Telomers and Aging

Is it true, you can reverse the hands of time?  Apparently so, and we have the testing toturn back time prove it!

Here are two issues surrounding our aging process.

1. Inflammation – Listen here>>> Liquid GoldRx

2. Anti-Aging – Listen here >>> iHeRQles

Both discoveries are about plant extracts the body recognizes as food and then goes to work reducing inflammation and reversing aging.  Know this,  you can’t eat enough “good food” to get the concentration of nutrition you get with 4 squirts daily

The first discovery (1950/1973) you’ll learn about is Liquid Gold Rx raw food nutritionLGRx, Reduces inflammation quickly when following the 4, 3, 2, 1 protocol for best results (see details below), as quickly as two weeks.  It has been documented to reduce inflammation by 70 to 90%.  If you are living in pain or have been diagnosed with an “itis” you have inflammation.  Arthritis, Bursitis, Colitis and so on.  This discovery is  also a gentle effective blood cleaner/detoxer.  When the blood is free of toxins, chemicals, pesticides etc. the LIVER has a fighting chance to regenerate!  Yes, read that again.  RegenerateLife is in the blood


The 2nd discovery (2019) you’ll learn about is iHeRQles.  iHeRQles (I Hercules) works on extending the life and length of our Telomers.  What are Telomers? Click here 
From aging to cancer Telomers are involved. Again, following the 4, 3, 2, 1 protocol for best results (see details below).  See image of Telomere testing below by TeloYears.

You can order LiquidGoldRx or iHeRQles here 
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Need more info?… Click here to watch a 15 minute video

Here is our  historyA major step in understanding aging and related illnesses was represented by the creation of the INSTITUTE OF GERONTOLOGY (IoG) in the mid-1950s, located in Bucharest, Romania.  Dr. Ana Aslan, the Director of IoG exposed the “secret” of increased longevity was achieved by the reduction of inflammation.

After many years of research and testing they were able to eliminate (Gerovital) a drug, made of all man-made synthetic molecules completely with plant extracts that were safe and effective that the body recognized as food and with no side effects on anybody!

Since 1973 Liquid Gold Rx has been delivering many outstanding results in reducing inflammation. Taking a C-Reactive protein test  is a great way to monitor inflammation and your results, and then re-test every 3 months and watch your markers change.

Now…..jump ahead to 2019, Imagine One product that can reduce inflammation AND reduce your age available today!  Well, here you go.  Introducing iHeRQles! This ground breaking product is reducing age month after month, year after year working at a cellular level reducing inflammation and growing telomeres with additional age reversing plant extracts.

How do we know iHeRQles works?  Meet  TeloYears. TeloYears is an easy-to-use DNA test that uses state-of-the-art genetic analysis to allow consumers to create personalized programs to improve their health. It is all based on the study of telomeres, a revolutionary new field of scientific advancement.

After years of receiving and reviewing tests from our clients, TeloYears was blown away by our consistent results and contacted our scientist to find out what we were doing.    More on telomere testing here.

Here is a snap shot of some of our client’s results testing done by TeloYears
Results show any where from 5 to over 20 years of age reversing benefits.Telomeres by Telo Years

If you decide to participate in our age reversing product iHerQUles, we suggest:

Take a base line picture before you start.

Take a picture after your first 4 months.

Take a picture after your first 8 months.

Take a picture after your first 12 months.

What is the 4, 3, 2, 1 protocol?  16 week awareness plan
1st month –  4 bottles, 4 squirts, 4 times daily – before meal(s) is optimal – why?
2nd month – 3 bottles, 4 squirts, 3 times daily -before meal(s) is optimal 
3rd month –  2 bottles, 4 squirts, 2 times daily – before meal(s) is optimal
4th month –  1 bottle, 4 squirts, with largest meal of the day –  before meal is optimal
If you miss it before your meal, squirt during or after meal – before is optimal. 
Slower regeneration, Use 1 bottle a month, 4 squirts 15 minutes before largest meal of the day. 
         Yes continue to do this for the rest of your life to keep you blood and liver clean.

RED BLOOD CELLS –  regenerate every 4 months
LIVER CELLS –  regenerate every 6 weeks
This is a Gentle detox/cleanse of every  blood receiving cell in your body from head to toe.

Newborns? spray  LGrx on their belly button – use until they begin hormonal changes
Yes, you can use LGrx on your pets too! – spray it on their food.
Got a rash, a bump, a mole, canker sore, whatever!!! etc!!  Use it topically too!

You can order  here. Use code no. 925986 to get the best price.
Receive ALL the plant extracts in the NEWEST discovery, iHeRQles.  

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$79 – iHeRQles – Sent Monthly or $90 Single Purchase

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$598 plus S/H ($765 value) – 2x package = 9 bottles (4 bottles + 4 bottles + 1 bottle)
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