays, far infrared rays, we have developed the SOQI Ceramic Heater…

Music Therapy – Combining relaxing MP3 music with Thermal and Motion energies synergize well together offering you the most relaxing experience of your life!

 Chi Machine – Since 1990, over five million Chi Machines have been sold worldwide. The Chi Machine is a product with over 38 years of extensive research and is designed to oxygenate the body. The Chi Machine has gained a tremendous reputation for its solid construction and outstanding benefits. Unlike many types of medical devices, the Chi Machine is easy to use, providing excellent results without stress or injury to the body.

 SOQI Ceramic Heater – The Ceramic Heater produces its unique effect through radiant FIR heat. Its unique arched design enhances the thermal-effect. Experience complete enjoyment and total relaxation. The Ceramic Heater is easy to use and very comfortable making you feel absolutely wonderful! Why are we hearing so many wonderful and positive things from the many devoted users of the Ceramic Heater? Because the Ceramic Heater really works!


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Ancient Oils of the Bible

The Oils of Ancient Scripture™ set contains 10 oils from the most significant plants, botanicals, materials, and resins in the Bible—from Cypress (Isaiah 44:14) to “the rose of Sharon” (Song of Solomon 2:1). With the refreshing scents of Myrtle and Cedarwood and the rich fragrances of Frankincense and Myrrh, this kit is designed to help you savor and enjoy the beautiful aromas and intriguing histories of these precious, pure essential oils.  You can order your set of the Ancient Oils Of the Bible aka Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture here

The Oils of Ancient Scripture set includes 10 single oils in 5-ml bottles:
Oils of Scripture

  • Aloes (Sacred Sandalwood): Believed to be made from fragrant sandalwood, aloes were a gift Nicodemus brought to Jesus. (John 19:39)
  • Cassia: Cassia was a key ingredient in the incense used in temple worship. (Psalms 45:8)
  • Cedarwood: The “cedars of Lebanon” were acclaimed for their durability and used to build Solomon’s famous temple. (1 Kings 4:33)
  • Cypress: This oil is extracted from the cypress tree, which has wood so durable that the cypress doors of Rome’s St. Peter’s Basilica show no sign of decay even after 1,200 years. (Isaiah 44:14)
  • Frankincense: The Hebrew word for frankincense, levonah, is used in the Bible 22 times, making it one of the most recognized materials in scripture. (Song of Solomon 3:6)
  • Hyssop: Biblical references to this plant indicate it was likely used in practices and rituals intended to purify and cleanse. (Psalms 51:7)
  • Myrrh: One of the key ingredients in Moses’s holy anointing oil, myrrh was highly regarded by Biblical figures such as David and Solomon. (Proverbs 7:17)
  • MyrtleSukkot, commonly translated as Feast of Tabernacles, includes myrtle branches in its ceremony. (Nehemiah 8:15)
  • Onycha: Onycha was an ingredient in the “pure and holy” perfume or incense the Lord commanded Moses to make. (Exodus 30:34)
  • Rose of Sharon (Cistus): This rock rose has a sweet, honey-like scent and may be the flower referred to as the Rose of Sharon. (Song of Solomon 2:1)
    Ancient Oils of the Bible
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Magnum Homer Cheeto Cannoli & Mega

Look we’re all walking, even running again.  We got our life back!  See us all living again.  Thanks for watching and please share with my fellow dog, cat and horse owners.  What we take can help them too.  Watch, try not to cry.  Our Mom’s did.  We’re Free!


How and Why is this happening to our Dogs, Cats and Horses…Learn more here by hearing from our Vet.   Thank you BioCell, we can’t be more grateful.

Yes, you can order it here today!  and be sure to order “LIFE” for you under Collagen Sciences.  If you have questions, please call me at 972-378-0291.  Learn how it helps humans here!

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Amy at LED Skin Care Spa

Amy flys in from West Virginai to get her LED Glow Facial at LED Skin Care Spa! After years of facials and understanding that facials are the key to great skin as we age, she makes a point to book here facial with us each month. LED Skin Care Spa is "Light Years" ahead of the rest!! #facial #planofacial #antiaging

Posted by Vicki Sylvia Knutson on Saturday, May 26, 2018

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LED Glow Facial

See an LED Glow facial in action.  Our LED Glow Facial is the most requested facial on our menu.LED for guys It’s fast, 60 minutes.  Effective, for acne, acne scarring, age spots, wrinkles and the comment after the facial is always, “my face feels so tight”.  Another great side effect.

In addition this facial lasts for weeks.  We have clients from all over the metroplex that drive in and have had others fly in, yep fly in for this facial.  Some are on business, visiting family or friends and they always cut out time to get “their facial”, the LED Glow Facial. Meet Amy, she flys in from West Virginia  once a month for her LED Glow Facial!

This facial includes a custom double cleanse, a “Progressive NOT an Aggressive” chemical peel that is designed for your skin type, needs and concerns.  Extractions, if needed.  Our extraction process is gentle and effective, you don’t and won’t look “beat up” after our facials – another one our our signature processes.   An LED light treatment for your specific needs”
> Acne
> Acne Scarring and Pigmentation
> Age Spots
> Wrinkles and Fine Lines
> Loose, Flaccid skin
> LED is excellent for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  Stimulates serotonin in the brain 🙂 – oh happy day! Bone and Wound healing. To name a few of the many other benefits from an LED light treatment exposure.

This is no need to suck, sand, or heat up the skin (these cause MORE pigmentation issues later).  The skin reacts to protect the DNA of other skin cells when sucked, sanded/sucking and high heat.

So step into the 21st century with us and experience this true “face changing” facial that will have other asking you, what are you doing?  You skin  and YOU, look amazing.  Great skin, great attitude all benefits from our signature LED Glow Facial.

So here is a glimpse of what your can expect in this relaxing, rejuvenating, face changing facial.



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Miracles are Happening

Miracles are happening….to our four legged children..

I wanted to share this on this page because I can’t believe what it has done for Gunner (my moms dog) he was hit by a car last year. They told my parents he would not walk again. Many joint issues. Ext.??
The 1st video is The before. Couldn’t walk. Move his legs. In fact they had to Carry him everywhere. My mom said he would just look at her with a super sad face.
The next video is s couple months on pet BioCell. (collagen) HE IS WALKING!! ??
I will forever be thankful for this. I’m now a firm believer in Pet-BioCell. I will never take my pups off this.
Before….AFTER below

Posted by Sean Dean Scarborough Prater on Thursday, March 29, 2018


30 day later, look who is RUNNING!!!  …Yes he IS wagging his tale and Running!!!!  Click here to cheer! 

Dogie with Auto Immune Disease…getting better!! 

Ollie has been in a wheel chair for 2 years, this is her now after 45 days!!!!

Dogs Love it! >>>  Bacon, bacon I smell bacon, ruff!  

Dogs CAN live pain free!  Without steroids.  Try Liquid BioCell for Pets first, before you put your dogs on organ liquefying autoimmune drugs.  

See what a natural supplement can do (37 clinical studies and 7 patents) can do at changing the way our joints, eyes, muscles, skin and hair age. Pet Bio Cell

Order yours here, under Collagen Sciences
Look for Liquid BioCell Pet
Hear from a Vet

Or call or book on-line for a consultation 972-378-0291
On-line booking here. 

See how 30 days can change a dogs life being on Pet Bio Cell.  Miracles at work each and every day!  Enjoy… I can’t stop crying…
Order Pet Bio Cell Here under Collagen Sciences!

All these dogs not have a LIFE again….and will get better and better over time!  Amen to Pet Bio Cell

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Facial Wrinkles

Facial Wrinkles

LED Skin Care Spa delivers resutls from the “Inside Out” preventative Anti-Aging, Wrinkle Fighting, Spot Fading smoohting and brightening facials like no other.  Why?  First we don’t nickle and dime you or charge a la carte pricing, everything is included.  In addition our facials are comprehensive and include a double cleanse, chemical peel (yes you can put make up after and “Glow” tonight  or tomorrow).  Our peel makes your skin smooth and bright and does not cause reddness, peeling or potential for scarring or hyperpigmentation (more spots).  Yes we include extractions if necessary) moisturizer and spf in our 30 minute facials (for our guys and busy people) and our 60 minute facials inclue a masque and a massage for those who want the ultimate experience and relaxation.

30 minute  Glow Facials
60 minute Glow Facials that include a masque and a massage.  However, we suggest the 30 minute Glow Facial for those who are in a hurry

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Hiring Estheticians

LED Skin Care is Hiring EstheticiansHiring Estheticians

We are looking for recently graduated Estheticians that have a passion for skin and a compassion for people and have an…
> Ability to perform consecutive facials
> Interest in how LED works and a belief that safe, non-invasive skin care IS a priority
> A belief that great skin begins from within and how wellness and hydration contribute to great, glowing skin results
> Be trainable, and open to cutting edge protocols and technology
> A belief that “Home Care” is a contributing factor for great skin
> Interested in being educated on an on-going basis to make good “home care” suggestions for clients – product knowledge and belief that your recommended “home care” is a good option for your client then selling “home care” is helping your client.
> Have and maintain a current Tx Esthetic License and adhere to local and state licensing/certification laws and regulations.
> Must carry personal liability insurance we suggest
> Up to date knowledge and understanding of spa services, product line,  and technology
> Maintain a professional and clean appearance, and work environment
> Part-time to full time opportunities are available
> Be available for Tuesday – Saturday working schedule
> Able to work the front desk, answer the phone, book and check clients in
> Perform a Client In-take form and advise the best solution for their skin needs and goals
> Possess intentions to exceed expectations at every opportunity
> Self motivated and ready to go above and beyond.
Please send resume to or call 214-693-9897 ask for Jay.

