Ingrown Hairs

Stop your ingrown hairs today!

Thick and Curly hair that have been recently shaved or waxed are the most common causes of ingrown hairs.  However, ingrown hairs can appear anywhere on the body.  Tight clothing, broken or uneven, sharp tipped hairs, curly hair that curls back into the pore after shaving can also cause ingrown hairs.  Lastly, stress which can cause high hormone production and excessive production of certain sex hormones can cause excessive oil, cell growth, dead cell accumulation and hair growth. 

Symptoms include:
* Itching
* Rashes
* Irritation
* Inflammation
* Localized pain
* Skin that is tender to the touch
Leading to an infected pore/follicle (folliculitis) or razor bumps (pseudofolliculitis barbae).

Treatments include:
* Pre-treating the skin with a warm washcloth or shaving in the shower – keep pore warm and soft
* Shaving in the direction of your hair growth will prevent ingrown hairs
* Exfoliation
* Shave creams using exfoliating acids
* Non-steroidal ANTI-INFLAMMATORY drugs – Ibuprofen
* After shave topicals that disinfect and soften pores/follicles

Side effects of ingrown hairs include:
* Embarrassment
* Constant, persistent inflamed broken out skin
* Pain, Inflammation leading to longer healing time
* Possible doctors visit to cut out the infection with a needle or scalpel to release the infection
* Antibiotic use leading to “dry mouth” leading to bacterial infections in the mouth leading to tooth decay
* Steroids to bring down the swelling
* Skin discoloration and pigmentation
* And the worst – SCARS


At the LED Skin Care Center we bring an INSIDE OUT approach for ingrown hair issues.
* A FREE Consultation so you understand what’s causing your ingrown hairs
* Proper Skin Care Treatments for your “skin type”
* Hydration to help flush out toxins, dead cells, inflammation, clean colon leads to healthy skin
* Diet, so important for healthy, clear skin – we’ll discuss the 80/20 rule
* Resting 6-8 hours nightly helps the body heal, regenerate,  and reduces stress hormones
* Reduce stress levels (SoQi Massage) reduces hormone production
* LED light treatments kill bacteria (inflammation) pure pores (dead skin cells) increases cell turnover (reduces scarring) promotes collagen and elastin formation for skin remodeling and anti-aging.


Stop the pain, the embarrassment, and the possible lifelong scars ingrown hairs can cause.
Call us today for your FREE skin analysis CONSULTATION.  214-587-3786