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Enjoy the many growing testimonials from Clients experiencing a plethora of offerings at LED Skin Care Plano.  From Acne, Acne scars, Balding, Hair Growth, Wrinkles, Large Pores, Age Spots, Relaxation, Stress Relief, Detoxification, and Body Wraps, and the list continues to grow based on the needs of our Clients.  LED Skin Care, is out of the box. We don’t do what everybody else does, on Purpose!  If you want the same ol’ same o, we’re not the place to come to.   If you want Results then we are here for you!  Enjoy what others have shared with us. We are “Light years ahead of the rest”.   

Janet shares her experience at LED Skin Care Plano:

Mel describes how her treatment at LED Skin Care Plano has affected her acne using Dermal Clay Cleanser.

Before coming here my mom took me to the doctor to fix my pimples.  What made me happy, here, is the people here don’t have pimples. Where I went before the doctor had pimples.  I thought to myself how is this person with pimples going to help me with my pimples?  I have been doing the blue and red lights and getting facials and it’s amazing how this has cleared up my face.  It does not hurt and the best part I am not taking pills or using washes that really dried out my skin.  I really love it here.  It’s so relaxing too.  Thank you.  Teresa B. – Plano

Where do I begin? I guess with the people stopping me in stores and coming up to me and telling how beautiful my skin is? At first I was a little shocked that people would just come up to me and tell me my skin looked amazing, but I am getting used to it. The crazy thing it keeps happening. I am over 60 and have taken good care of my skin all my life, I used to model so I got into some good habits early on. But it wasn’t until I started doing facials at the LED skin Care Center that I even notice a difference in my skin. In fact, I am feeling so good about myself that I have pointed out to Vicki that my signature has changed. I feel very good about my decision to receive my facials at the LED Skin Care Center. They’re unlike any facial I’ve experienced. I recommend Vicki to everyone.  Pat F. – Plano

Thank you Vicki! I can’t Thank you enough. I have to write this note and tell you how wonderful I feel, finally! My body is full of arthritis. I have had two back surgeries and one knee replacement, and might have to have my other knee replaced too. I live in pain every day. I know the pain pills are hard on my body so I try not to take them, but there are some days I have to take them because I cannot handle the overall stiffness and pain, especially when it gets cold. I love your soqi massage! The jiggle and the heat are so relaxing. One hour on your massage table makes me feel like I had a full 8 hours of sleep, no joke! I know people won’t believe this, but if they don’t try it they’ll never get the relief I feel after an hour. And! My face, my face! I guess because I feel so good and pain free when I get off the bed that I look so rested, even years younger, it’s the craziest thing I have ever experienced, the next best thing to an instant face lift I guess. Thank you Vicki. I had to write and tell you how you have changed my life! Thank you so much. Jeanie G. – Dallas

I’ve been suffering from Acid Reflux and spending a ton of money on antacids. My stomach would not settle down. In the beginning I got relief but as time went on even the antacids stopped working. I was recently introduced to LED Skin Care and I learned about their alkaline water from a friend who also had been suffering with Acid Reflux and Gout too! He told me about it because his acid reflux went away and so did his gout! He can’t stop talking about the water and that is how I heard about it. I am here to tell you I no longer suffer from acid reflux and it only took about six weeks of drinking the water. They pH tested me and found I was very acid. Who would have thought that just by drinking water, I mean alkaline water, that my stomach would stop hurting and burning. I would recommend this water to anyone who suffers from anything really. The stories I am hearing from their other clients are really amazing. What have you got to lose? I suggest you try it, it’s only water. Steve C. – Frisco

I was having my hair and I walked by LED Skin Care and noticed that they offered Herbal Body Wraps. I went in and met Vicki Knutson the owner. She explained to me the way the wraps worked. I had recently had my second child and still had a little around my middle I wanted to lose. Vicki wrapped my tummy and after 45 minutes, I had lost 2 inches and couldn’t have been happier. She sent my home with two more wraps to use at home. I can’t wait to see the next results. Thanks Vicki! Susan – Allen

I visited LED Skin Care  last week with my 18 year old daughter. She suffers from pretty bad acne and is embarrassed about her skin. I had heard from a friend who used LED to treat acne for her child. I called Vicki and set up an appointment . My daughter has had 4 treatments and her skin is almost clear. I feel confident that after a few more treatments her skin will be completely clear. I would recommend LED Skin Care to anyone with acne issues. Sandy – Carrollton