When you come for a scheduled interview, come prepared with knowledge of how LED lights treatments work on Acne, Acne Scars, Balding and Anti-Aging.  You can learn everything you need to know for this interview on this web site.  LED Skin Care Spa 

#Estheticians #JobsForEstheticians #LEDSkinCareSpaLookingForEstheticians #HiringEstheticians

Blue LED Light for Acne Treatments

LED light penetration

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Stiff, Stiff Neck, Stiff Body?

Vicki Knutson Esthetician

Clinical Trials and Patent info the videos…enjoy a new you!!

Move, move, move without PAIN anymore!  Do you wake up Stiff with a Stiff Neck?  So did I.  Take it from me.  I was born in 1957, yep a Baby Boomer! 3 years ago I was waking up stiff, hurting, and suffering from TRIGGER THUMB, so painful, and GOUT – Thank you Dad.  Well not any more!  My painful shoulder and hip pain were gone in 6 weeks!  My trigger thumb and gout were gone in 5 months!!!  My crepey skin and age spots from tanning are fading!!! –

Yep I was a tan, tan girl all the time.  You know suntan by day, tanning beds by night – yep, that obsessed with being tan.  My hair only grew so long and then stopped.  So here I am sharing with you a fantastic discovery that could change YOUR LIFE, your parents and grandparents and yes even your friends LIVES too.   I have done a 180 in my health and the visible signs of my aging skin.  I am sleeping better, my stomach is NOT SO SENSITIVE to foods anymore, go figure? and I feel amazing going into the 6th decade of my life.  |

I am an Esthetician, and work with LED light treatments for skin transformation.  I prefer to use natural and safe skin changing options and boy have I found them because I seek them out, lots of phony baloney out there.  And because of this “hype” world we live in I look for the science to back up what I ingest and suggest to my clients, friends and family.

Injections can only erase wrinkles and and plump you up from the chin up and wearing a Turtle Neck with long sleeves in the heat of our Texas summers is not an option.  So, how about we erase and plump you up all over from head to toe without those quarterly injections?  This is what I am talking about and oh, you’re hair if balding or losing it – grows back!!!  And the pain you wake up with daily – gone!  How about scarring issues, got any scars?  Gone too!  Does not matter what type of scar, acne scars – the deep ones, stretch marks, surgery scars and keloids Gone!!!

I would love to share this discovery with you personally.  Come and see us at LED skin Care Spa for a Consultation and discovery session.  Just take a look at the Before and Afters and then more on the science below  – Oh you can book a consultation here or call for a consultation at 972-378-0291. Trigger Thumb

Joints and Snyovial FluidYes, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) CAN get into the joints!  New science, new discovery supported by clinical studies and patents!  Yes, your doctor needs to know about this.  Doctors are not being taught this in their pharmaceutical continuing education (CE) classes that are mandatory to keep their medical license.  Sadly, our doctors don’t get the opportunity to learn about these new natural, safe, no side effect discoveries from the pharmaceutical companies putting on the CE classes.

You can choose to drink your Hyaluronic Acid, like I do, and effect all your joints or you can get injections, one at a time, in the area that is hurting – You have heard of knee injections with HA right?  The relief  is only temporary.  Sounds painful to me.

So here you are.  What have you got to lose?  Maybe a few wrinkles and gain back your flexibility and wake up refreshed cause you no longer toss and turn trying to get comfortable cause you hurt while you sleep, I know cause that was, WAS me.

Call us!  We want to help you!  Oh and my painful, painful trigger finger is gone!  No injections, no surgery – Just better.  Full mobility, flexibility and best of all I don’t hurt any more!!!  Take a look at the before and afters, another awesome side effect – darn it!  Now I can live with these side effects, how about you?  Then below is a video on the science.  Enjoy the discovery.

THE SCIENCE….What the doctors don’t know. 

Hey Baby Boomers you’ll Love this – How can HA get into the body?  Learn more here!

Yes, feed your body Collagen, no digestion issues with Liquid Collagen Bio Cell

An Extra Treat..If you have dogs with walking problems, tremors, lumps or cloudy eyes….Enjoy..







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45 days later

Posted by Susan Arnsteen on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

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Dogs with arthritis

Posted by Susan Arnsteen on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Click here to see what a difference 45 days can make!!! – Oh yeah!!!

Dogs can live pain free!  Without steroids.  Try Liquid BioCell for Pets first, before you put your dogs on organ liquefying autoimmune drugs.  

See what a natural supplement can do (37 clinical studies and 7 patents) at changing the way our joints, eyes, muscles, skin and hair age. Pet Bio Cell

Order yours here, under Collagen Sciences Under Collagen Use Code J250050 to get $10 off for Liquid BioCell Pet
Hear from a Vet

Or call or book on-line for a consultation 972-378-0291
On-line booking here. 

And then there is Ollie.  Ollie was a doggie in a wheelchair for two years!!!  See how 30 days can change a dogs life being on Pet Bio Cell.  Miracles at work each and every day!  Enjoy… I can’t stop crying…I am so happy for Ollie.  Order Pet Bio Cell Here under Collagen Sciences!  Ollie has new view on life!




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Who is Dr. Chris Shade?
Why PrimeMybody?
What is CB1 and CB2?
How does hemp feed our Hormone, Immune, and Nervous Systems?
See the Video Below – get your notebook for a great education Hemp Oil aka CBD Oil

Here’s a Find It Fast Index:

2:15 Why is PrimeMyBody the best cannabinoid solution?
3:08 Dr Chris Shade the master mind.
5:46 Phytocannabinoids and you.
6:48 Your Endocannabinoid system.
7:36 Understanding CB1 and CB2
9:54 THC, do you really need it for a beneficial effect?
12:45 Your endocannabinoid tone.
15:04 Gene Transcription Modification
15:20 Stabilization of NeuroInflammation with CBD
17:58 Why the Delivery System matters – the Liposome
20:27 CBD in capsules is 6 to 10% at best
25:16 The role of Endoplasmic Reticulum
27:31 What is NanoEmulsifed Hemp Oil?
30:19 Liposmal Characterization / Importance of Size
32:46 Nano – size and uptake – Why It Matters
38:07 How to Recognize Quality CBD Oil or Hemp Oil
37:55 Review of Competitors “Liposomal CBD”
43:02 Cost vs Bioavailability of CBD in Hemp Oil
44:22 What are the Prime My Body Hemp Oil Ingredients? What and Why?
51:54 What are Phytocannabinoid Diols?
54:45 How much THC is in the PrimeMyBody Hemp Oil?
56:39 PrimeMyBody Hemp Oil Ingredients – The highest quality
1:00:42 Why is the PrimeMyBody Hemp Oil better than the Quicksilver Hemp Oil?

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Hemp Oil aka CBD oil

In the video below Dr. Chris Shade addresses PrimeMyBody affiliates and shares the some chemistry of his ‘new’ Hemp Oil designed exclusively for PrimeMyBody.

Who is Dr. Chris Shade
Why Prime My Body?
What is CB1 and CB2 receptors
What is Hemp Oil and how does it work in the body’s Nervous, Immune and Hormonal systems
for starters…..

Here’s a Find It Fast Index:

2:15 Why are the PrimeMyBody the best cannabinoids anywhere?
3:08 Who is Dr Chris Shade?
5:46 What do phytocannabinoids do?
6:48 What is the Endocannabinoids system?
7:36 What are the dominate cannabinoid receptors? cb1 and cb2
9:54 The myth that THC is required for “activation” of CBD
12:45 What is endocannabinoid tone?
15:04 Gene Transcription Modification
15:20 Stabilization of NeuroInflammation with CBD
17:58 Why the Delivery System matters – the Liposome
20:27 CBD in capsules is 6 to 10% at best
25:16 The role of Endoplasmic Reticulum
27:31 What is NanoEmulsifed Hemp Oil?
30:19 Liposmal Characterization / Importance of Size
32:46 Nano – size and uptake – Why It Matters
38:07 How to Recognize Quality CBD Oil or Hemp Oil
37:55 Review of Competitors “Liposomal CBD”
43:02 Cost vs Bioavailability of CBD in Hemp Oil
44:22 What are the Prime My Body Hemp Oil Ingredients? What and Why?
51:54 What are Phytocannabinoid Diols?
54:45 How much THC is in the PrimeMyBody Hemp Oil?
56:39 PrimeMyBody Hemp Oil Ingredients – The highest quality
1:00:42 Why is the PrimeMyBody Hemp Oil better than the Quicksilver Hemp Oil?

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Klotho on wounds and aging skin

Collagen production slows by 20 and by 30 STOPS!  Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, losing it accelerates all forms of aging. But what if you could stimulate its production again.  Slow  and stop the aging process?   Science is wonderful and brings us amazing discoveries.  Enjoy the scientific of Klotho….

