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LED light treatments for Acne, Balding and Wrinkles is a true leader in the skin rejuvenation process without drugs, topicals, surgery, needed recovery or downtime like traditional skin therapies for regenerating the body to perform as it did in our youth .Blue LED light for Acne

At LED Skin Care Spa we have been performing LED light treatments since 2007 for:

LED also known as “cold laser“, “phototherapy“, “low level laser therapy” to name a few is used for many other things as well as skin rejuvenation.

Guys, Gals, and Teens from 9 to 90 all benefit from our relaxing Clinical Strength LED light treatments.

LED for guys



     Leading world authority on LED light treatments
Dr. Glen Calderhead
“Everything else is just a toy”
Dr. Glen CalderheadFather of phototherapy