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Will you live for centuries?
According to Aubrey De Grey you could.

Apple Oxidative Stress“The first person to live to be 1,000 years old is certainly alive today…whether they realize it or not, barring accidents and suicide,most people now 40 years or younger can expect to live for centuries.
Aubrey De Grey
Famed Cambridge University Geneticist
John Quinonies ABC news

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Live for centuries?  But How?  How could someone under 40 today, live for hundreds of years?    By stopping free radical damage known as oxidative stress.  What does Oxidative Stress look like? 

This discovery turns on our Master Regulators, known as our Super Enzymes.  These enzymes gobble up free radicals and are cable of neutralizing more than one million free radicals or reactive oxygen species (ROS).
1. Superoxide Dismutase
2. Heme-oxygenase
3. Glutathione Peroxidase
4. and Catalase

The research is in, the science has been proven, reducing Free Radical attacks on our cells, known as Oxidative Stress, we can improve and extend our life span while fighting disease and aging in all mammals.  Humans, Dogs, Cats and Horses too!

Diseases associated with Oxidative Stress aka Free Radical Damage

What would you do to extend life by 7%?  Well, now you can!  We have a Fighting Chance!!  Help yourself and others too!  Share this discovery with anyone you know dealing with Oxidative Stress!  Disease from Oxidative Stress
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Fight Free Radicals/Oxidative Stress

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Meet the formulator Dr. Joe McCord

Dr. Joseph McCord The creator of Protandim Dr Joseph McCord is a professor of medicine at the University of Colorado and has been doing research on oxidative stress for 45 years.The scientific investigation of free radicals and oxidative stress began in the late 1960s with Dr. Joe McCordand a small group of scientists. Dr. McCord has dedicated over 45 years of research into free radical biology and the process of aging. He is a world renowned scientist who has been nominated four times for the Nobel Prize, received the Elliott Cresson Medalfrom The Franklin Institute –awarded to distinguished inventors and scientists, putting Dr Mcord in the same company as Pierre and Marie Curie, Alexander Graham Bell, Orville Write, and Henry Ford.  In his early research Dr. McCord discovered that the body actually produces an enzyme, now called superoxide dismutase (SOD) that eliminates free radicals. Dr. McCord is credited with discovering SOD, which led to his first nomination for the Nobel Prize. It’s now known that the body produces over two dozen antioxidant enzymes that eliminate free radicals from the body.  About the Franklin Institute Awards

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