Facial Fillers

Why Not Facial Fillers?Hydrated Body

Now that I have your attention, how about an alternative?  How about a filler (that’s not an injection) but benefits your whole body.  In fact, every cell in your body beings to benefit.

A product that has proven clinical trials and patents   It’s safe, effective and highly absorbable and it consists of  Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Chondroitin sulfate.  And yes, it IS absorbed and utilized by the body.  Doctors don’t know about this, so you won’t hear about it from your doctors.

HA is a very important molecule in the body.  Just ask the people who get it injected into their eyes, knees and even their face.  It quickly hydrates and plumps up the again injected.  However, months later you have to go back and get the injections again.

So, is your body sending you RED FLAGS or SOS messages?  “Help me”! If so, consider giving your cells what they need to plump up again.    Just look at what it can do for our 4 legged fur babies.  Now imagine how it could impact you!  Life for You!  Liquid Pet Bio Cells for fur babies.  

Because we  lose HA and Collagen as we age. HA – age 5 and Collagen – age 25 people look for alternatives to replace them, to remain youthful looking.  Look at your skin, hair and nails.  If you are wrinkled and crinkly, have dry, brittle hair and nails, and live with joint discomfort daily, you are “drying up”.  Your body is asking for help.  Realize that all your organs are doing the same thing too, shrinking and working less efficiently as you begin to lose HA and Collagen.  Consider this:Human Brain

* Blood is over 90% water
* Muscles 75% water
* Bones 22% water
* Brain 75% water

* Skin 64% and Kidneys 79% water
* Discs in your spine/back 80% water
* Joints need to be hydrated to function

As you can see from the 2 brains that are side by side, the one on the right is smaller and the fissures are much larger too.  To me it appears that the brain on the right is dehydrating and drying up.  See how much smaller it is?  Kind of reminds me of a dried up sponge.

Do you get my point?  So if your face and skin are dehydrated (wrinkling up), and skin being the largest organ of the body, does it not make sense that you could be drying up from the inside out?  So what good is injecting your face to look young when the rest of your body is drying up,  malfunctioning and looking old?  To us, it only makes sense to hydrate from the “Inside Out”.  Hydrated cells make hydrated organs that make up a hydrated body, including your FACE, SKIN, HAIR, NAILS and JOINTS!

Many of my clients say they are running to the hospital every 3 to 4 months for dehydration issues, and they drink, drink, and drink water, but they are not able to hold the moisture.   That is a sign HA, (our water holding molecule) is no longer working optimally for you.

The great news is, when people being drinking this scientifically proven drink they no longer complain of hospital visits.  Wow, that was an eye opener for me.  Plus their skin, hair, nails and joints look and feel amazing.   Got Turkey Neck?

We’ll start with that “Turkey Neck look.  This is what happened in 30 days. Results continue to get better and better, without surgery by just drinking LIFE!

Because “Skin” is the largest organ of the body, it’s a very good reflection on the organs of the inner body.  If you are suffering from brain fog, flexibility issues, muscle cramping, thick blood, a weak immune system, back issues to name a few,  perhaps the cells that make up those organs are drying up too.  Think about it, it makes you go hmmm.

As you can see from the 2 brains below side by side, the one on the left is smaller and the fissures are much larger too.  To me it appears that the brain on the left is dehydrating and drying up.  See how much smaller it is.  Kind of reminds you of a sponge that has not been used in a couple of days.

As you can see from the 2 brains below side by side, the one on the left is smaller and the fissures are much larger too.  To me it appears that the brain on the left is dehydrating and drying up.  See how much smaller it is.  Kind of reminds you of a sponge that has not been used in a couple of days.  As  we age we lose the ability to hold water (moisture) because we are losing hyaluronic-acid (HA).  Hylauronic-acid holds 1000’xs it’s weight in water.  You can drink water all day long, but if you’ve lost the ability to hold and maintain your water intake, and many still end up dehydrated by the end of the day.

