Osmosis Wellness Water Plano, Tx

“Tune” your body into balance with Osmosis Wellness Water, get yours here at LED Skin Care Spa in Plano, Tx.  Imagine a Water that has been charged with a frequency that resonates with specific cells of the body.  Each cell (organ) of the body has a specific frequency or energy that keeps that organ healthy.  Healthy cells = healthy tissues = healthy organs = Health.  Cells of the body have their own frequency, much like a fingerprint.

Learn from Dr. Ben here…Wellness Water – what is is?

A healthy body has a frequency of around 62-68 MHz.  When the body’s (or an organ (cells)) frequency drops below 62 MHz, cold symptoms begin at around 58 MHz.
57 MHz – Flu symptoms
55 MHz – Candida
52 MHz – Epstein Barr syndrome
42 MHz – Cancer
25 MHz – The process of dying drops and ends at zero.

So you can see, it’s very important to keep the body at healthy frequencies of 62-68 MHz to avoid DIS….ease of the body.  So, we’ve got Wellness Water to keep our frequencies “in tune” and resonating at healthy frequencies specific to the cells of our organs.  Like..
Disruptor – bye, bye pathogens
Hormone Health – libido, hair loss, hormonal deficiencies
Sugar Detox – sugar issues, candida, yeast, blood sugar imbalances, artificial sweeteners
Relax – anxiety, stress,sleep
Inner Harmony  – overall wellness, mental focus
Body Talk – anything emotional related, acne, rosacea, anxiety – Feelings = Emotions = Disease

We even have Water that repels mosquitos
Mosquito deterrent – I bet this is safer than Bug Spray!
Even UV protection
UV neutralizer – great for those who don’t want a tan
UV neutralizer with tan enhancer – imagine getting a tan without damaging your skin!!!

Two ways to get our Wellness Water.
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2.  Order Wellness Water on-line here – Wellness Water

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