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Since 2007 we have been perfecting our LED protocols and services to deliver results without causing harm to the skin, downtime or needed recovery.  LED offers “Inside Out” rejuvenation solutions for amazing fast results on acne, hair growth and anti-aging.

Our “Inside Out”  philosophy offers “Progressive not Aggressive” treatments that are time tested and science based for healthy, glowing skin, mind and body.  Don’t waste one more minute looking for that “face changing” facial.  You have found your new home!   Don’t delay, book with us today!   book your appointment here!

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Our Glow Facials are an excellent start for skin that looks dry, dull, flat and needs a good exfoliation without irritation or downtime. This is not your typical exfoliating facial that will leave your skin, irritated or dry.  Instead your skin is left smooth, soft, bright and glowing.



Red LED light treatment

Our LED Glow Facials include our signature Glow Facial with an LED light treatment. This treatment is great for acne and aging skin. We don’t play games with LED. Each LED treatment exposes your skin to over 1500 LED lights and are no match for hand held LED’s, flexible shield LED’s or even LED Masks. If you want a true clinical strength LED treatment we are your answer.



LED Glow Facial

For the ultimate in skin rejuvenation try our LED Glow and Lift facial where you will benefit from all three of our unique specialized services.  This facial is a true face changer.  Not only is your skin left glowing, it’s firm, tight, and bright with the added benefit of Micro Current.   Micro Current lifts facial muscles giving your a refreshed, well rested appearance.

We set our selves apart from all the rest with our LED services and protocols, using clinical strength, state of the art LED lights, but don’t charge the expensive price you would pay in a medial office or grand spa.   Our services are about delivering results and our clientele appreciate our effective and affordable services.

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Led Skincare offers state of the art facial treatment services at an affordable price! The owner is authentic, invested in each of her clients and graciously builds her business from a place of healing and rejuvenation of body and soul. You must see for yourself! Lindsay F. ~ Plano, Tx

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