So as your body loses its ability to hold moisture, you dry up from the inside out. Ever wonder why you can’t remember things, suffer agonizing headaches, joint pain, chronic back aches,  and your skin is crepey and losing its firmness?   It’s because you are losing HA, Collagen and  Chondroitin sulfate.  So, is your brain shrinking from dehydration too?  Take a look at this brain picture, scary.

 Why Liquid Collagen BioCell?

Well, I am so thankful we live in this century.  Anti-aging solutions are popping up everywhere, however, are they scientifically sound?  Not only is there science and patents to validate what I am telling you, but doctors are telling you WHY you should be on Liquid Bio-Cell. This Award-Winning Joint and Mobility Breakthrough is what everyone is talking about!  Awarded the “Most Innovative Dietary Supplement” by Nutraceutical Business and Technology.NBC GMA Fox News

Are you one of the 40 million people who suffers from joint or mobility issues? Tens of thousands of men and women, young and old, have had their lives changed thanks to the clinically validated, super-nutraceutical…Liquid BioCell™. So remarkable, it has been awarded 7 US and international patents. So unique, it has received multiple industry awards including “Best Bone and Joint Health Ingredient”, “Most Innovative Dietary Ingredient”, and it’s been featured on NBC, Good Morning America, and Fox News.

Liquid Bio-Cell comes in several forms:
Real Million Dollar Baby
Willie Harper
*Pure – good for people with blood sugar issues
*Pets – Dogs and Cats
*Horses – got a race horse?

Take our 90 challenge.  See and Feel the difference in 3 short months!  No pills, no injections, no braces! YOU just better in 90 short days!  Imagine the possibilities.  Tennis anyone?  Got four-legged children? We have something for them too!

How To Order

If you want to order you can call me  972-378-0291 and I can take your info, or you can call the company directly and order it. 888-862-3968   They will ask you who told you about it, tell them,  Vicki Knutson, they need this too account # 250 050You’ll get $10 off your 1st order too!   Any questions?  Call me 214-587-3786

A months supply for WHOLE BODY hydration and WRINKLE REDUCTION and more, is $140.  Clinical Trials were for 90 days.  Our Orthopedic Surgeon suggests that you drink this for 90  days, and IF you are considering any kind of joint surgery and IF after 90 days you STILL HAVE pain, go have the surgery.  But if you no longer hurt, you just saved yourself the cost, downtime and recovery of an expensive surgery.

Or you can order on-line here  or call them  – see number above

The company also has a great referral program. Telling your family and friends can earn you discounts on the products every month they order.  Call me 972-378-0291, I can give you the details.

Life is basically 3 main categories:  the patented Liquid BioCell matrix of hydrolyzed collagen Type II, hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate.  Then trans-resveratrol is added and it’s in a blend of 13 superfruits.  Fruits are:  apple, grape, strawberry, mangosteen, cranberry, mangosteen fruit extract, blueberry, acai berry, pomegranite, lycium, jujube, noni, maqui berry, nopal extract.  Other ingredients:  citric acid, natural colors, pectin, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate, ascorbic acid, natural flavors, sodium citrate.  Gluten free.  GMO free.  0 g fat, 0mg cholesterol, 30mg sodium, 10 g carbohydrate, 7 g sugars, less than 1 g protein.  Warning: Bio-Cell could thin the blood, it very hydrating.  Blood is 90% water.  If you are on blood thinners, proceed with caution.  Each product is made up of those supporting materials that are applicable to your specif needs.
I order:
2 bottles of Life
2 bottles of Skin
plus a months supply of chewables…great for traveling!

Order what’s best for your issues…

Joint problems can come with athletic activity, strenuous work, and aging. But what you’re really experiencing is the progressive degeneration of connective tissue where both collagen and hyaluronic acid are essential, basically you are “drying up”. Taken orally, in a patented, highly-absorbable form, Liquid BioCell™ allows you to replenish these important substances and is clinically shown to work!
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