Trigger Thumb Gone! Vicki Knutson Licensed Esthetician

I am one happy girl, my painful Trigger Thumb is gone!  Hi my name is Vicki Knutson, Esthetician.  I am not sure how it all came about, but slowly but surely my thumb started to ache, and my hand strength slowly diminished, not able to hold a drink or my morning cup of coffee let alone open a jar!!    Then eventually I could not close my fist or grab anything without pain!

The worst effect of this “trigger thumb” was I was in pain all day, every day which was making it harder for me to enjoy doing what I love to do, facials, backcials, LED light therapy, micro current treatments for my clients.  Even trying to go to sleep was hard cause my hand (thumb) hurt all the time.

Trigger ThumbThe pain was so bad and affecting all aspects of my life I looked into shots (and they have no guarantee) to permanently relieve the pain. Then I learned that surgery is another option if the shots did not work and again, no guaranteed the pain would stop – geese.  Time, money, shots and surgeries that might or might not work so I resorted to icing my hand (thumb) whenever I could to address the stiffness and inflammation, but still no relief.  then my hips and shoulders started to ache all the time, I was like, what is going on?

So, I began to do so research, looking for natural solutions for all my aches and pains since shots and surgery offered no guarantee I’d get relief.

It appeared my joints were possibly “drying up”, perhaps they needed some lubrication. So I tried flax seed oil – that stuff is N-A-S-T-Y tasting, yuck!  but to get relief, I’d drank it.  Yes, it helped a little, but not really, I was still in pain and having a hard time getting comfortable to fall asleep.

Well, I am a baby boomer, born in 1957.  So, I am thinking I am getting up there in age so this is what happens.  My family has a history of shoulder issues so I thought I might even have to get rotator cuff surgery that sucks.  Downtime, recovery and would my shoulder ever be the same is what worried me.

If all that wasn’t bad enough those fricking “Hot Flashes” started.  For 1.5 years I tried to fix is myself – not!  I can’t tell you how many fans, PJ changes in the middle of the night and bottles of Bio Freeze I went through before I conceded and went to the doctor.  And I hate, hate being cold.  So, in the middle of the night I’d freeze myself to goose bumps and finally those hot flashes went away and with my heating pad on HIGH trying to warm up I would get to sleep.

So yes, it’s been years of trial and error trying to fix my “stuff” and finally, finally I got relief!  No drugs, No injections and No surgery I am here to tell you I have relief and full range of motion in my hand, I am not stiff anymore when I wake up and my hips and should are better!!!  And the best part, I sleep alllllll thourgh the night, well, I do have a couple of potty breaks, I drink a lot of water.

Grapes and RaisinsIf you are suffering, you need NOT suffer anymore!  The bottom line is “We’re not getting old, we are drying up”.  If you want to know how I got relief, call me at 972-378-0291, my shop LED Skin Care Spa, and I will share with you how I got relief.

We’re born plumb, and full of water.  Our bodies, are like a grapes.    As we age we dehydrate and dry up like a raisin.  If your skin looks Crepey, wrinkly, your hair is thinning and falling out, and you hurt all the time.  Call me, I’ll show you how we’re turning raisins into grapes again.
* Results vary from person to person

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