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Hello and Welcome to our site.  My name is Vicki and I am the owner and founder of LED Skin Care Spa.  I was born in 1957 and raised on the sunny west coast where I burned and tanned and burned and tanned  my skin for decades and later learned to add a tanning bed session at the end of my tanning day!  Oh yes, I loved being tan.

Heading into the 7th decade of  my life,  I hope to educate many of you to not do the things I did.  Yes, a golden tan is beautiful when you are young, but that sun is a major ager.

So, because of my destructive behavior I have been on a jouncy learning how to reverse much of the damage from my youth.  I am here to share and tell you many of the secrets to reversing and restoring youthful, supple skin and hair!

Because we practice safe progressive and not aggressive protocols Our clients love and rave about their results from our LED Glow Facial.  This facial addresses surface and down under acne and aging skin issues for true skin rejuvenation with no downtime or recovery needed.

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LED Skin Care SpaFrom Acne to Aging Skin LED Skin Car Spa is “Light Years” ahead of the rest.

Correcting Acne and Aging Skin only delivers when you address it from the “Inside Out”.  Because aging skin begins in our late teens and early 20’s, everyone if concerned, should consider what is/are their trigger(s) and reasons for their skin issues.

Are aggressive treatments to aging, thinning skin and injections going to build a lasting effect?  At LED Skin Care Spa we address issues from head to toe, yep even saggy knees and crepey skin issues.

So the question is.  Quick Fix, or Real Fix?   If you are looking for a real fix, then we’d love to work with you and educate you on how to look your best in the coming years.

LED Skin Care Spa

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So what brings you to our site today?
? Acne?

? Thinning or Balding Hair? 
? Aging?
? Skin Tightening and Weight Loss?

Not sure where to begin?  May we suggest our Jump Start Program.  This includes:
> 5 LED light treatments
>  And a Glow Facial
It’s a great way to understand how our Clinical Strength LED lights work on the skin from the Inside Out for either acne or aging skin issues.  Book you Jump Start Here! 

Since 2007 we have been implementing LED protocols that have been time tested and perfected to deliver “glowing results” on your first visit.  Our LED Glow Facial is our most requested facial for acne or or aging skin issues.  Learn more about our Glow Facials here3 Glow FacialsBook your LED Glow Facial Here!

Come with an open mind for change!  Because we bring science into our protocols you won’t read about what we do in a beauty blog, magazine or social medial site.  We don’t buy into the hype or other peoples experiences, we only care about your results and satisfaction.


LED treatments are used for Acne, Acne scarring, Balding, skin tightening and Aging Skin issues even in treating vitiligo!.  Yes, LED lights work, however, using enough power and lights can make or break your success in achieving your skin goals.




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Led Skin  Care offers state of the art facial treatment services at an affordable price! The owner is authentic, invested in each of her clients and graciously builds her business from a place of healing and rejuvenation of body and soul. You must see for yourself!
Lindsay F. ~ Plano, Tx

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