Klotho changing faces of aging

Klotho, Stem Cells and Aging
Since klotho was serendipitously identified in 1997, our understanding of it as an aging suppressor has been continuously growing. Klotho protein has pleiotropic actions on many organs and tissues in mammals. However, very limited and premature data about klotho effects on stem cells are available. A better understanding of the effects of klotho on stem cells not only provides novel insights into the role of stem cells in antiaging processes but could also make a significant contribution to the advancement of regenerative medicine clinical practice.

Kloth how I work on the skin


A Novel Wound Model of Aged Skin
The collagen content of the dermis and the rate of collagen production are both decreased with aging.

Klotho offers so much from the “Inside Out”  

Klotho – Biology

How to Increase Klotho 

Longevity HormoneKlotho aging suppressor


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Leptin Resistance

Why do we get FAT?  It’s those pesky hormones! Hormones have more to do with us getting FAT (storing sugar) than burning it.   Currently 70% of Americans are FAT!  Why are we are we Fat? Inflammation and hormones.  If you can stop inflammation in your body you will begin to burn sugar instead of storing sugar.  Become a sugar burner.  Learn how chronic Inflammation and Leptin are the root cause of your weight gain.

How do you stop inflammation and sugar storing?  “Reboot”.   Sadly our diets today are keeping us inflamed and in a Fat Storing mode.   Imagine each meal or snack you eat stops chronic inflammation and sugar storing (fat accumulation) AND also feeds a malnourished child, we call it, “Buy 1, Nourish 2” it’s our HOPE program (scroll to visiting orphans to learn to more) that feeds malnourished children in the U.S. and abroad as your “Reboot”

By “Rebooting” your body to reduce inflammation and enable it to BURN SUGAR and not store it, you’re on the road to a leaner, sugar burning body.  So how do you “reboot”?  Learn  here>>>>  “Reboot” here!

Free “Bar” tastings – schedule one today!  Book On-Line Here!

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Young Living Oils Plano, Tx

Young Living Oils Plano, Tx

Only Young Living Oils will do at LED Skin Care Spa.  For the purest medicinal, therapeutic essential oils available we recommend Young Living Oils.  Why?  From Seed to Seal Young Living Oils are:
> Germinated from the Seeds of previous YL oil farms – years and years of getting better & stronger seed
> Planted and raised, in  non-chemical, organic farms
> Harvested at the plants highest potential, it’s called “Bricking”
> Resting and Distilling, again, through the years “when’ to distill a plant after harvesting takes years of testing, and knowledge to deliver an oils “highest potential” for therapeutic purposes.
> Proper temperature for distilling a plant – not too hot, not too cold.  This takes years to discover
> Testing an oil for it purity and vibrational energy goes not one test, but 3 which includes 3rd party testing of Young Living’s oils
> Bottling in our food grade warehouses, once approved for bottling, YL’ing oils are bottled
From  Seed to Seal Young Living Oils delivers the highest quality oil for consumers and yes we drink oils that come from lavender, peppermint, lemon, lime, orange, and more because our oils a “food grade” quality and safe for consumption.

* Results vary from person to person

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Wrinkles and collagen

Fast absorbing collagen

Fast absorbing collagen is the next generation advanced skin science to reduce the enzyme that makes your skin age!   Improves your skin’s hydration by adding Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and skin firming collagen.  HA, the water retaining molecule depletes starting age 5 and continues to decline as we age.   Liquid Collagen  has been clinically proven to improve HA by over 6000% in the 1st 28 days from the “Inside Out”, head to toe!  Say good-bye to saggy, crepey, wrinkled skin and age spots too!  Who needs injections? Drink your wrinkles away!

Additional Benefits of Liquid Collagen are:
+ Hair growth
+ Nair growth
+ Improved joint and connective tissue flexibility!
+ Better circulation, and micro circulation
+ Faster recovery from workouts
+ Softer, firmer skin
+ Age Spots fade
+ Reduced wrinkles and deep lines
+ Good bye-Turkey Neck!
+ Decreased skin dryness
+ Improves Scars
and so much more

Imagine a collagen drink that hits the blood stream the minute it’s in your mouth.  Digestable collagen can never reach it’s full potential….Our bio-available collagen, HA and chondroitin sulfate mixture along contains ceramides, vitamin C, bamboo extract, pomegranate, green tea, grapeseed extracts and 14 phytonutrient fruits:  pomegranate, jabuticaba, acai, cranberry, mangosteen, acerola, amla, goji, maqui, strawberry, schisandra, apple, pear and grape.


LED Skin Care Spa Results

Schedule a consultation to learn more.  Schedule it here!

Acne Scars










Even our saggy knees get better!!!    We’re born plump like a grape and end up looking like raisins!  Liquid Collagen BioCell is turning our raisin bodies into grapes again!

Crepey KneesGrapes and Raisins


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Modere Vigor

Modere Vigor

Why we WANT more Vigor – Listen 26 minutes to learn why you want more Vigor!

Anti-Aging that’s been around for over 3000 years – stood the test of time!
> Clean up and Clean out
> Take daily if over 40 years old
> Name the “anti” and it covers it:  anti tumor, anti inflammatory, sedative.
> Thymus Gland Function If you can preserve our T and B cells you have a strong immune system
> Superoxide Dismutase is lost as we age, keep it your immune system is protected and DNA protected!
> 24 with gray hair reversal and helps with balding too!
> Lipofuscin and age spots – reversed!
> Great skin, and strong immune system
> Athletes recover quicker
> Increases libido and fertility  – loaded with zinc
> Adaptogen herb – helps to balance our systems – a “wife enhancer”
>Autoimmune diseases – balances the immune system – restores the chi
> Extracts
> Lecithin – 30% in the brain
> Protect cell membranes for youth
* Results vary from person to person

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Rosacea Roseasha Dr. Ben Johnson

Rosacea Roseasha Dr. Ben Johnson Roseasha

Dr. Ben Johnson with Osmosis sees Rosacea as an internal and digestion issue.   At the LED Skin Care Spa, we see skin as a true reflection of your inner health and agree with Dr. Johnson.  We  address the internal issues of why skin is red, inflamed, broken out, wrinkled, has large pores, age spots and yes engorged capillaries.

LED Skin Care Spa focuses on  inside out solutions with LED light treatments to soothe, calm and clear irritated thinning inflamed skin.  In addition, LED light treatments kill the bacteria accumulating in the pores without harmful drugs or topicals while stimulating collagen and elastin production by waking up sleeping fibroblasts.

Yes, finally a solution for Rosacea!  Understanding it from our view point, it will probably make sense.

 Dr. Ben Johnson with Osmosis  – What is Rosacea?

Order all of our Osmosis products here!

Factors that trigger Rosacea and how to treat it naturally 

Schedule a Free Consultation here on line or call 972-378-0291

* Results vary from person to person

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Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Sebaceous Hyperplasia
Sebaceous Hyperplasia Sebaceous Hyperplasia
Do you or someone you know have it?

What does it look like, do I have it?
It (they) looks like a little donuts on the face and could show up anywhere on the body, especially if you are an oily skin type.  I typically find them on the face:  Forehead, around the eyes and sides of the hair line.
Sweating – your body is hot, the hotter you are, the more shinny (oily) you can be.
Trapped oil in pores – the only place oil can go is around the pore and poof, donuts.
Products – using the wrong products for your “skin type” and concern.
What can your do?
Oily skin types need to use a daily cleanser that is attracted to the oil inside the pores, and  do daily gentle exfoliation that targets only dead (not living) skin cells.

Proper Home Care = over 80% of what your skin looks like is caused by home care.
Facials = Finding a good Esthetical that won’t over process, burn or peel your face.
LED Treatments –  are safe and effective at targeting and drying out pores, killing acne bacteria,  and calming the skin.

   Progressive NOT Aggressive treatments are best.

* Results vary from person to person

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Osmosis Wellness Water Plano, Tx

Osmosis Wellness Water Plano, Tx

“Tune” your body into balance with Osmosis Wellness Water, get yours here at LED Skin Care Spa in Plano, Tx.  Imagine a Water that has been charged with a frequency that resonates with specific cells of the body.  Each cell (organ) of the body has a specific frequency or energy that keeps that organ healthy.  Healthy cells = healthy tissues = healthy organs = Health.  Cells of the body have their own frequency, much like a fingerprint.

Learn from Dr. Ben here…Wellness Water – what is is?

A healthy body has a frequency of around 62-68 MHz.  When the body’s (or an organ (cells)) frequency drops below 62 MHz, cold symptoms begin at around 58 MHz.
57 MHz – Flu symptoms
55 MHz – Candida
52 MHz – Epstein Barr syndrome
42 MHz – Cancer
25 MHz – The process of dying drops and ends at zero.

