Who is Dr. Chris Shade?
Why PrimeMybody?
What is CB1 and CB2?
How does hemp feed our Hormone, Immune, and Nervous Systems?
See the Video Below – get your notebook for a great education Hemp Oil aka CBD Oil

Here’s a Find It Fast Index:

2:15 Why is PrimeMyBody the best cannabinoid solution?
3:08 Dr Chris Shade the master mind.
5:46 Phytocannabinoids and you.
6:48 Your Endocannabinoid system.
7:36 Understanding CB1 and CB2
9:54 THC, do you really need it for a beneficial effect?
12:45 Your endocannabinoid tone.
15:04 Gene Transcription Modification
15:20 Stabilization of NeuroInflammation with CBD
17:58 Why the Delivery System matters – the Liposome
20:27 CBD in capsules is 6 to 10% at best
25:16 The role of Endoplasmic Reticulum
27:31 What is NanoEmulsifed Hemp Oil?
30:19 Liposmal Characterization / Importance of Size
32:46 Nano – size and uptake – Why It Matters
38:07 How to Recognize Quality CBD Oil or Hemp Oil
37:55 Review of Competitors “Liposomal CBD”
43:02 Cost vs Bioavailability of CBD in Hemp Oil
44:22 What are the Prime My Body Hemp Oil Ingredients? What and Why?
51:54 What are Phytocannabinoid Diols?
54:45 How much THC is in the PrimeMyBody Hemp Oil?
56:39 PrimeMyBody Hemp Oil Ingredients – The highest quality
1:00:42 Why is the PrimeMyBody Hemp Oil better than the Quicksilver Hemp Oil?