Micro Needling

The Evolution of Micro Needling…Micro Needling

Why did LED Skin Care Spa choose Micro Channeling instead of older technologies from the past?  Micro Channeling is….
>  A newer, more advanced system than predecessors
>  A more precise distribution of skin channels
>  Does not drag or tear the skin
>  Delivers better product penetration of adult stem cells/serum
>  Safe for all skin types

Our cutting edge Micro Channeling  technology along with our adult stem cell serum achieve better results with a shorter healing time compared to older micro needling, fractional lasers and aggressive chemical peels and is ideal for improving:
> Fine lines and wrinkles
> Scars from acne, surgery or accidents
> Stretch marks
> Sun damage and discoloration
> Skin tone and firmness

Why choose Micro Channeling over Laser or Aggressive Chemical Peels?
> One hour downtime – just a little red that fades quickly
> Less inflammation, reddness and recovery
> Stimulates new collagen growth
> Improves skin texture and tightness
> Fades wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks
> Corrects imperfections and discoloration
> Safe for fragile skin around the eyes, neck and mouth
> Shrinks pore size
> Improves skins’ blood supply
> Less expensive than costly laser or aggressive chemical peels
> Over 200,000 Micro Needling treatments have been performed proving  to be safe and effective

Micro Channeling works by making tiny punctures on the surface of the skin.  These small wounds (much like a deep scrape – deeper IS NOT better) trigger a healing response of new collagen, elastin and blood flow.  Your end result is thicker skin (skin thins as we age) plumper, smoother and a brighter, firmer, healthy completion.

How often and how many treatments should you have will be determined by how much damage needs to be addressed like wrinkles, scaring, pore size, skin discoloration and age. Treatments can be performed every 4 – 6 weeks.
> Fine line and wrinkles – 3 treatments or until desired result is achieved
> Deep wrinkles  – 3 to 6 treatments or until desired result is achieved
> Facial scars – 3 to 9 treatments or until desired result is achieved
> Stretch marks and body scars – enough until desired result is achieved
> Maintenance is every 12 weeks to continue skin remodeling and collagen production.

After your treatment, plan to relax and give your body a healing chance.  The body heals when we sleep and are not stressed.
> Avoid the sun and wear spf and upf clothing, and a new option is to…
drink spf every 2 hours….Go to
1. Osmosis
2. Wellness
3. Harmonized Water
4. Life Style
5. “Mosquito”
Defend yourself against pesky bugs by drinking Harmonized Water (HW) that uses frequencies to keep the bugs away!   Take one hour before being exposed to the outdoors to keep the mosquitos away with frequencies vibrating at your skin level mosquitos find annoying.  Occasionally a determined mosquito gets through the vibrations so be sure to drink mosquito HW every 3 hours you are exposed. No odor, side effects or chemicals you are protected from head to toe! Follow steps 1 thru 5 listed above and you can  Order “Mosquito” HW Here!