So you can see, it’s very important to keep the body at healthy frequencies of 62-68 MHz to avoid DIS….ease of the body.  So, we’ve got Wellness Water to keep our frequencies “in tune” and resonating at healthy frequencies specific to the cells of our organs.  Like..
Disruptor – bye, bye pathogens
Hormone Health – libido, hair loss, hormonal deficiencies
Sugar Detox – sugar issues, candida, yeast, blood sugar imbalances, artificial sweeteners
Relax – anxiety, stress,sleep
Inner Harmony  – overall wellness, mental focus
Body Talk – anything emotional related, acne, rosacea, anxiety – Feelings = Emotions = Disease

We even have Water that repels mosquitos
Mosquito deterrent – I bet this is safer than Bug Spray!
Even UV protection
UV neutralizer – great for those who don’t want a tan
UV neutralizer with tan enhancer – imagine getting a tan without damaging your skin!!!

Two ways to get our Wellness Water.
1.  Come to our Shop – LED Skin Care Spa – Plano, Tx
2.  Book a consultation Here > Book Here.
2.  Order Wellness Water on-line here – Wellness Water

“We’re not getting old, but we are drying up”.  Yep, we’re born plumb like a grape and end up as a raisin.  Look at your skin.  Is it wrinkled, spotted,  and crepey.  Are you sinking into your body?  Yes, you can stop this rapid aging fast….Learn more here.     And Here!  Grapes and Raisins The Miracle of Hyaluronic Acid 



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Trim by Modere

Trim by Modere

Trim A must have during and after your weight loss program.  Why?  What happens to your muscles and skin  after a weight loss program?  Or worse yet, a lifetime of “yoyo” dieting?  Your skin is left looking:

Sadly, each diet leaves you with less muscle because as you deplete your nutrients, mainly protein, the body will utilize the protein in your body when you don’t get enough – I call it muscle cannibalization. In addition your skin is left dehydrated, wrinkled and saggy, why?  Because as you age you lose both Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen both very important in maintaining your body’s hydration and body structure.  Think of an old brick wall that begins to crumble and fall – yep!  This is what happens to us as we age.  Skin a perfect reflection of your inner health.  Wrinkled, Saggy, Spotted, yep, your organs are looking the same way – Skin is the largest organ of the body and a mirror image of what is happening inside.

Another way to think of it, you are born plumb and full of water when you are born, and end up looking like a dried up raisin.  Look at your family members, how are they aging?  These are your genetics, and yes this could be you.   Unless, you provide your body with things to counteract the aging and muscle cannibalization process.

Well, our clinical studies, patents and patent pending products are showing the world we have the only proven unique, one of a kind, anti-aging products on the market to date.  Imagine reversing your aging process as you begin to look and feel younger, your muscles getting firmer, seeing your belly shrink, sleeping sounder, waking up refreshed and so much more.  This is what our clinical studies have shown to provide to our aging bodies:
*Plump out wrinkles – without injections
*Grow stunted and thinning hair
*Prevent receding gums
*Fade age spots
*Eliminate wrinkled, crepey skin
*Help in eye dehydration issues
*Feed joints so we don’t lose our synovial fluid
*Promote flexible joints
*Eliminate stiff, achy muscles and bodies
*Maintain our muscle as we diet and age
*Prevent future fat absorption
*Reduce fat cell formation
*Promote a lean and sculpted body
*Grow and heal thin, brittle nails and cuts around the fingers from dry, dry skin
and this is just for starters….

The changes we see in people are so much more, in fact, they would put the pharmaceutical and medical communities on notice. Sadly, in the U.S. because of all the FDA regulations, we can’t tell you what our products have done for so many. However, in Canada and Europe they have to put on the label what a product does.  But that is OK, we know we see it everyday from our own personal transformations.

Yes, you can try them and you can order them right here!

For Weight Loss and more – Trim.  One Tablespoon in the morning
Flexible Joints, Hydrated, Wrinkle Free and Spot Free Skin
Life or
Pure if you have sugar issues like yeast, candida and diabetes

Sport for our Athletes
Skin for even better skin

If you have questions, call me or set up a free consultation at LED Skin Care Spa
Shop 972-378-0291
Cell   214-587-3786

I help soooooo many Grandmas and Grandpas get their lives back.
+ Restful sleep
+Waking up refreshed
+Many get off many of their medications (under their doctors supervision)
+Begin to travel again
and sooooo much more….

I look forward to helping you, your family and especially your Grandmas and Grandpas life the life they worked so hard to enjoy – with you!  Vicki

*Results vary from person to person

LED light treatment





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Esthetician or Dermatologist

Do you need an Esthetician or a Dermatologist?

What is the difference between an Esthetician and a Dermatologist?
Estheticians LED light treatment
+ Consult and evaluate your skin, skin type, home care regimen and possible triggers for your skin concerns.
+ Estheticians educate their clients on skin care needs which do change for a number of reasons.

+ Treat skin diseases and prescribe medications to treat a skin disease.

Acne is one of the main reasons people go to a dermatologist.  Typically acne is treated with topical, oral antibiotics or birth control as a medical solution.  As an Esthetician, I have found that many acne issues can be addressed and possibly eliminated with proper consultation and client compliance, using 21st century philosophies and treatments.

Rosacea is also another reason people go to a dermatologist and it’s treated with topical and oral medications.  As an Esthetician, I have found that many clients don’t respond well to medications.  Medications taken for many years can disrupt your intestinal flora – which is a very, very delicate balance.   Yes, I believe in taking medications to stabilize a situation, however; taking medications for a life time can cause many side effects.  All drugs that are FDA approved and need a physician to prescribe them are toxic and can be lethal.   Understand LD 50 here.

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May Events and Special

Mother’s Day – May Special
LED Glow Facial

Custom Cleanse, Chemical Peel, Extractions,  LED, Moisture & SPF – Reg. $310
Book it here today!  


May 16 – 6:30pm
37 clinical studies, 7 patents.  We’ve discovered the Fountain of Youth.    Living in pain, stiff muscles, achy joints, and hurt all the time?  Wrinkles getting deeper?  Hair getting thinner?  Not any more!

May 16 6:30pm
“Therapeutic” Aromatherapy. 
Non-toxic, pure therapeutic Essential Oils work naturally for better sleep, better demeanor, clearer focus, control over eating, our pets AND our parents.

May 24 – 6:30pm
Join us at our Monthly Non-Surgical Face Lift Class!  FREE unlimited classes to all who purchase their MicroCurrent Device with us!  $25 per class if you already have your own device.  Learn how to use MicroCurrent to restructure, contour and LIFT your FACE  & BODY.  Class size is limited .

May Special
Mother’s Day
LED Glow Facial
Custom Cleanse, Chemical Peel, Extractions,  LED, Moisture & SPF – Reg. $310
Just saying….….. Every day MAY not be good, but there is something good in every day.

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Wrinkles Dry Skin Crepey Knees


We hate Wrinkles, Fat and living in Pain how about you?  If you are fighting to avoid wrinkles, fat accumulation and pain issues then we’ll get along great! Think about it. This pesky trio have the same thing in common, aging!  Most men and women I know really don’t want to deal with them but we’re all forced to as we age – ug, ug, ugly, right?.  Don’t worry,  we’ve got answers backed by science, doctors, surgeons, vets and athletes – see the you tubes below.

So, what’s the answer?….for starters….watch and listen to Connie Chung of ABC news.  The Miracle of Hyaluronic Acid  Want to know more?  keep reading.

In the past we’ve been left up to our own anti-aging solutions to slow these down.  A pill here, a lotion there, quarterly facial injections, and even surgery to reverse the hands of time and even more severe a shoulder, hip or knee replacement – Yep, you are now, bionic – no doubt!  But, what IF you could avoid any and all joint surgeries? Wouldn’t that be a better option?  Step into the 21st century and leave the 20th century options behind, remember cut, burn and poison?  Not anymore!  Welcome to our world of “Inside Out” rejuvenation!

At LED Skin Care Spa we truly are “Light years” ahead of the rest with our best practices and discoveries!Hyaluronidase at work  For starters,  Imagine a product that has 37 Human clinical studies and 7 International and U.S. patents proving we have the best wrinkle, fat and “joint discomfort”eliminating discovery to date.  Well, we do!

So, look at your skin.  Skin is a true reflection of your inner health.  OK, so you’re 30 or less, you’re not worried about what you skin looks like right now.  But you have parents, and if you’re lucky enough to still have your Grandparents, look at their skin, hair, nails and are they limping around? Have trouble standing or getting up and down easily? How about sleeping?  Are they sleeping through the night? When you sleep your body heals.

Know this, they are a reflection of your genetic predisposition.  How many times have you heard, I’m looking like my mother or I’m looking like my father?  Yep, they (you) are going down their same aging road.  Are you OK with that?  Do you want to help them and of course yourself?  If your answer is yes, then continue to read on….

Can’t wait for a consultation?   Order Here Today – under “Collagen Sciences” – 4 options:  Life, Sport, Skin and Pure.  I suggest you begin with Life.  The clinical studies were done on Life over 90 days.  After 90 days if you want to mix it up, give it a go.  I did.  So I take Life in the morning and Skin at night.  More on how to consume and what does what below.

Grapes and RaisinsThis is what is happening as you age, you are dehydrating! But wait, I know, you drink a gallon of water everyday and you ask, how could I be dehydrating? Think of it this way.  You are born as a grape and dehydrate to a raisin as you age. 

