Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ’s, of the LED Skin Care

Q: What makes the LED Skin Care Center so different from all the other SPAS, Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, etc out there?

A: PLENTY. Our philosophy has always been an “Inside Out” RESULTS DRIVEN approach to skin care Vs. Treating the Symptoms of Aging on the outside.

Q: What are the “symptoms” of aging?

A: Wrinkles, Dry Skin, Thinning Skin, Age Spots, Hyperpigmentation, Thinning Hair, Lack of Energy, Weight Gain (hormonal imbalances) Aches and Pains, Chronic headaches and backaches, the inability to sleep soundly through the night to name a few.

Q: How does the LED Skin Care Center address all these “symptoms”? When there are so many? Where do you begin?

A: We begin with the END in MIND. Beautiful Skin is a reflection of a Healthy internal Body. Our emphasis is on Hydration and pH balancing. Did you know that autopsies are revealing the human body is over 50% dehydrated? And that people with CANCER are very ACIDIC?

The body uses WATER to conduct the electrical impulses for communication, We are ELECTRICAL beings, without hydration the body has a hard time receiving any relevant information. And with Cancer being the number ONE KILLER around the world, one in two people will die from cancer. Cancer loves an ACIDIC body/environment in which to grow in. Our bodies are Stressed Out which causes an ACID BUILD UP and Dehydrated. In order for the human body to perform the MOST BASIC functions of life, it MUST BE, Hydrated and Alkaline (non-acidic).

Q: What do you mean Alkaline and Hydrated? We understand Hydration, but Alkaline, what do you mean?

A: When you are born you are over 95% water. By the time you reach adulthood your body is around 70% water. What happened over the years? You Dehydration thru the yearsstopped drinking enough water to maintain hydration to keep your brain, which is over 80% water, your blood, which is over 90% water, your bones are 13% water, and if you’re an athlete this is important to you, your muscles are 75% water. Our focus is on beautiful skin is from the “Inside Out”. Skin is 70% water and is the last place to receive water’s plumping, life giving (oxygen and nutrition) benefits. Basically, you have filled your body with bottled water (which is ACIDIC and full of Xenoestrogens) through the years. To learn more about Ionized, Microclustered (hydrating), pH balanced, Alkaline water go to www.HydrateToday.com – watch the videos. To be hydrated a person needs to drink 1/2 their body weight in ounces daily – 100lb person drinks 50 ounces daily, just to be healthy. If you are sick and obese, pound for pound and ounce for ounce. a 200lb person would drink 200 ounces daily to GET HEALTHY!!!

Q: What do you mean by ACIDIC bodies and Xenoestrogens?

A:  Stress causes Acid in our bodies, in this article,  Dustin explains how 60% to 90% of all illnesses are directly caused by or exacerbated by stress. By aiding the body in eliminating the by-product of stress (acid) the body has a fighting chance of being healthy. SKIN is the LARGEST ORGAN (last place to receive water) of the body and is a DIRECT REFLECTION of your INTERNAL HEALTH.

Xenoestrogens. Are produced when plastic is exposed to high heat (have you ever been inside a delivery truck in the middle of summer in Texas? It’s100’s of degrees inside. Then the store places your bottled water outside in the direct sun where it’s over a100 degrees). As yourbottled water cooks, the plastic releases hormone mimickers called Xenoestrogens. Here is a great article to introduce you to the world of Xenoestrogens. Drink in GLASS or BPA FREE CONTAINERS to avoid Xenoestrogens.

Q: Wow, you really do look at it from a different point of “YOU”. What else makes the LED skin Care Center different?

A: Again, we don’t address “symptoms” of aging. We get to “AGING’s” root cause.   Over time we educate our Clients on life’s stressors.  Yes we read about them, hear about them but no one ever thinks it’s their life that’s causing them to decline.  Many of our Clients are nurturers, and put the needs of everyone else first.  Slowly we introduce ideas like the importance of relaxation, or taking time for themselves and when they do (take time to “breathe”, relax, etc.) they are so much more productive.  So the saying goes.  “In the event of an emergency, put your mask on first, begin breathing”  When this happens so much more can be accomplished.

Just a few simple changes in ones life can begin to transform them for the better.  For example, hear from Michele how just drinking our “special” water changed here life.  Enjoy.

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