Career & Franchise Opportunities

Career & Franchise Opportunities   

Looking for a few Good People who want more business. Our unique Skin Care Center has availability for the right people:  Independent, Mature, Easy Going, and Therapists with Entrepreneurial Spirits. Part-Time, Full Time and Franchise Opportunities available.  Please send resume to

Our focus is on Acne, Balding and Anti-Aging using non-ablative 21st century technologies that cause no harm to the skin.  We’re a Scientifically Validated Skin Care Center.  Our clients have been everywhere doing the “same thing” and getting the same results.  Our unique concept and philosophies are the reason for our rapid growth and demand in the this industry.  If you want to be on the forefront on our ground breaking processes, then join us.

Part- Time Front Desk help
>Perfect for an Empty Nester Mom or College Student
>Hours from 3pm to 7pm, M-F, 10am to 3pm Sat.
>Must have an interest in Skin Care, Nutrition, and prefer a Healthy approach towards radiant skin
>Willingness to learn Skin Home Care (Classes & Training available) sell Home Care to Clients and sell Skin Care PackagesBlue LED & Red LED for Acne
>Higher compensation based on Service and Product Sales
As we grow and expand this position could lead into a full time position and or an Assistant Manager or Spa Manager.

Part-Time and Full Time Licensed Estheticians 
>Need more business?  We have overflow traffic that will keep you busy.
>Ongoing training in Skin & Body Care
>On-line booking system
>A positive, uplifting environment
>Your ability to sell Home Care will increase your compensation
>Room Renter or Commission based Skin Therapists
>We will train New Estheticians on our Non-ablative, Rejuvenating protocols.
>Texas License and Personal Liability insurance required we recommend ASCP
>Growth opportunities:  Management and or Owner operated Franchises available

Franchise Opportunities for the entrepreneur.  
Please print these questions and answer all questions. You will need to bring this to our first meeting together.

  1. Do you like being your own boss?
  2. Want unlimited income potential?
  3. Have an entrepreneurial spirit?
  4. Like helping and training others?
  5. Do you consider yourself a good team player?
  6. When your supervisor asks you to do a project, do you tend to follow the way it has been laid out?
  7. Would you be comfortable as a “Team Leader?”
  8. Do you consider yourself a good team player?
  9. When you supervisor asks do you to do a project, do you follow the way it’s laid out?
  10. Are you comfortable using your employer’s business systems?
  11. Are you a flexible person?
  12. Have you supervised others before?
  13. Can you follow detailed operations manuals?
  14. Do you follow them as written?
  15. Are you prepared NOT to make money the first year in business?
  16. Do you have financial resources needed for living expenses during the start-up phase?
  17. As you look back on you work life, do you consider yourself to follow the rules?
  18. Do you like the idea of owning a franchise because there is a system already in place?
  19. Are you willing to pay a percentage of your gross sales every month to the franchise company for the right to use their system, name, marketing, etc?
  20. Why do you feel a franchise company would want to award you a franchise?  Please explain in one or two sentences.
  21. Are you able to write a check for $40,000-$50,000 of your own money, before a bank loan?
  22. Are you prepared (we can help) to write a formal business plan to present to a lender for a loan?
  23. Are you willing to do whatever it takes, legally, to become your own boss?
  24. Does your spouse/partner/significant other know about your interest in franchise ownership?