Why? Why are you/we dehydrating? Hyaluronic Acid, (HA) is being attacked by that nasty enzyme Hyaluronidase and you have been losing HA since you were 5 years old.

Losing HA means you begin to lose the ability to hold water.  You cells, turning into raisins (my terminology) no longer hold water and no longer have the ability to replicate healthy, hydrated, oxygenated, nourished cells, yes, cells are drying up becoming dehydrated.

How many people young and old say they drink a ton of water but they are always thirsty?  Or do you have friends and relatives tell you they ARE drinking 1/2 their body weight in water daily and yet they still go to the hospital every 3 to 4 for for dehydration issues.  The body IS drying up and losing its ability to hold water.

Since the brain is 85% water, blood is 90% water, muscles 75% water, bones 13% water when you are a healthy, hydrated person what does it mean to be 50% dehydrated.  Well, take a look at the human brain, looks like dehydration to me.  How about you?Human Brain

A healthy hydrated brain is 85 % water, now look at the aging brain. The brain on the right is what an aging brain looks like, it’s an Alzheimers brain.  Sadly, the first red flag is memory loss, dementia, and finally Alzheimers.  Who wants to live and NOT remember anything or anyone? No one, and neither do you.

Take a look at the evidence….the Alzheimers brain is smaller, fissures are larger…hm….kind of looks like a sponge  if you let it “dry out” all shriveled up.  So yes, we begin to “dry up” from the “Inside Out” even though we drink gallons of water a day. Research HA and find out what it does.  I can save you the time, HA holds moisture.  But doctors, not knowing the new science will tell you, you cannot get HA into the body without injections.  By the way, ever had or known someone getting their EYEBALLS or JOINTS injected?  Know what they are injecting?  HA, Hyaluronic Acid.  That is the good relieving news, the bad news, it only lasts about 90 days. So imagine going every 90 days getting your eyeballs or joint injections  – NOPE, not me.  Doctors do not know about this new discovery.  Plus it’s natural so, most are not interested anyway.  Sad, but true.

Well, I am here to tell you our discovery and patents prove that we increase HA in the body by 6000% in the 1st 28 days after consuming LIFE.  All three drinks:  Life, Sport, Skin and Pure contain “The Matrix” of Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and Chondroitin Sulfate.  And the body does take it up and use it.


ClarinolFat, It shows up everywhere as we age.  Neck, Arms, Back, Tummy, Love Handles, Thighs etc. but you lose Fat in the necessary places like your face and eye sockets.  Imagine a discovery that helps to tighten, tone, plump and LIFTS the SKIN!!! while targeting the tummy fat, the dangerous visceral fat that leads to heart disease and diabetes.

Losing fat, collagen and HA as we age causes the skin to sag and sink in.  So we look for a quick fixes like injections like Botox and Facial Fillers.  So many being injecting their face every 3 to 6 months.  Are you really up for that?  People you look great from the chin up, but your neck, arms, legs, and knees all begin to sag, sink and look crepey – how about those spotted old looking hands?  Yep a true “tell” you are aging.  So drink LIFE and plump up your whole body and ORGANS TOO!

What if you could plump, firm, tighten and lose the unwanted fat, the dangerous fat, around yourGrape to Raisin in 90 days tummy, neck, arms and thighs safely and naturally?  Yes, your whole body can benefit, not just your face.

Here is a great example of losing fat, collagen and HA in the face.  And look what he did without injections or fillers in just 90 days!!! AND he looks natural and not all puffed up?  You know everybody is talking how how ridiculous you look behind your back when you over do it.  

How much in facial fillers would you need to look like this guy after 90 days?  But what about the rest of your body?  How’s it looking?  Facial fillers make you look great from the chin up, but from the chin down, oops, your age IS showing.

Targeting the dangerous Visceral fat that predisposes you for diabetes and other health issues can be addressed with Trim, a patent pending Fat Targeting supplement that tastes great!  Feeling good and looking good takes a lifetime of work and expense.  But it’s not too late to begin your anti-aging, fat targeting journey.  You can get started today and  Order Trim Here!  

Injecting your face, knees, getting extreme chemical peels and using harsh topical skin applications contribute to your already aging, thinning skin.  Our 21st century solutions won’t cost you..your vacation dollars or vacation time to recover.  Learn how you can target here  Visceral fat.

Our “Progressive NOT Aggressive” approach to anti-aging is not only more affordable than current “marketed” solutions – yes, we are all being sold on great marketing. Thank you Cindy Crawford for your endeavors but shoppers are getting smart, you’re getting paid a lot of money to promote your product.   Question?  Do you use it? Just asking the question Cindy, do you really “use” what you are promoting?

Schedule a Free Trim Tasting here under Consultations > Reserve Here


Imagine ingesting what your body is losing from the day you are 5 years old. Ingesting this will address your aging skin, thinning hair, brittle nails,  dry eyes, receding  gums and even “joint discomfort”.  The proof is in with our Human clinical studies and patents.   7 patents so far.

Research it for yourself hyaluronic acid (HA).  See how important HA is to your whole body.  It will be an amazing discovery for you.

Think of a brick wall.  Bricks are the collagen and the Mortar is the hyaluronic acid brick wall(HA) in your body.  The next time you see a brick wall crumbling, notice the mortar.  As the mortar is drying up and crumbling, the wall loses what is keeping it “stuck together” the mortar. As the mortar (HA) breaks down the bricks begin to fall to the ground.   Think of it this way, you’re born as a grape and end up as a raisin.  So, “You’re not getting old, you’re just drying up”.

If you want more information on how you can stop and even reverse the hands of time call 972-378-0291 for a Free Consultation.  Learn how you can look great, feel great.


ABC – Connie Chung The Miracle of Hyaluronic Acid

Backed by science Bio Cell Awards
Why do we need Hyaluronic Acid (HA)  Collagen and Chondroitin Sulfate? 
More Science
Goose Bumpy Before and Afters pictures.

What do the doctors say?
Cancer Biology
Orthopedic Surgeons
Natural Paths
Plastic Surgeons

Our Pets, our four legged babies need this too.  Listen to our vets and watch how you can make a difference you your pets life.  From bedridden to running in 30 days!  It will bring tears to your eyes knowing you have give your pet their life back.
For our pets
BioCell for our pets
Pets – Watch how  Liquid BioCell for Pets works in 45 and 30 days!

ORDER HERE – Start with LIFE  for you 1st 90 days and Pet BioCell for Fido.

Clinical Studies were performed with the LIFE drink.
Protocol is to drink 1 tablespoon in the morning and 1 tablespoon in the evening (8 hours apart) this interrupts Hyaluronidase from attacking HA.
1 – Life – Clinical studies and Patents – After 90 days try the others.  This is how I take it, Life in the morning and one of the others in the evening.
2 – Skin
3 – Sport
4 – Pure

Order LIFE  – 2 bottles = 1 case, 1 bottle will last for 2 weeks.
How to take Life
– 1 tablespoon  – 12 hours apart is optimal – blocks Hyaluronidase from breaking down Hyaluronic Acid in your body.

Order Here – under “Collagen Sciences” – there are 4 options:  Life, Skin , Sport, and Pure.  We suggest you begin with Life for the 1st 90 days.

Athletes on Liquid Collagen Bio Cell
Former NFL player

Fat Blocker Trim – Oh yeah!!

Make a list of everyone you know who hates their Wrinkles, Fat and Joint Discomfort!  You have been blessed with an awesome discovery.  Help others like I am helping you. “We” can make a huge difference in our parents and grandparents lives.   Please share this discovery.  Vicki.

Vicki Knutson Licensed Esthetician

Hi there, I am a baby boomer born June 1957, yep I am now a 1/2 a century older.  Haha.  But, I am getting younger and younger everyday.  No more stiffness, achy joints, trigger thumb and gout are are GONE!, age spots are fading, skin is FIRMING up,  my cognitive is ON, I sleep so deep I am dreaming again, I don’t get STREP THROAT 6 times a year any more!!!  crazy, my allergies are better (I now have two dogs and can be around cats without sneezing) I DON’T get sore after a hard work-out (that blows me away) and more.  I am walking and TALKING proof of what I am doing IS reversing my aging process and I can’t wait until you too feel and see the difference in you.  PS:  This also fades and remodels scars and keloids, amazing, truly amazing!!!

I started to notice no more PAIN in my shoulders and hips in 6 weeks, trigger thumb and gout were gone at 5 months, those were the everyday nagging issues. all gone!! Love it.  Now my wrinkles, age spots and sun damaged skin are all tightening up and fading.  I started this journey May 2015 and will never, ever get off this stuff.  3 days without it, Hyaluronidase begins to kick in on my joints I feel stiff and hurting.  So, never will I be off this….and who wants wrinkles?  Not me, for that alone I’ll never get off this.

* Results vary from person to person.  The older and more issues you have the longer it takes for total relief.  Think about it.  If your body has been suffering for 10, 20, 30, 40 years, give it time.  You will, I have seen it, begin to feel soooooo much better in time.
Reserve Your Consultation Here!

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Modere M3

Modere M3

Laura 27 lbsSaralyn 36 lbs











Have you tried the M3 Weight Loss program to lose fat, build muscle and firm your skin?  It’s easy if you like a Mediterranean type diet.  If you can follow 3 easy steps each day you can have great success with our M3 Weight Loss Program.

