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Mansfield, TX

  • Sherry K.
  • Mansfield, TX


I went to the LED skin care center and enjoyed a relaxing, informative session. The heat lamp was incredibly soothing to my tired achy muscles. The facial that I received was one of the best in my life. The very informed lady who owns this business was delightful. She truly has a passion for healing and keeping people from getting sick. I completely enjoyed my session and did not feel pressured in any way to purchase products. I was given the information and could make the appropriate decisions for myself.   I will definitely be back!

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Longview, TX

  • Lisa N.
  • Longview, TX


I loved the Soqi Bed and wraps! I did a 30 minute session and 1 wrap and lost 6 inches! I live out of town but i loved it so much I am adding the Soqi bed to my business in East Texas. I would tell anyone interested to go do a session you will be a believer too!!

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Dallas, TX

  • Tina M.
  • Dallas, TX


My experience was fantastic.  the service i used was the Chi machine and SoQi.  I have chronic back problems and the day after using the machines on me I was able to lift my legs without any pain in my lower back.  Before i would not able to lift my legs high enough to get dressed.  I would have to sit down to do this.  I had so much energy for weeks afterwards, even my family noticed it.  The owner really gives you a wealth of knowledge.  Great experience for me.  Thank you

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Lewisville, TX

  • Stephanie G.
  • Lewisville, TX


Vicki, the owner of the LED Skin Care Center is wonderful.
She is so knowledgeable with all skin care, anti-aging, along with
Health and wellness. She has been so very helpful to me the last few years.
Her prices are quite reasonable compared to most salons and spas in the area.
I can promise that you will receive the best service in town at her salon, and every dollar you spend will be worth it!

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DeSoto, TX

  • Audrey A.
  • DeSoto, TX


I can tell by the comments that are posted here, that these people gave opinions without being fully informed, I know this for a fact because I am alive today as a result of drinking Alkaline Water, I have lost over 140 pounds just drinking the water and was very near death when it was introduced to me 4 years ago.
The Alkaline water has been and is in over 300 Hospitals in JAPAN, with many, many Testimonies on how changing your water will change your life.
In regards to the So q Bed Massage and the Chi machine, I went to Visit this Center yesterday for the first time, and all I can say is OH MY GOD!:) Every Human being needs to have this natural healing machines in their homes, I was involved in a major car accident about 8 years ago, major injuries in Knee, Back and Neck, they wanted to do surgery on me and I refused, and have been seeking and using natural remedies to help myself heal.
This is my experience that I had yesterday, within the first 5-10 minutes laying under the so q bed to get my natural massage on the inside of my cells, with the Chi machine waking up my lymphatic system, for about 1 minute I felt the sharp pain in my areas that I incurred my Injury’s, Knee, Back , and Neck, this scared me because the pain was just like it felt after my accident in all 3 areas, however, within a matter of minutes, I also felt the pain release itself from all areas, that put me into a deep relaxation, then my entire body was tingling all over, for the first time in many years, I felt my blood flowing through my entire body, this is and was such an amazing feeling, it helped me to realize that my cells where really dead, and that this machines bought them back alive again.
I slept all night long in such a deep sleep and awoke this morning feeling very refreshed and pain free.
As for the wraps, they definitely work as well, I will be more than happy to share with anyone my before and after in 6 months.
I highly recommend that everyone go see Vicki at Led Skin Center in Plano and she will provide you with enough education that way you can make a fully informed decision as to what is best for you and your family, I have and I am very , very Thankful to Vicki for making the time to get the Education that she has and is more than willing to share it with others so they can be healthy naturally as well, and live longer lives and look as young as she does when you are old as she is, she is a walking , talking living Testimonies of all of the products she represents, and shares.

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Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • Judy L.
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL


Just got a Microcurrent facial and my face feels great.  It feels lifted and firm an amazing facial.  I also tried their body wrap on my stomach while I was getting my facial and lost 2 inches the first day and I feel smaller too.  I have had body wraps before and never lost that much so fast.  They said it will continue to work if I drink alot of water.  I learned so much about my cellulite – yuck – and why I have it and how to get rid of it!!  I will probably get on their wrap program.  They are so easy and affordable.  Anything to get rid of my cellulite legs!!!

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Frisco, TX

  • Susan T.
  • Frisco, TX


This is a great place.  The owner is extremely knowledgable and knows her stuff!!!  I’ve had several different services and have been very happy every time.  I would highly recommend the place.  Great service too!

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Coppell, TX

  • Frank L.
  • Coppell, TX


Hi, I am In from Florida visiting my family for Thanksgiving and they got me a gift certificate for a massage and a body wrap.  They know I am always stressed and live with arthritis pain and always looking for ways to lose some weight.

I have a alot of arthritis in my back and my knees and I am always looking for pain relief.  They told me about this water.  It’s supposed to help with inflammation and a whole bunch of other things, but it’s my pain I was interested in.  I drank some, did not notice anything -hey it’s just water right?  On no, not just any water.  Within about 10 minutes I was running to the bath room…wow!  Talking about a cleanse – so fast, that was crazy.

