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Since 2007 we have been perfecting our LED protocols and services to deliver results without causing downtime or harm to acneic, aging, and thinning skin.

Not sure where to start?  We suggest our LED Glow Facial.  This is our most popular face changing facial and is custom designed for your skin issues and concerns.  Frustrated with acne, aging, thinning, or spotted skin issues, the LED Glow Facial is an excellent beginning.  Book your LED Glow Facial here today! 

Teen AcnePutting smiles back on faces is our utmost goal.  Living with acne is so frustrating when it just won’t go away – ever.  We hear you loud and clear.  We take people from From Sad to Glad in Weeks!>>>>>>>>>>> Book our LED Glow Facial for results!

Our treatments and protocols focus on “Inside Out” skin changing, skin rejuvenation solutions for amazing  fast results.   If skin perfection (without drugs, injections, surgery, harsh chemicals, sucking/sanding, high heat and skin burning treatments) is your goal, we are your answer.  Sensitized and Thinning aging skin need to be strengthened, not irritated or broken down more.  Helping you understand about aggressive treatments helps you make a better and informed decision in the future.  Our clients become very educated about the hype and the marketing that is very confusing to the consumer.

LED Skin Care Spa for WrinklesMaybe your frustration is thinning, wrinkled, deflated skin.  Our LED Glow Facial is an amazing anti-aging. skin firming, plumping facial.  Don’t wait one more day to experience what the LED Skin Care Spa can do for you.  Book your LED Glow Facial here today.

People travel from all over the metroplex and even fly in town for our “face changing” facials.  First time guests can experience our signature LED Glow Facial for just $125, Reg. $310.”

See our LED Glow Facial using “Clinical Strength” LED light treatments here!

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Frequently asked questions for LED Skin Care Spa
1.  Will I be red and irritated tonight or tomorrow? – No
2.  Will I peel? – No
3.  Can I wear makeup after my facial? – Yes
4.  Can I go in the sun?  Yes and No
Yes, As with everyday activities  your should wear sunscreen and apply every 2 hours, always even weeks after your peel
No beaches, Tanning Beds, Sun Tanning – your face just had a peel – be sensible
5.  What acids are used? Glycolic, Salicylic, Lactic and TCA
6.  How long is the treatment? – allow 60 minutes
7.  Where are you? – We’re located at
2304 Midway Rd.  Plano, Tx 75093 – 972-378-0291
(Midway and Plano Parkway – across from Prestonwood Baptist church’s soccer fields)
8.  How often can I do LED light treatments?  Every 48 to 72 hours
9.  Do I have to continue to have great results? Yes
Going from a size 16 to a size 4 takes time and consistency – Your results will get better and better with each treatment.
10.  For greater results drink water – skin cells are 70% water.  Drink 1/2 your body wt. in ounces daily = 100lbs, drink 50 ounces daily

Our “Inside Out”  philosophy offers “Progressive not Aggressive” treatments that deliver immediate results that are time tested and science based for healthy, glowing skin.  Don’t waste one more minute searching for that “face changing” facial.  You have found your new home!

You search for  pimple free, healthy, hydrated glowing skin can begin today.  Come Glow with us.  Don’t delay, Book  with us today!

Glow facialGlow Facial is an excellent start for skin that looks and feels dry, dull, lifeless and is losing the battle on acne, blackheads and aging skin.  Glow facials leave your skin visibility  smooth, soft & touchable.  Truly a facial like none you’ve experienced.  Skin thins as you age.  Continual use of drugs for clear skin causes other long term side effects. Excessive heat, peeling & sucking the skin add to already thinning, fragile, aging, irritated, inflamed skin issues.  Step into the 21st century with our Glow Facials in Plano.  We promise, you’ll be back again and again.
“One of the best facials I’ve experienced for getting rid of my spots and dry skin.   My skin has never felt so soft and looked so good after a facial before, I am hooked!”  Peter A – Allen, Tx