Begin with the M3 Body System which includes 3 Products.
Burn -1 to 3 capsules in the morning to burn calories, boost metabolism and increase energy.
Sustain – curb you appetite – 100% plant protein
Sync – Soluble, insoluble & prebiotic fiber lessen evening cravings and optimize digestion
Mediterranean type diet…and you are on your way!
add Trim to target “White”fluffy,  jiggly fat white blocking more fat cells from attaching to you!

Earn a $10 credit towards your first purchase
and then
Share the love
see details below.

Enter the code J250050 to receive $10 off your 1st purchase! Cannot be combined with other offers) Live Clean, Burn Fat, Healthy Weight Loss and more!   Order Here!  $10  off code is already embedded.

Learn more here about “Living Clean”.  Home and Personal care – “EWG” and Gray Water certified products.  Good for you and great for our planet!

Our inventor Asma Ishaq – Why Trim works the way it does!

If you love the Mediterranean lifestyle diet then you’ll love our program.  People who follow a Mediterranean type diet lose on average 52% more weight than a standard low-fat diet.  Our M3 weight loss program is not a fad diet, box diet, go to a meeting diet program or a limited list of foods diet.  It is a lifestyle diet based on easy changes that add up and make a difference in your health and weight!

Can you say “3” easy steps?
Commit to losing weight for 3 months
with 3 products and 3rd making a life style change to eat cleaner.
Product Fact Sheet

No cokes
You can even start today by eliminating 3 of these 5 each day:
1. Avoid Sugary drinks, that includes diet drinks too.
2. Avoid white foods:  flour, white rice, sugar dairy.
3. Cut fried foods.
4. Drink water 60 oz of water daily,begin 1st thing in the morning and throughout your day.
5. Walk 7500 steps daily – monitor your activity with a fit bit

Lastly aim to get 6 to 8 hours a sleep each day, as you sleep your body heals and has the ability to adjust to your new lean, trim body.

A 2 year study by The England Journal of Medicine, 2008 studied people on the reduced calorie Mediterranean diet lost on  average 9.7 pounds versus the average 6.3 pounds following a reduced-calorie diet.  On  the M3 diet you can expect to lose 1 to 2 pounds a week depending on the amount of activity and you motivation to stick to a reduced calorie diet.

Consult your physician prior to starting any new exercise or diet program.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

We even offer a Money back guarantee if you do not lose weight!

“Share the love”
We’re Making it simple and economical for you, your family and friends to earn free credits (free products) towards your weight loss and “clean living” goals.
Use the code J250050 (Just click here and I’ll give you $10 off  your 1st product purchase(s)

And then, if you like using our products “Share the Love” with YOUR “code” (your account number)  to family and friends and they will get $10 off their 1st purchase..
…and YOU earn points for more free products!
“Share the Love”, “Live Clean” and get lean on our M3 weight loss program!

*Results vary from person to person

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Modere Trim

Modere TRIM sheds fat and improves muscle tone.

Wt. loss Modere TRIM
Product Fact Sheet

Change your shape and build muscle too by converting white fat into brown fat and inhibit fat absorption to reduce fat cell size and reduce fat cell formation with Modere TRIM!
*  Clinical-strength Clarinol – CLA
*  Liquid Collagen BioCell

Take one tablespoon of Modere Trim each morning and Two ounces of Liquid Collagen Bio Cell for Fat Loss, Wrinkle Free Skin, Healthy Hair, Nails and Joints!  Imagine “toning” up as your body utilizes your fat for energy!
Yes, there are other simple things you can do to expedite your FAT and WEIGHT LOSS program.  Implement 3 simple steps each day and watch your body transform in weeks.  Consider our M3 program too!

Also, can you:
*Drink more water?  help flush out the toxins – get a Brita  or Pure Water filter – off bottled H20.
*Reduce and eventually eliminate Sodas – sugary, diet sodas?
*Attempt to eat more healthy – 80/20 rule.  Good 80% of the time?
*Reduce fried foods?
*Avoid White Foods – Flour, Sugar, Rice?
*Increase your activity – works towards 7500 steps a day?

Don’t wait one more day – enter code J250050 to receive $10 off your 1st purchase of Modere Trim  and Liquid Collagen Bio Cell for healthy skin and joints too!   Get Started today – Order Here! (your discount code is already attached and can not be combined with other offers).

A new lifestyle won’t happen over night for the majority of us, but if we can begin to make simple eating and lifestyle changes, real changes begin to set in over your lifetime.

At LED Skin Care Spa we understand our thoughts control our actions. Does this sound like you? Monday you start your diet and by Wednesday you’re off it?  The reason?  Subconsciously, you have not made that shift in your mind and that is why we/you never make it to Thursday on a “diet”.  We can help with this subconscious change and mind set.

We work with a great mentor and communicator to help you in this “mind set shift”.  “When you change your mind, you can change your life”.  Ellen Chirnoff.  When this shift happens you find yourself automatically eating good, healthy food.  And believe it or not, when you do eat something that you know is junk, you find it just doesn’t taste good and you try to eat it, but you have no appetite for it.  We see it all the time.  It really works.

Changing your thoughts about you, dieting, work, relationships, stress, bad memories, etc. when you can let negative thoughts, things and people go, you begin to change the way you think about “life”.  Amazing things happen to your mind, body and spirit when you think differently.  You begin to experience a positive change and transformation.  So if you find by Wednesday you’re off your diet.  We can help!


Hear from our inventor here! about Modere Trim.  She will tell you why this product is revolutionary in the FAT and WEIGHT loss field.  This program sets us apart for all others out there!  A big issue as we lose weight is our skin tone. Skin elasticity is compromised when we sustain excessive amounts of weight over time.  No promises it will fully tighten your skin, but you will be way better off because our program targets wrinkles, skin elasticity, and lumpy fat (cellulite) too.
Our clinically tested and proven ingredients promote a sculpted lean body.
*Inhibit fat absorption
*Improve muscle tone
*Restore youthful skin – (Liquid Collagen BioCell)
*Promote flexible joints

Order your Modere TRIM on this link and receive $10 off your 1st purchase!

Then “Share the Love” and your results with other who need to lose fat from the middle, thighs, arms, neck, etc. with YOUR coupon code assigned to you after your 1st purchase and your family and friends can receive $10 off their 1st purchase.  Yes, the more You “Share the Love” the more product points your earn for free products!  To learn more call me at 972-378-0291 – Vicki
Wt Loss Pictures Modere

  • Results vary from person to person





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Trigger Thumb Gone!

Trigger Thumb Gone! Vicki Knutson Licensed Esthetician

I am one happy girl, my painful Trigger Thumb is gone!  Hi my name is Vicki Knutson, Esthetician.  I am not sure how it all came about, but slowly but surely my thumb started to ache, and my hand strength slowly diminished, not able to hold a drink or my morning cup of coffee let alone open a jar!!    Then eventually I could not close my fist or grab anything without pain!

The worst effect of this “trigger thumb” was I was in pain all day, every day which was making it harder for me to enjoy doing what I love to do, facials, backcials, LED light therapy, micro current treatments for my clients.  Even trying to go to sleep was hard cause my hand (thumb) hurt all the time.

Trigger ThumbThe pain was so bad and affecting all aspects of my life I looked into shots (and they have no guarantee) to permanently relieve the pain. Then I learned that surgery is another option if the shots did not work and again, no guaranteed the pain would stop – geese.  Time, money, shots and surgeries that might or might not work so I resorted to icing my hand (thumb) whenever I could to address the stiffness and inflammation, but still no relief.  then my hips and shoulders started to ache all the time, I was like, what is going on?

So, I began to do so research, looking for natural solutions for all my aches and pains since shots and surgery offered no guarantee I’d get relief.

It appeared my joints were possibly “drying up”, perhaps they needed some lubrication. So I tried flax seed oil – that stuff is N-A-S-T-Y tasting, yuck!  but to get relief, I’d drank it.  Yes, it helped a little, but not really, I was still in pain and having a hard time getting comfortable to fall asleep.

Well, I am a baby boomer, born in 1957.  So, I am thinking I am getting up there in age so this is what happens.  My family has a history of shoulder issues so I thought I might even have to get rotator cuff surgery that sucks.  Downtime, recovery and would my shoulder ever be the same is what worried me.

If all that wasn’t bad enough those fricking “Hot Flashes” started.  For 1.5 years I tried to fix is myself – not!  I can’t tell you how many fans, PJ changes in the middle of the night and bottles of Bio Freeze I went through before I conceded and went to the doctor.  And I hate, hate being cold.  So, in the middle of the night I’d freeze myself to goose bumps and finally those hot flashes went away and with my heating pad on HIGH trying to warm up I would get to sleep.

So yes, it’s been years of trial and error trying to fix my “stuff” and finally, finally I got relief!  No drugs, No injections and No surgery I am here to tell you I have relief and full range of motion in my hand, I am not stiff anymore when I wake up and my hips and should are better!!!  And the best part, I sleep alllllll thourgh the night, well, I do have a couple of potty breaks, I drink a lot of water.