I did their little wrap and I mean little, I was thinking to myself it this really gonna work like they said it would?  Skeptical.  I also did their “massage”.  That was different. I was tingly all over – never felt like that before – they said it was oxygen…hmmm?  very different.  I was so relaxed  and warm that I fell asleep with the wrap on, listened to this CD that took me into a very deep sleep, so deep that when my time was up they had to shake me to wake up.  I was very relaxed but it seemed the more I was awake the more awake or alive I felt.  So I left the place and here it is about 5 days later and my pants are loose…

What ever they are doing is working…I was pain free for about two days, slept great the next night, had alot of energy and even better I lost some inches around my stomach over THANKSGIVING go figure?

All I can say is I felt great while visiting my family and I’d recommend them to anyone whose got aches and pains and needs to lose some inches around the middle.  I think I am going to use their wraps on a regular basis which are also supposed to be good for inflammation too  .  I am not sure what worked, maybe all of it together.  All I know I was pain free, felt great and lost some inches.  It was so worth it.  Thanks guys!  I’ll be back when I visit my family.  I wish they had something like this down here in Florida.  Frank

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Dallas, TX

  • Jill F.
  • Dallas, TX


I LOVE this place and always leave feeling uplifted & refreshed!!  From the wonderful aroma that is always present to the various products & services I’ve received, I always learn a new something from Vicki and appreciate all her time and patience she spends addressing my skincare and health needs.

My three top favorite things there are the water, the Led Light Therapy and the oils.  I am a BIG skeptic when it comes to some of this stuff and really need to see it to believe it plus I usually don’t stick to something long enough to get the results.

The water, though, has really changed my life!!!!!  I had major stomach issues for the past few years and would constantly get discomfort and gas pains every couple weeks for no apparent reason.  Tried various things and changed my diet but still didn’t help.  Vicki explained the whole balancing of the acid/alkaline in our systems and that I probably had too much acid in my body which made a lot of sense to me.  I tried the water and after about a month of really sticking to it, my problems went away.  I am regular now (never had been) and just really feel good.  The water she sells is better than Fiji (Higher PH Balance) but most comparable to it so if I do buy bottled now it’s only Fiji.  Have you ever seen the price for Fiji water?  Ouch!  So filling up at her shop for $10 each time is worth every penny for me!!!

The Led therapy totally changed my skin after 5 sessions and I can’t wait to go back for more.  I had adult acne on my forehead for more than 6 months and was very frustrated about it.  When I asked Vicki what could help, she put me under the light and again I was a little skeptical until I saw the proof.  My pimply bumps are gone and a few age spots just peeled right off my cheek… I’m a BIG BELIEVER!!  And if you just see her face, flawless & glowing, you’d be a believer too.  She’s walking proof that this light therapy really works!!  It just takes a little time & doesn’t happen with just one session.

Lastly, I LOVE the oils and have been turned onto them just by visiting the shop & wanting that feel good warm cozy environment at home.  We can’t wait to get into our bedroom at night and just feel the stress melt away.  The smells are wonderful and so relaxing.  There are so many benefits to these essential oils and the more I learn by asking Vicki (So knowledgeable about everything it’s really amazing) and read about them, the more excited about them I get.

Baby steps are key to making new habits & changing skin, health, and stress in our lives and I’m just glad I found Led Skin Care to make things happen for me.  I like the one man show, and the personal attention she gives and I will be a customer for as long as she keeps on going!

Thanks Vicki for all the time & effort you give.  I know you care & it shows!!!!!

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Plano, TX

  • Jay L.
  • Plano, TX


I got a lot more than I expected.  I learned alot and now understand that all wraps are not alike.  I got their wrap and believe it or not I got  a headache the next day.  I was warned about drinking enough water – which I did not, so I guess it was my fault, I was told it’s alot stronger than it looks.  To my amazement  I lost 4 and 1/4 inches off my stomach!  I have done wraps before and have never lost that much.  I measured 3 different times just to make sure.  I took advantage of their wrap program and look forward to more inch loss!

Their Soqi bed/massage is amazing.  I have very bad knees, painful arthritis,  and have a hard time getting up and down after sitting.  After coming out of the Soqi massage – very, very relaxing by the way (I have a very stressful job) I got up and walked to the door and had to stop in my tracks.  I had NO PAIN and got up off the bed without a struggle!!!  I was shocked.  I felt so good later that day and even the next day, slept very soundly  that night- which I needed  and had alot more energy the next day.  I signed up for their Massage program.  I highly recommend the Soqi massage to anyone who has pain or trouble sleeping at night, it’s like it resets your body or something.  Loved it!

I am drinking their water now too.  Since drinking their water I suffer with less headaches.  Found out I have been dehydrated.  Who knew?

I liked the experience so much I bought a gift certificate for one of my friends who is struggling with weight and sleeping issues.
Thank you so much led skin care center I really got alot more out of the experience than I expected

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