I first found out about LED Skin Care Plano from Groupon. I bought a Skin Scan and LED Facial for the Groupon Site. I am so glad I did. I met with Vicki the owner. She put my face in this futuristic device which showed all of my flaws in my skin. I then had the most amazing facial. I was put under the Red LED machine for 20 minutes. I was so pleased with the results after one treatment. I have already booked my next three facials and am bringing my sister with me when I come back. Thanks Vicki!  Joann – Colleyville

The LED Skin Care Plano was an experience I recommend for everyone. It was not at all what I had expected. I learned a lot during my visit. The importance of being hydrated and taking time out of my busy day to relax and get my 6 to 8 hours to slow my aging process. I got a massage on the SOQI bed, again, not at all what I expected. One hour left me feeling very relaxed and at the same time full of life, kind of hard to explain, but I would highly recommend it. Bonnie C. – Coppell

I am growing my own hair!  When Vicki told me she could grow my thinning hair and make it thicker I was skeptical.  I had done everything.  I mean everything.  It started with applying Rogaine, that didn’t work.  Then I used Propecia, that didn’t work, side effects not good either – know what I mean guys? Then I found a guy who was offering LED hair treatments, special shampoos, etc. and that did not work.  So, I have done my homework, tried everything but  a hair transplant.  Finally I was so frustrated and desperate that I got the hair transplant and that did not work.  In addition it left a huge scar at the back of my head – it looks like my ball cap rubbed off the hair where they took the hair follicles for the transplant.  So After spending $1000’s of dollars, and being left scarred for life I gave up, and began using dye on my hair to cover  up the balding areas.  I am a young guy and you know it’s bad when people look at you and their eyes go right to the top of your head, I hated it, it made me extremely self conscious of my hair loss and it only stressed me out more about losing it.  So I called  LED Skin Care and they told me they could grow my hair, I said OK, here we go again – more false promises.  Well, I am here to tell you my skeptism is gone.  I am growing my own hair, even the SCAR at the back of my head is filling in, I can’t believe it, but it’s true.  I am writing this so you don’t have to waste any more time or money on the scams out there.  Get to the LED Skin Care and begin to feel confident again!  K. Alexander – Dallas

Thank you Vicki and LED!! I have been suffering with acne since I have been a young teenager, I am now in my late 30’s, and nothing I tried ever worked. I have been so frustrated and just about to give up hope when a friend of mine suggested I come to you because of the results she had with her son’s cystic acne, and they too tried everything but Accutane, which she would not do because of all the side effects. Well, I am here to tell you the LED protocol works! I am drinking the “good” water, avoiding the foods that ignite my acne, resting and trying to reduce my stress levels, it’s hard when you’re a VP of a company. Getting on the SoQi bed once or twice a week has greatly diminished my stress levels and it shows in my face, amazing, I never put stress and acne together. I understand the hormone thing, but did not realize stress, which is a hormone thing too causes my break outs. I am feeling more confident and pretty now that I have my acne under control. I do get my monthly facials and if I feel an “under grounder” coming I add additional LED facial(s) and they never come up, it’s really amazing to me. All the $1,000’s of dollars I spent on doctors and products and LED has saved my face. I can’t thank LED Skin Care  enough – really. If you suffer from acne as I have I know what how you are feeling. I hope my story helps and changes your life as it has mine. TP – Plano

I have to say, the Peel and LED facial was everything I did not expect.  When I’ve gone in for a peel in the past I always expected it to burn and sting.  I have really bad acne scars and I’ve always been told I have to scab and days later peel to have a good result which meant I had to take time off from work.  Well, here it is, days later and I did not scab however, I did flake a little.  I was not dry, red or irritated and my results have been nothing but amazing.  My spots are lighter, my face is smooth and moist, and I look great.  I am going back for more of this treatment and LED.   I learned that less is more.  I am over 50 and also learned that I don’t heal like I did when I was younger so having those extreme peels is not a good option for me now.  LED is a great technology I never knew about and was told this is why I healed fast.  I would highly recommend this service for anyone still suffering with acne. Sabrina K – Allen

I Love LED Skin Care for my Facials! Ever since I started going about 6 months ago – I’m addicted! The results of the facial last for over a week and after a couple months of regular facials I see my skin improving. LED literally made my pores shrink, skin is tight and smooth. Loving it! Can’t wait for LED Skin Care to grow and expand to include full body treatments!

Vicki is the best at what she does! She always custom tailors every treatment to address your skin’s current condition, depending on what’s going on with your face. She always gives great advise on how to care for your skin in between treatments and what product is right for you. I always leave rested, relaxed and literally cannot wait until the next treatment! Thank you Vicki!  Masha B. – McKinney

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