Grapes and RaisinsIf you are suffering, you need NOT suffer anymore!  The bottom line is “We’re not getting old, we are drying up”.  If you want to know how I got relief, call me at 972-378-0291, my shop LED Skin Care Spa, and I will share with you how I got relief.

We’re born plumb, and full of water.  Our bodies, are like a grapes.    As we age we dehydrate and dry up like a raisin.  If your skin looks Crepey, wrinkly, your hair is thinning and falling out, and you hurt all the time.  Call me, I’ll show you how we’re turning raisins into grapes again.
* Results vary from person to person

Call 972-378-0291 or book a consultation here!

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Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid: History, Chemical Structure, and its Benefits for the Body

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

 Hyaluronic Acid (HA), also known as hyaluronan or hyaluronate, is a carbohydrate, more specifically a mucopolysaccharide occurring naturally throughout the human body. It can be several thousands of sugars (carbohydrates) long. When not bound to other molecules, it binds to water giving it a stiff viscous quality similar to “Jello”. This viscous Gel is one of the most heavily researched substances in medicine today with thousands of trials mostly in the fields of orthopedics and eye surgery. Its function in the body is, amongst other things, to bind water and to lubricate movable parts of the body, such as joints and muscles. Its consistency and tissue-friendliness allows it to be beneficial in skin-care products as an excellent moisturizer. Because HA is one of the most hydrophilic (water-loving) molecules in nature with numerous benefits for the human body it can be described as “nature’s moisturizer”.

Hyaluronic Acid Benefits for the Body?

If we compare the joints of the human body to an automobile engine, the joint fluid in the body mimics the oil in a car engine. At regular intervals we replace the oil in our car engines because the heat and friction breakdowns the oils viscosity. The oil becomes thinner and less able to protect the metal surfaces from excessive wear. Hyaluronic acid benefits our joints in the same way. As we age the viscosity of the joint fluid lessens. HA helps to maintain normal joint cushioning.

What is Hyaluronic Acid’s Chemical Structure?HA Hair

It is naturally produced in the human body and is chemically classified as a Glycosaminoglycan. In the body, hyaluronic acid always presents itself as a large high molecular weight molecule. The molecule is made up of a repetitive sequence of two modified simple sugars, one called glucuronic acid and the other N acetyl glucosamine. These compounds are both negatively charged and when put together, they repel producing an exceptionally long stretched out molecule (high molecular weight). HA molecules that are long and large in size produce a high viscosity (lubrication) effect which resists compression and allows our joints and skin to bear weight.

When was Hyaluronic Acid discovered?

HA was first used commercially in 1942 when Endre Balazs applied for a patent to use it as a substitute for egg white in bakery products. Its discovery was very unique. No other molecule had ever been discovered that has such unique properties to the human body. Balazs went on to become the leading expert on HA, and made the majority of discoveries concerning hyaluronic acid benefits.

Where is Hyaluronic Acid located in the body?

Hyaluronic Acid is found naturally in most every cell in the body and occurs in high concentrations in specific body locations. In each body location, it serves a different function. Unfortunately, HA also has a half-life ( the time it takes for the molecule to get broken down and excreted from the body) of less than 3 days and possibly even as little as one day in the skin. For this reason, it is imperative that the body continually replenish itself with HA. Below are some of the areas in the human body where it is present and critical to anatomical function.

Hyaluronic Acid in Bones and CartilageHA Tendons Cartilage

Hyaluronic Acid is found in all bones and cartilage structures throughout the body.  Both of these structures provide a resilient rigidity to the structure of the human body. HA is especially found in various forms of cartilage but none more than the hyaline cartilage. As you’ve probably guessed it, hyaline is short for hyaluronic acid. Hyaline cartilage covers the ends of the long bones where articulation (bending) occurs and provides a cushioning effect for the bones. The hyaline cartilage has been called the “gristle cartilage” because its resistance to wear and tear. Hyaline cartilage also supports the tip of the nose, connects the ribs to the sternum and forms most of the larynx and supporting cartilage of the trachea and bronchial tubes in the lungs.

Hyaluronic Acid in Synovial fluidHA Joint Synovial Fluid

Our joints (like the elbows and knees) are surrounded by a membrane called the synovial membrane which forms a capsule around the ends of the two articulating bones. This membrane secretes a liquid called the synovial fluid. Synovial fluid is a viscous fluid with the consistency of motor oil. It has many functions, but none more than providing the elastic shock absorbing properties of the joint. Its second most important function in the joint is to carry nutrients to the cartilage and to also remove waste from the joint capsule.

Hyaluronic Acid in Tendons and Ligaments/Connective tissue

Connective tissue is found everywhere in the body. It does much more than connect body parts; it has many forms and functions. Its major functions include binding, support, protection, and insulation. One such example of connective tissue is the cordlike structures that connect muscle to bone (tendons) and bone to bone (ligaments). In all connective tissue there are three structural elements. They are ground substance (hyaluronic acid), stretchy fibers (collagen and elastin) and a fundamental cell type. Whereas all other primary tissues in the body are composed mainly of living cells, connective tissues are composed largely of a nonliving ground substance, the hyaluronic acid, which separates and cushions the living cells of the connective tissue. The separation and cushioning allow the tissue to bear weight, withstand great tension and endure abuse that no other body tissue could. All of this is made possible because of the presence of the HA and its ability to form the gelatinous ground substance fluid.

Hyaluronic Acid in Scalp Tissue and Hair FolliclesHA Hair

Structurally the scalp is identical to the skin tissue located throughout the body except it also contains about 100,000 hair follicles that give rise to hair. Actually the hair and the hair follicle are a derivative of skin tissue. There are two distinctive skin layers, one, the epidermis (outer layer) which gives rise to the protective shield of the body and the other, the dermal layer (deep layer) which makes up the bulk of the skin and is where the hair follicle is located. This dermal layer is composed of connective tissue and the connective tissue, with its gelatinous fluid like characteristics provides support, nourishes and hydrates the deep layers of the scalp. The result is healthy lustrous hair and a moisturized scalp. Again, all of this is made possible because of the presence of HA in the scalp.

Hyaluronic Acid in Lips

The lips are a core of skeletal muscle covered by skin tissue. The dermal layer of the lips is composed primarily of connective tissue and its components hyaluronic acid and collagen that give the structure (shape) and plumpness to the lips. The HA binds to water creating a gelatinous fluid that hydrates the surrounding tissue and keeps the collagen (responsible for keeping the skin tight) nourished and healthy. The result is healthy well hydrated and plump lips that are well protected from the environment.

HA eyesHyaluronic Acid in Eyes

Hyaluronic acid is highly concentrated inside the eyeball. The fluid inside the eye called the vitreous humor is composed almost completely of hyaluronic acid. The HA gives the fluid inside the eye a viscous gel like property. This gel acts as a shock absorber for the eye and also serves to transport nutrients into the eye. HA has been directly injected into the eye during procedures to help maintain the shape of the eye during surgery. It has been said that after the 5th decade of life, our eyes stop producing the much needed hyaluronic acid resulting in various eye needs.


Hyaluronic Acid in Gum TissueHA teeth

The Gums (gingivoe) are composed of dense fibrous connective tissue (ligaments) which secure the teeth to the aveloar bone (jaw bone). Once again, connective tissue is composed of a fibrous tissue surrounded by hyaluronic acid (extra-cellular matrix). Without the presence of HA, the gum tissue becomes unhealthy. If it is present it helps to provide the tensile strength of the ligaments that secure the tooth in place by providing hydration and nourishment. The result is a healthy set of gums.

Skin Cross Section with HASkin

Although Hyaluronic Acid (HA) can be found naturally in most every cell in the body, it is found in the greatest concentrations in the skin tissue. Almost 50% of the bodies HA is found here. It is found in both the deep underlying dermal areas as well as the visible epidermal top layers. Young skin is smooth and elastic and contains large amounts of HA that helps keep the skin stay young and healthy. The HA provides continuous moisture to the skin by binding up to 1000 times its weight in water. With age, the ability of the skin to produce HA decreases.

ECM (ground substance)HA Ground Substance

The extracellular matrix (ECM) is a gelatinous (gel-like) fluid that surrounds almost all living cells and is essential to life. It gives structure and support to the body and without it, we would just be a trillions cells without a shape or function. It is essentially the mortar between the bricks. The skin, bones, cartilage, tendons and ligaments are examples where the ECM is located in the body. The ECM is composed of material (fibrous elements) called elastin and collagen surrounded by a gelatinous substance (Hyaluronic Acid). HA’s roles in the ECM is to help the stretchy fibers in the body from overstretching and drying out by continually bathing them in this nutritious water base gelatinous fluid. It also serves as a wonderful medium through which nutrients and waste are transported to and from the cells of these structures. This fluid would not exist if it was not for the ability of the HA molecule to bind up to 1000 times its weight in water.