Red LED light treatmentLED Glow Facial   is our most popular facial and includes our signature Glow Facial with an LED light treatment.  See one in action here! Excellent for acne and aging skin on the face, neck, & yes your back too.  Each LED treatment exposes your skin to over 1500 LED lights and are no match for hand held LED’s, flexible LED shields or even LED Masks. If you want a true clinical strength LED treatment we are your answer.  LED Glow Facials in Plano clear up acne,  ignite collagen production and remodel elastin fibers from the “Inside Out”.   Just like working out, we call LED light treatments “Gym for your skin”.  A true skin workout and transformation from the “Inside Out” without drugs, irritation, sensitivity or surgery.  Best Skin Care Plano.
This facial has changed my skin for the better!  I come for single LED light treatments in between my monthly facial too.    A great facial and affordable LED treatments.   I drive over an hour for my treatments, it’s so worth to me!  Alicia B – Keller, Tx

For the ultimate in skin rejuvenation try the LED Glow and Lift facial   in Plano where you will benefit from all three of our unique specialized services.  A true face changer.  Not only is your skin left glowing, firm, tight, and bright from your Glow Facial and LED light treatment,  we add a lifting, firming Micro Current too!   Micro Current lifts facial muscles giving your a refreshed, well rested appearance.   Ask about our DIY Microcurrent Classes.

“This facial immediately changed my appearance and the next day the results are even better.  I love the LED Glow Facial, but when I need to look really awake and fresh I choose my facial with the lift.  I’ve been a customer since 2010.  LED Skin Care always delivers”.   Masha D – Frisco, Tx 

Vicki Knutson Esthetician
LED Skin Care Spa looks at and treats skin differently than the rest.   Since 2007 I have been perfecting our treatments and protocols, and what I discovered is, we don’t have to hurt, burn or destroy the skin to change the skin.

Instead,  I rebuild your skin from within.  If you nourish and hydrate your skin you will prolong the life and health of  your skin and even your whole body, rebuilding and remodeling it from within is what we teach you to do.  Constant peeling, sucking, high heat, aggressive chemicals and even dehydration only causes the skin to thin and age, rapidly.

From this photo you can see the upper layers of the skin pulling away from the lower part, the dermis.  The dermis is where skin health begins and where your upper layers get their nourishment for healthy, clear, vibrant skin.

Sadly, drinking water is not enough to remain hydrated. From the age of 5 you lose your ability to hold water or remain hydrated because we are losing a very important molecule that keeps your organs and skin hydrated.  In addition, there is an enzyme that attacks this molecule.  During your consultation your will learn more about this new science, supported by 37 clinical studies and has 7 U.S. and International Patents.
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Grapes and RaisinsYou are born looking like a grape, but end up looking like a raisin as you age.  Dehydration is aging your skin and body, so the first thing we emphasize is hydration.  Yep, water, drinking a lot of it.  However, water IS NOT enough, but necessary to flush out the acids and toxins produced by your body and your daily exposure to the environment.

Because skin is your largest organ and is a true reflection of your “Inner Health” it’s important to understand the basics of maintaining your health, flexibility and cognitive function.  Yes, we are a different kind of spa, on purpose.  We are science based, and are not distracted by hype, marketing or the latest fads.  We do our research.  Just ask my vendors, I don’t jump on anything until I research it and test it first.

I was born in 1957, I too, am fighting this “aging thing”.  In addition I suffered with acne and experienced the embarrassment acne can bring and even missed events because my skin as a teenager was under “pimple attacks”.    I am on your side and understand your skin concerns.  I also am a client of the LED Skin Care Spa and can’t wait to meet you!  Vicki

Yes, we are so much more than just a skin care spa – enjoy the journey

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Led Skin  Care offers state of the art facial treatment services at an affordable price! The owner is authentic, invested in each of her clients and graciously builds her business from a place of healing and rejuvenation of body and soul. You must see for yourself! Lindsay F. ~ Plano, Tx

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