Zinc for Acne

Zinc for Acne – safer than antibiotics

Summary: As far as supplementation goes, zinc stands alone with the most evidence pointing toward a beneficial effect on acne, however moderate Zinc for Acnethat effect may be. Over-the-counter zinc supplements normally come in 30-50mg tablets. Safe levels of zinc supplementation are up to 50mg a day. Zinc gluconate appears to be a better choice than zinc sulfate due to its superior bioavailability.  Turns out acne sufferers are low in Zinc.  

6% of our body’s supply of zinc is in our skin.1 After years of study and quite a bit of evidence, it appears that zinc supplementation may help with acne symptoms.

The evidence

Multiple studies have been performed on people with acne who are administered oral zinc supplementation. Overall results show a reduction in acne lesion count above that of placebo, albeit only moderately. The dosage of zinc in these studies is normally quite high2, and more studies are needed to see if the reduction in acne symptoms could be sustained at lower levels of zinc. However, since other studies show lower blood zinc levels in people with acne, keeping zinc levels up to par is a compelling option.3-4

How Zinc works

Zinc helps reduce inflammation, and helps kill acne bacteria.5

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