Hyaluronic Acid in the skin

The skin is the largest organ in the body comprising about 15% of the body weight. Roughly 50% of the Hyaluronic Acid in our body is found in the skin. HA and Collagen are vital to maintaining the skin’s layers and structure. It is the collagen that gives the skin its firmness but it is the HA that nourishes and hydrates the collagen. Imagine the collagen as the stretchy fibers that restore the skin back to shape when stretched. Collagen is like a rubber band but stretch that rubber band a million times, like what we do with our skin and without any moisture. Eventually that rubber band gets overstretched (saggy) and dried out and will most likely break. This is much the same way the collagen in our skin reacts leaving our skin in need of moisture. Now imagine that same rubber band stretched a million times while under water the whole time. Chances of that rubber band drying out and breaking are minimal. Consider the Hyaluronic Acid as the water that keeps the collagen moist and elastic. Collagen is continuously surrounded and nourished by the gelatinous HA substance. Young skin is smooth and highly elastic because it contains high concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid, which helps skin stay healthy. As we grow older, the body loses its ability to maintain this same concentration in the skin. With decreasing levels of HA in the skin, so goes the ability of the skin to hold water. The result, the skin becomes drier and loses its ability to maintain it’s hydration. Hyaluronic acid acts as a space filler by binding to water and thus keeping the skin wrinkle-free.


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First Impressions

First Impressions

Can we ever get another chance to make a good first and lasting impression? This study shows you could be judged in the “blink of an eye”.   Your facial appearance plays a huge role in how people treat, trust and like you.

Experiments by Willis and Todorov focused on and studied a person’s judgement with just photographs of people they did not know. Within seconds of viewing a person’s face, an opinion was made about the person in the photograph regarding these 5 things.
1. Attractiveness
2. Likeability
3. Competence
4. Trustworthiness
5. Aggressiveness

Yes, you are judged by your first impression.
>Young Vs. Old.
>Pretty Vs. Not Pretty.
>In shape Vs. Out of Shape.
>Smart Vs. Dumb.
>Fashionable Vs. Not-Fashionable.
Sadly we all judge a person on our First Impression of them.

At LED Skin Care Spa, we ARE about making first and lasting great impressions.
>Young or Older.
>Clear Skin or Acneic Skin.
>Full head of Hair Vs. Thinning or Balding Hair.
>Young skin Vs. Aging, Wrinkled Skin.

We only have seconds to make a good first impression.  Unfortunately, the world we live in does make it about our appearance.  From head to toe we all make a quick first and lasting impression of someone.  Because it is so, LED skin Care Spa addresses making a good first impression from the Inside Out, and yes we work on the mind too.  “Change your thoughts and you’ll change your mind”.   Thank you Ellen Simon of Immuadulation for helping us with this.

Let us work with you or your loved one who needs to be transformed.  No need to continue down the road of internal hurt, neglect, or isolation.  We’re all in this world together.  Yes, we can make it a better place for you and all those you encounter in your life’s journey.

LED Skin Care Spa, “Real Results from the Inside Out”.


Let’s put our best face forward so we can leave good lasting impressions.

Would you be brave enough to wear the sweater on the left?  Let us know on our facebook page.  We can’t wait to read your post!  Who can post the ugliest Christmas Sweater on our site.  We might just have a contest in Christmas.  So keep posting those UGGGGLEEEE sweaters.

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LED for Sadness and Depression

Seasonal Affective Disorder and Depression no more at LED Skin Care Spa, Plano Tx.  LED light for acne, balding and skin aging issues also offers a wonderful side effect, happiness!

Yes LED for sadness and depression has been proven it works!  The best part about our protocols for acne, balding and problem skin care issues is that you get that dose of light that helps with you mood.

Enjoy one of many, many articles on LED for sadness and depression!

In addition, we use Therapeutic Grade Essential oils to address many issues.  Essential Oils have been around for centuries.  Sadness and Depression are not new to humans. However, yes, medical intervention can save your life and we encourage our clients for follow their doctors advice.

* Results vary from person to person

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Hyaluronic Acid and Dr. Oz

What do baby’s skin and HA have in common?  Everything. We’re born plump, firm and hydrated because we are full of Hyaluronic Acid.

Why do we hurt, why does our skin look crepey and dry?  We are drying up from the Inside Out.  Find a great source for a bio-available HA and you’ve pretty much master the Aging issue.


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Xenoestrogens are chemicals that mimic estrogen in the body, and are endocrine disruptors that alter the normal functioning of our hormones.  Xenoestrogens mimic our own natural hormones, targeting organs like the breast, uterus, the neurological system, our development and get stored in our fat cells.

Estrogen dominance is a term we’re hearing more and more. Symptoms of estrogen dominance are expressed in issues like miscarriage(s), infertility, endometriosis, early puberty,  breast, prostate, testicular cancers,  and even diabetes!

How can you avoid xenoestrogens when they are everywhere and in everything?  By becoming aware of where they come from is a good start.
* Plastic water bottles
* Tupperware
* Birth Control Pills
* Nail Polish
* Pesticides is the short l

Parabens in skin care and sunscreen  used as a preservative.  Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Butylaparaben, Propylparaben.

Food.  Things to avoid.  Microwaving food in plastic, using and refilling plastic water bottles, plastic wrap, any plastic water bottle that has been in high heat or sun exposure and then using it to freeze liquid for later use.  Red dye No. 3.

There is so much more.  Become informed, educate yourself on the dangers of Xenoestrogens.

What is a Xenoestrogen?



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Natural Masks for Acne

What do Yogurt, Aloe, Coconut Oil, Almond Milk, Honey, Cinnamon, Strawberries and Lime Juice all have in common?  They are great natural acne solutions for your summer time blues acne breakouts.  Yes, summer is harder on acne than winter.  Ever wonder why?  We explain why here.

Here are some soothing, cooling, solutions for summer time acne flare ups.  Many of these ingredients are in your kitchen already.

Here are the “Do it Yourself” recipes all spelled out from other Estheticans.  Enjoy!  LEDskinCarePlano  We hate acne too.



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Acne in the summer….

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.  Ever notice you acne gets worse in the summer months.  Ever wonder why?  Stress, HEAT and Hormones are big triggers.  Of course diet, hydration, sleep and genetics play their role too.  So, What can you do about it?  Young or Older, we all need to do the best to control our stress levels, avoid heat exposure (hot saunas, hot workouts, hot/spicy foods all are triggers), and keep our hormones in check – stress plays a big role on hormones.

Here are some other great tips for Back to School acne control from

Avoid the Back-To-School Acne Flare-Up

Follow these tips and tricks for an acne-free school year:

Avoid a high-carb diet.
This means no white sugar, white potatoes, or white flour. Instead, choose beans and sweet potatoes, and eat tons of fresh fruits and vegetables. Above all else, steer clear of beer!

Get 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep.
Being tired stresses the body, raises your cortisol levels and aggravates acne.

Don’t cram for exams.
Study a little every day to avoid stressing out before your test.

And while you’re studying…
Don’t touch your face. Try putting band-aids on the tips of both index fingers to stop mindless skin picking.

Leave that baseball cap at home.
“Acne mechanica” is acne caused by dirty caps rubbing against sweaty foreheads.

Don’t pick at your acne.
Instead, roll an ice cube over the zit as soon as you notice it. The ice will help bring it to the surface or make it calm down and go away.

But if you must pick, do it the right way.
Make sure the zit is really ready with a white head before attempting to pop it. Read our step-by-step instructions for what we fondly call “Bathroom Surgery.”

Stick to a good skin care routine.
Make sure to pack products with benzoyl peroxide to keep in your gym locker or take to college with you. Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO) is the most effective ingredient for killing acne bacteria on-site, and if you really want to get serious start on our Inflamed/Itchy Acne Kit-to-Clear for a complete, no-brainer home care routine. If you have back acne, also use our specially formulated Clearing Scrub that is strong enough to penetrate the thicker skin of the back and chest, leaving your skin clear from head to to

#clearskin, #teenageAcne #Stress #Heat #HormonesAndAcne


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Do you look like you have a sun burnt face all the time?  Chances are you could be one of over 16 million people in the U.S. who suffer from Rosacea.   If you, or someone you know, is constantly dealing with a red, flushed face, chances are you too could be suffering from Rosacea.  Symptoms appear as:
* Inflamed capillaries 
* Increasing redness of the skin
* Dilated blood vessels leading skin damage
Papules, pustules and nodules

Many believe it’s a mite that lives and then dies on the skin that causes your skin to become red and inflamed.

The medical community states that Rosacea is not curable, however, at LED Skin Care we have been able to help many Rosacea Clients calm and clear their skin with LED light treatments, along with proper home care.

So if you are one of the many who suffer from Rosacea don’t hesitate, call us for a Free Consultation and let’s get you holding your head up high and smiling again!  972-378-0291. 

In the mean time, try and avoid some of the triggers of Rosacea.  Some factors can aggravate rosacea or make it worse by increasing blood flow to the surface of the skin. Below are some of these factors:

  • Hot foods
  • Hot drinks
  • Caffeine
  • Spicy foods
  • Dairy products
  • Extremes of temperature
  • Sunlight
  • Humidity
  • Wind
  • Stress, anxiety, anger, embarrassment
  • Vigorous exercise
  • Hot baths
  • Saunas
  • Corticosteroids
  • Some medications – such as those for treating high blood pressure
  • Acute medical conditions – such as a cold, cough, or fever
  • Some chronic medical conditions – such as hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Alcohol – alcohol does not cause rosacea, but it can be a trigger for people with the condition. Rosacea is not caused by alcohol abuse.
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